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"Please," I say. Lips brushing earlobe.
"For what?" Murmers in the evening.
"I, oh, I don't know," I stutter, "We're doing Accuracy Third LIVE," I try desperately to be nonchalant.
"A live version of your podcast?" You ask pulling back, taken aback. "How does that work?"
"I dunno," I whisper. Our eyes meet. I lean in, filling the space you vacated. "It'll be something else," I whisper louder. "It will be something else entirely."

We are doing the Accuracy Third thing that we do, but LIVE! May 5th! In San Francisco! $10 at the door, but only $5 for all our wonderful patrons which is what you are! Join us for a night of storytelling, Accuracy Third-style. We'll have some familiar voices with new stories, new storytellers who we haven't been able to get into the garage, and John Flaw, genuine musical genius, featured on our podcast!
Do the friending thing with us on facebook, or just search for our event on there, or go to our website or whatever, but you should totally go to Accuracy Third LIVE! is the point.
IT IS LATE APRIL, have some fancy audio, you SAUCEheads!
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The whole interview with Carolina Sunshine, crafty can tab creatrix from S02E11 in all her shiny and  barely edited glory.

CUMMING IN MAY 2018, I practically promise: 
  • S02 E13 - Sueno, Architect extraordinaire, the man behind temples and more, not saying anything incriminating, not one bit no how.
Here's your LUMPY GRAVY AUDIO and MOOOOOOOORE (at some point, soon!)
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We interviewed Paschal one day last July, and D-day was so sick he had to run away from the interview. All we do is sit around and talk into microphones. He couldn't even do that.

CUMMING IN MAY 2018, and I'm probably going to start posting things much less formally, because I'm not a regular-schedule sort of guy: 
  •  S03 E10 EXTENDED - Suldrew and the Bioluminati have one hell of a Burning Man experience. And you get to hear all of it, including all the burps and knocking-things-over that we usually cut out of the episode.
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Rex: On Doing Nothing
This last year at Burning Man was HOT AS FUCK!! I’ve been attending since before some of y’all were even born, and this was the hottest event I can recall. Consequentially, none of the three of us got out much during the day at all. I’m fairly certain the only thing we even tried to do was hit up the Steam Bath Project at Nectar Village (if you’ve never done a steam bath or sauna at the burn, especially on a really hot day, you don’t know what you’re missing. I mean, you’re fucking up, seriously, go sweat it out.) Mostly we stayed in camp in the shade, tried to nap in hammocks, drank as much cold beer as we could manage, and generally said fuck-you to the daytime event (with the exception of the Listener Appreciation Party, like we’d miss that!)

Sure, we had an excuse for not hustling around the event and checking things off of our to-do list, but for me at least, this sort of lassitude is no outlier. Of all the days I’ve spent at the event, I’ve probably avoided going out more often than not. This isn’t because I’m lazy - or at least not just because I’m lazy - it’s because I’m making a real attempt at Burning Man to let my actions be dictated by my internal motivations, rather than the expectations I’ve internalized for my behavior. Each of us has been socialized with an imperative towards productivity. We are made to feel that time spent not doing is time wasted. This is at the root of FOMO, and one of the primary drivers of the stress that eats away at each of us trapped in this system of wage-slavery. We even have models of productivity baked in to our concepts of vacations; we must read these beach books, see those sights, hike that trail.

Burning Man is a blank canvass in so many ways, and one of the ways that is often slept on, is that there are simply no rules or expectations as to how you use your time there. I feel that giving yourself permission to simply do NOTHING AT ALL, is that is what you feel like doing, can be as liberating as challenging yourself to do some new and different thing. After all, in the culture we swim in in default, what is more subversive than eschewing productivity in its entirety? Burning Man is license to explore yourself, and deep down in your soul, isn’t there a paleolithic human-creature who wants only to lounge in the shade of the jungle canopy and enjoy the fellowship of their community. Feed that primitive, feed them lassitude and sloth, it’s their birthright!

All that said, we’re trying to do a new and very active thing with our next burn, so send your activity ideas our way, invite us to tend your bar, invite us to dinner, and let’s fucking party y’all!


Ooo Lookit the Pretty Pictures!
Anyone know whose art car this is? I saw it in 2008, I think. It's one of my favorites. FIME ME ITS OWNER, AND I PROMISE TO GET YOU TOASTED.