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2014 Oklahoma RINO Index Legislation Submissions Needed
Because the Chickens are Coming Home to Roost
This year’s RINO Index will be tabulated in the next few weeks so if you have a piece of legislation that you think ought to be included let us know ASAP.  The Senate and House are scored separately so the legislation doesn’t have to have received votes in both chambers and it doesn’t have to have been passed into law.  What it does have to have is at least one floor vote in one chamber.
Remember that we do not give credit for doing the right thing or voting on a popular issue, the politicians are expected to do the right thing when we send them there to represent us.  The Oklahoma RINO Index is a list of their stupidest votes or votes where they reveal their true color and character. 
To submit a bill just send us the bill number and we will add it to the list to be researched and tallied.  The ten worst bills will be used to grade the individual legislators.
Pesky Little Hands That Keep Reaching For Federal Taxpayer Money
By Ms PM
Oklahoma isn’t afraid to be on the “we want our fair share of taxpayer money” list. Is there a difference in meaning between the words “expected” verses “entitled?” We think not in this instance. When something is repetitiously expected long enough it has a way of turning into an entitlement. The question to answer…How is a state to retain its sovereignty when in the event of a natural disaster the first thing that happens is to board the money train straight to the federal government?
Well intentioned soft hearts often become the strings that choke freedom. Is it possible to have compassion and empathy for people and say no to their demands? Do people and government manipulate actions through emotions?
Millions of dollars flooded into Oklahoma after the 2013 tornados. Not everyone got the money they asked for and yet somehow everyone got the noose tightened around their necks. A very good reason to question Mary Fallon’s tactic of not letting a crisis go to waste is the cost of her fly over to survey tornado damage. Her magic carpet ride cost $22,074 and FEMA denied the request to pay. Was her high in the sky lookie-loo the only option?
Midwest City schools had seven requests for roof repairs among other things damaged that they wanted the deep pockets of FEMA to pay for. It was determined that the damage was “unrelated to the storms.” We ask… was the damage caused by lack of maintenance? Had the problems been ignored because the money was mismanaged? The Mid-Dell schools want $150,000 for insurance deductibles. Why should anyone get deductibles refunded? Has anyone noticed that when you purchase an insurance policy it states YOUR deductible, not A deductible someone else pays?
The highest rejection came from the 13,714 individuals referred to FEMA for help. Almost 3/4 of the requests were denied. Many justified their requests because they had no insurance. We ask…why not? When anyone purchases a home and makes the decision to cancel insurance, we ask why their damage is assumed to be paid for by taxpayers? Is this an example of the definition between “expected” morphing into an “entitlement?” When people could have bought a policy, and didn’t…would have bought a policy, but had some excuse….should have bought a policy, and had another reason…their loss is their responsibility and falls into the crack of their lack of good judgment. Why do some suck off the labor of others? Is it because taxpayers have gotten very comfortable letting someone else pay the bill and they know at some point in time they will get their turn at spending someone else’s money? Are we operating on a tit-for-tat? Is it working?
There is a big difference between the charity given freely by citizens and the demand for money by government to take care of these situations. As long as people extend their hand government will gladly assume the parental roll of personal responsibility, grow larger, create more taxation, waste more money and choke the life out of a free society.
The city of El Reno was rejected for their hand out because they had failed miserably at maintaining ditches to divert water. Nowata County ring leaders failed when their temporary bridge was damaged because no hydraulic study had been done before it was constructed. Oops! The town of Dustin couldn’t get taxpayer money because the cracks in the dam were found to have existed before the disaster. Oklahoma City Community College requested $200,000 in roof repairs. It was found that the roof had not been maintained and taxpayers jumped off the hook on that one. And, drum roll….the University of Oklahoma’s almost $27,000 request to pay volunteers when they opened dorms for the Moore victims, was denied. They calculated the cost for each volunteer at over $12 an hour.
We never claim to be brightest bulb in the pack but even we know that the definition of a volunteer is someone that works without being paid. If the University of Oklahoma isn’t trying to rip off taxpayers the only other explanation is they are pretty stupid. But…FEMA does allow for paying volunteers, so why were they denied? And with the evolution of society does this mean that a “volunteer” is no longer a volunteer? Or is it considered one of those obnoxious morons with a name tag of “paid volunteer?” Neither the University of Oklahoma nor the Government can figure out what a damn volunteer is but they both surely know what to do with taxpayer money!
We get to a young mother that lived in a rent house in Moore that was able to get her and her children out of harm’s way. The house was destroyed and she then realized her renters insurance had lapsed…but FEMA came to the rescue with $15,000 deposited into her account. Why would FEMA deny homeowners money when they didn’t have insurance, and could have had a policy, but paid out $15,000 to a renter that could have had a policy? This is an eye opening account of government picking winners and losers. The woman had fled to her fiancé’s parent’s home. Isn’t charity supposed to begin at home? Why are taxpayers held accountable when clearly this family wasn’t on the street with nowhere to go?
Another family in Moore with five foster children lost their house. They had insurance but…didn’t have enough; they had failed to look into the actual cost of re-building their home. The home was re-built but it dipped into the insurance money to cover personal belongings. Shouldn’t this family be grateful even if there wasn’t enough money to replace everything?
So many people do not pay attention and refuse to accept the responsibility of their actions. We all live in Oklahoma. We all know that Oklahoma weather has the capability of producing devastating killer tornados. We all know that there are STILL people that do not put a tornado shelter at the top of their priority list. We all know that there are STILL schools in Oklahoma that do not have tornado shelters.
All of us should know that personal responsibility is the way to deal with life. Unfortunately Oklahomans, like most people on the planet will not turn down a freebie. Just as unfortunate are that some people are too greedy to see that government is not the answer to our woes. Living within monetary means would do a lot to get one’s own house in order without placing the burden on others. Why is it okay for others to pay for your misfortunes in life? Families, friends, neighbors and our communities have the bonds that will hold a nation together. Is it that hard to see why America is in trouble?
When the people of a free nation don’t hold themselves accountable why would that nation expect elected public servants to be anything but unaccountable? We all have the ability to just say no. Isn’t it time?
Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday July 22, 2014 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School 701 W. South St.
This month’ speaker is Rep. Tom Newell of District 28 and Brandon Dutcher of Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs.
Joe Dorman, Democratic Candidate for Governor
And a Damn Fine Fellow for a Democrat
By the Watchman
(Editor’s note:   One of the most conservative Democrats in the state and one of our favorite legislators, and just to clear the record Joe is not gay.  He likes girls just fine, just hasn’t found the right one yet.   But Joe, that facial hair you are sporting lately isn’t helping things bud.   Shave it off Joe, shave it off….   Readers:  If you agree with us on this please send Joe an email with Shave it off Joe as the Subject line.)
This is the second of a two part series covering the Governor’s race. The race is between Governor Mary Fallin, a Republican,  who will be running for a second term, and Representative Joe Dorman, a Democrat.
We began our investigation by going to and looking at Dorman’s brag sheet which you can see here. The first thing that we noticed was that Representative Dorman was term limited in the House. As one of the few Democrats in the House, he sat on many committees. He has a long career working in the House of Representatives, starting as a mail clerk and runner in 1994.
The next item we found that interested us was this. This is his campaign web site.
The next article we found was this. What interested us so much in this article was the legislation he passed during his 12 years in office. We counted twenty-four (24) pieces of major legislation that was passed during his tenure in office. That’s pretty impressive.
We next found this article.
The next item of interest we found was this. This was his official announcement of his candidacy for Governor of the state of Oklahoma. Here you’ll find a reference to his teaming up with Take Shelter Oklahoma on a state wide initiative petition to get a question on the ballot to fund storm shelters for every school in Oklahoma. This was after his unsuccessful bid to have legislation passed for the same funding.
We also found this report. The report claims that Representative Dorman plans to make Public Education a high priority where he claims that Oklahoma has been dead last under Governor Fallin. Research has proven that Oklahoma ranks near the bottom for teachers salary at 48th place. An article published in a previous edition of this newsletter proved that Oklahoma spends on average more than some states in the region and less than other states in the region, with worse results.
Representative Dorman, according to the Red Dirt Report, may be a Democrat, but for the last few years he’s been voting like a far right Republican. He’s voted pro-life and even co-sponsored Oklahoma’s Stand Your Ground Law. He’s even been referred to by some fellow Democrats as a Tea Partier in Democrat clothing.
The next item of interest we found was this. This article will give you a partial breakdown of his campaign finances through the years as well as a partial list of the bills he has sponsored.
The next article of interest is short, but interesting. You can read it here. This short article indicates that Representative Dorman is a high energy, intense individual who has the ability to reach across the aisle and work with both parties on legislation.
One of the areas that Representative Dorman has been consistently against has been the Common Core State Standards. We find it ironic that it took election year politics to get the Republican Governor of our state to heed the call of the citizens. That is why we found this article so interesting. This still has the potential to draw votes away from Governor Fallin because of the unwillingness shown by the Governor to address the issue with the grass roots movements throughout the state.
We’ve never used MSNBC as a source for a story before, but we found this article:
 DownWithTyranny!: Does "Progressive" Mean Something Else In Oklahoma? Meet Joe Dorman, Rachel Maddow's Idea Of A Progressive  and just had to. Apparently the talking propaganda machine there at MSNBC couldn’t believe that Representative Dorman was a Democrat. In fact they likened him back to the days of the Blue Dog Democrats, which he should take as an honor.
We next went to to see what information they had on him. This was our last chance to see if he was married. We even went to the Oklahoma Court System and looked but could not find a marriage license. If he’s married, it’s from out of state and he keeps it private. He has a degree from Oklahoma State University and has completed his course studies for his Master’s Degree at the University of Central Oklahoma. He’s put that on hold at the moment due to work commitment.
We next took a look at his voting record. After all his time in the State House, we had a lot to review. The one area that concerned us was his vote on tax reduction. He consistently voted no in this area. This is an area that we will have to watch should he be elected to the Office of Governor.
We next took a look at the Ratings and Endorsements page. Here is some of what we found.
Budget, Spending and Taxes
2013    Research Institute for Economic Development               Avg. 64%
There were three entries for 2013 and we averaged them out.
Business and Consumers
2012    Research Institute for Economic Development   66%
2011    Ok. Federation of Independent Business    50%
2010    Research Institute for Economic Development  65%
Health and Health Care
2009    OkWatchdog Position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy   86%
2008    Ok. Center for Consumer and Patient Safety 81%
These are all good scores for the citizens of Oklahoma. With the exception of the Budget, Spending and Taxes there should be no complaints. We would venture to say the low score here was on his no vote on a tax decrease.
We next went to to look at his campaign finances. What we found there was plenty of individual donations as well as a lot of union donations. The union donations surprise us only in the amount. They were rather meager in their amounts with none of them exceeding $1,000.00. Could they be waiting for after the primary before committing larger sums?
We next went to to see what they had on file for Representative Dorman’s campaign finances. For the three reports files since announcing his campaign he has literally hundreds of individual donors that have contributed a total of $358,972.38 through June 9th, 2014. His corporate, political action committees and union donations during that same time period number only nineteen with a total donation amount of $25,346.71.
This is an impressive candidate the Democratic Party has decided to run this year. If you are a Republican and unhappy with the direction that Governor Fallin is taking this Great State, then you should give some serious consideration to Representative Joe Dorman. We don’t believe we’ll ever find a more conservative Democrat in the state.
Governor Fallin is in for a tough race.
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