This note is intended for users of the iGage Receiver Download and OPUS Submittal Tool in conjunction with these CHC and iGage receivers:
        CHC X90D-OPUS
        CHC X900S-OPUS
        CHC X91+
        CHC X900+
        CHC i80
        iGage iG3S
        iGage iG8
This update only affects users who use the automatic iGage OPUS submission tool (named iG-Download or X9x-Download.)
On Monday 26 Feb 2018 the NGS changed the online submittal form for OPUS. The new online form does not allow automatic selection of the antenna type.
A new revision (B9557 released Tuesday evening) of the download tool partially fixes this issue. You can download it from this web location:
        Direct Download: https://ig3s.com/out/software/DownloadTool/setup.exe
(Note: the new download tool works with all of the receivers listed above.)
Once you update the download tool, you will be able to manually click on the antenna selection button of the web submission form and choose the correct antenna type.
We have contacted the NGS and are hopeful that a more complete resolution will be made available in the future.
If you are a user of the ‘Use Direct OU Submission’ method (Windows XP users specifically) no changes or updates are currently needed.
If you have any questions or need help updating, please don’t hesitate to call us: +1-801-412-0011 x12 for assistance.
Thank you very much for choosing to purchase and use our Static and RTK receivers!
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