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  Senator Newberry Election Funded by Obama Money Bundler George Kaiser
Senator Newberry is locked in a tight race with Mark Croucher and is throwing everything that isn’t bolted down.  Kevin McDugle is also facing a barrage of lies from Senator Crain over Kevin's work at a Tulsa museum.  Winning at all costs is the only goal for these State Chamber thugs.
Here are some links to some stories that cover the museum controversy:
As proof that Newberry is panicking take a look at this invitation to attend a Newberry fundraising event.
The Tulsa host committee,
Mike Craddock, George B. Kaiser and Don Millican,
along with CLE PAC, Oklahoma Association of Realtors PAC and the
Tulsa Chamber of Commerce PAC,
cordially invite you to a reception in support of
Senator Dan Newberry, District 37
and his Re-Election Campaign
5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Thursday, June 21st, 2012
The Local Table Restaurant
4329 South Peoria Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74105
$1,000 Host          $500 Sponsor          $250 Friend          $150 per Attendee
RSVP: Karlee Bohn at 405-521-0900 or
For a downloadable flyer, please click here.
Paid for by Friends of Dan Newberry
The stench of fear is palpable in Tulsa’s Senate District 37 if Newberry and the Tulsa Chamber is openly resorting to using big Democratic supporters like Kaiser.   Write this down on your bathroom mirror:  There are no Republicans or Democrats that take State Chamber or Liberal money, only crooks that put an R or a D behind their names.
Homeless Senator Dan Newberry 
Ah, don't you love these young, fresh, politicians?  All the time setting records and making new inroads in uncharted territory.   Senator Newberry is apparently going to be our first homeless State Senator.
No one in their right mind is going to take money from an Obama Bundler in a tight election like this but desperate people do desperate things.   It appears that Senator Dan Newberry is in financial meltdown mode and according to this repossession document filed in Tulsa County he hasn't paid his mortgage in many, many, months.
The foreclosure papers claim that Senator Newberry hasn't paid his mortgage since September first of 2011 and owes $401,024.00 in principle plus interest at 5% from August 2011,  $2,143.27 in escrow advances, $783.51 in late fees, and $85.00 in corporate advance.
Now bad things happen to good people, they get sick, they lose jobs but we are talking about a State Senator here and they ought to be held to a higher standard.  They get a legislative salary that is more than many Oklahomans will ever dream of making plus their regular salary.  And if you can't increase your income after being elected State Senator, then you are pretty poor at your profession or trade.  If they won't pay their  personal bills and keep a roof over their families head, why in the world would we even consider electing them to the State Senate?
Perhaps this is why Senator Newberry has no problem with increasing government spending and running up state debt.   He apparently doesn't have to pay so why should the state have to pay back all the bonds?
Now this caught our attention and we looked at his ethics reports.  Lots of personal reimbursements for things like printing with regular suppliers and "lump sum, unknown" payments.  If you want to see for yourself follow this link and find Newberry, Daniel in the list.   But the kicker is his latest Dan Newberry C1-R showing $58,000 left eleven days before the primary.   Who in their right mind would keep $58,000.00 unspent in a tight race?     Someone who didn't have the $58,000.00 left in their bank account.   Newberry has had another $12,000 come in since June 15th
I know that several Ethics Commission employees read this newsletter every Monday morning.   You guys need to do an audit of Senator Newberry's campaign account ASAP because a candidate that is hoarding cash eleven days before a primary is an odd duck.   The guy is in financial trouble according to Tulsa County Court filings so it is not a stretch that he could be embezzling money out of his campaign funds and paying personal bills.  
For the regular citizens out there, the Ethics Commission requires a candidate or PAC to file quarterly reports but to my knowledge or in my experience they don't actually ask to see your bank statement to see if the cash your reported on hand is in the bank or not.  But they can if there are questions of embezzlement.
Add to this reports of Senator Newberry using a different sign supplier, being especially grumpy at the Capitol this year, and reports of cheap, poor quality mail pieces going out despite raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations.
So Who Do You Vote for?
If in doubt, vote anti incumbent.
Tulsa   Mazzei versus Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, pick Ronda
            Dan Newberry versus Mark Croucher, vote Croucher
            Brian Crain versus Kevin McDugle, vote McDugle
             Weldon Watson versus Lois Jacobs, vote Jacobs
            Glen Mulready versus Darren Gantz, vote Gantz
             County clerk,  vote Dean Martin
              John Sullivan versus Jim Bridenstien, vote Bridenstien
Dan Boren's old seat, vote Dwayne Thompson or Dustin Rowe
Sharp Ron   017 Shawnee Republican
Clark Ernest R. 017 Shawnee Republican
Moore Ed   017 Shawnee Republican
Jestes Mike   017 Oklahoma City Republican
Little Don P. 033 Broken Arrow Republican
Dahm Nathan   033 Broken Arrow Republican
Wright Tim   033 Broken Arrow Republican
Johns Cliff   033 Broken Arrow Republican
Jolley Clark   041 Edmond Republican
Blair Paul   041 Edmond Republican
Hensley Gil   020 Newcastle Republican
Cleveland Bobby   020 Slaughterville Republican
Maus Paul   020 Norman Republican
Morrison Alon   020 Newcastle Republican
Thomsen Todd   025 Ada Republican
Gallup Donald Cole 025 Ada Republican
Cooksey Marian   039 Edmond Republican
Dani Bob   039 Edmond Republican
Hardin Tommy C 049 Madill Republican
Dishmon Samuel Q. 049 Madill Republican
McBride Mark   053 Moore Republican
Graham Brian   053 Moore Republican
Sullivan Paula   053 Norman Republican
Beu Eric E. 053 Moore Republican
Fisher Dan   060 El Reno Republican
White Matt   060 El Reno Republican
Armes Don   063 Faxon Republican
Cozad B. L. 063 Indiahoma Republican
Coody Ann   064 Lawton Republican
Jernigan Ryan D. 064 Lawton Republican
Walker Ken   070 Tulsa Republican
Saunders Shane   070 Tulsa Republican
Davis David W. 070 Tulsa Republican
Henke Katie   071 Tulsa Republican
Rogers Evelyn L. 071 Tulsa Republican
Turner Mike   082 Edmond Republican
Liebmann Guy   082 Oklahoma City Republican
McDaniel Randy   083 Edmond Republican
Aldridge Maurice   083 Oklahoma City Republican
Hall Elise   100 Oklahoma City Republican
Renner Jeff   100 Oklahoma City Republican
Beard Mark   100 Oklahoma City Republican
Banz Gary   101 Midwest City Republican
Bailey A. J. 101 Midwest City Republican
Third Issue of the Oklahoma-Guardian
Is In the Hands of the Voters
Mission accomplished, papers reached 70,000 voters in the last week before the primary.  Enough advertising and donations came in to double the printing so we sent thousands of copies to our Ada team, hit a large chunk of Rep. Guy Liebman’s district, and a large chunk of Rep. Gary Banz’s district.   The Tulsa teams hit Senator Mike Mazzei, Senator Newberry, and Representative Glen Mulready.
Rep. Marian Cooksey was hit hardest in Oklahoma City, almost all of her district got newspapers, and Senator Clark Jolley’s district was saturated.    This is a lot like spraying for roaches, cover most of it and the vermin will track the pesticide into the other places.  What you don't kill with the first spraying you will make sick and just maybe they will leave.
One third of the papers, we couldn't haul all of them at once
Some of the dozens of volunteers all across the state preparing papers for delivery
Around 2,000 papers ready to deliver.    Rep. Banz, say hellow to our little friends
We took 100 copies to the High Noon Club on Friday where Glen Howard of Senior World Radio helped pass them out to incoming attendees and the guest speaker read parts of the articles as part of his presentation.
The pressure must have been building for Senator Jolley last week and after he got caught lying about Paul Blair’s business dealings Senator Jolley was apologizing at an event that led the Democratic Okie Forum to declare the event the “public execution of Clark Jolley's political career.    Jolley’s public political suicide was assisted by a former Chairman of the GOP, Chad Alexander
     The Coalition for Oklahoma’s Future is a PAC ran by David Boren’s lobbyist, Chad Alexander, funded by the largest corporate supporters of the State Chamber of Commerce, and  has injected hundreds of thousands of dollars into a handful of House and Senate races this year in an attempt to re-elect pro corporate welfare friendly legislators.  The major donors of the new PAC are Chesapeake Inc., the Chickasaw Nation, the Williams Co., Rooney Holdings, and Flintco.
      On Friday Senator Clark Jolley reportedly apologized to Paul Blair over the ads ran by the Coalition for Oklahoma’s Future and was quoted by the Oklahoman as saying:  ““I don't even know who paid for it,” Jolley said. “I can't control legally anything an independent group does.”    
During the candidate forum on Friday Paul Blair read from a letter from his accountant, David F. Johnson, of Oklahoma City, stating that he “did not find a single instance of any delinquency filing, failure to file, any wrongdoing or anything inappropriate.    All the businesses you have been associated with, owned and/or operated have always paid their taxes.” Johnson has prepared taxes for Blair and his businesses since the mid 1980s.  Blair also refuted a robo  call claiming scandal on an Edmond School District vending machine contract  stating that his company had been outbid by another company and that there was no scandal involved.  “That's the way free market and free enterprise works,” he said.
       Attendees reported that Senator Jolley held his head in his hands as the attack ads were shown to be unfounded political mudslinging, leading to reports on the Oklahoma Democratic Forum that called the encounter “The public execution of Clark Jolley’s political career.”  
The Oklahoman printed a story on Tuesday where Xavier Neira, chairman of the Coalition for Oklahoma's Future, said that radio and television advertisements criticizing Paul Blair will continue to air despite complaints from the candidate that they are misleading.    The ads center on three $25.00 Franchise tax payments on businesses that had closed or had become inactive. 
       An agency spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Tax Commission was quoted as saying that failure to file papers listing the corporate officers and paying the $25.00 Franchise fee results in the business being listed as suspended but it isn’t a crime and no taxes were actually owed to the state.   Agency spokesperson Paula Ross said the filing the names of corporate officers protects them from being sued individually, she said. The franchise tax was suspended in 2010.
   Senator Clark Jolley’s office was contacted for this article but refused to comment.
Jolley’s own polling must be showing that he is losing if he has sunk to using three $25.00 franchise tax payments as his best shot at defeating Blair.  After the state tax commission spokesperson verified that the franchise tax payments weren’t even owed as the businesses had been dissolved Jolley must have thought it was the end of the world.
Finally we worked with allies across the state to push three robo calls into Rep. Mulready’s district and into Rep. Todd Thomspen’s district.  Both Mulready and Thompsen voted to eliminate income tax exemptions for retired veterans, for disabled veterans, and for soldiers that are fighting in Afghanistan or Iraq so that they could lower income tax rates for the wealthiest Oklahomans.  We thought the voters of their districts should know how they were voting before the election.
And for the third robo call we used a bit of information that we have been saving for Representative Glen Mulready’s election; his committee vote on HB 1397, the transvestite birth certificate bill.
   Back in May when I ambushed Mulready at the Republican women’s club meeting I actually congratulated him in front of the crowd for voting against the transvestite birth certificate issue when it came to the House floor.   I remembered that he looked uncomfortable, as if he was holding something back, and sure enough there his name appears on the House web page on HB 1397 as a committee supporter of the transvestite birth certificate.   One of our allies brought up the committee vote so we recorded a robo call to help old Glen communicate better with his constituents.  
I suppose we will be blamed when Mulready buckles under the pressure and moves to San Francisco to begin his new career in female impersonator burlesque.
"Anti Business" or Constitutional Conservative?
 The Oklahoman swung into action on Sunday labeling our efforts “anti business”.   But take a look at the part where the Democratic consultant is siding with the establishment candidates by claiming there are two Republican parties.  I beg to differ; you are a Republican only if you follow the party platform so there is only one Republican Party.   The problem is that the Democrats have infiltrated the Republican Party and are holding the majority of the House and Senate seats along with most of the statewide offices.
The story continues with the Democratic consultant wondering if the State Chamber will support a “pro business” Democrat against the “anti business” Republican in the general election, then he repeats his assertion that the incumbents are being challenged because they aren’t “social” leaders or “religious” leaders.  I hate to break this to them but most of our state’s population are religious and they just might support a business man running for office that believes that principles must come before profit, that the public good deserves being the goal instead of corporate welfare.
Besides using the Democratic consultant, they drug out Chamber wh*res Neva Hill and Pat McFerron.   Neva Hill, the personal political consultant to our old punching bag Kris Steele called us liars in the article:
“There seems to be in the primaries this mindset of a lot of the challengers that you just attack, attack, attack, and it doesn't matter whether it's truthful,” Hill said. “No one's really calling them to task.”
Neva Hill, name one instance where we were untruthful.   She can’t and everyone knows it.

 Michael McNutt did a good job on portraying my interview for the story.   
Al Gerhart, chairman of the Sooner Tea Party, said his members aren't working to get candidates elected, but to expose voting records to prevent certain incumbents from being re-elected."
“We did very little recruiting,” he said. “It's more about we've looked at what's out there. We talk with them and we also make sure that they understand how they run is how they'd better vote.”
Gerhart said he is disappointed with Republican lawmakers who ran on pledges to cut state government, yet the legislatively appropriated budget for the 2013 fiscal year, which begins July 1, is $6.8 billion, or $200 million more than this year.
“Something is seriously out of whack with the Republican Party if they can't follow their own party platform,” he said. “Where's the savings? They talk about eliminating the state income tax — we'll never do that unless you get the spending under control.”
Kudos to Michael McNutt of the Oklahoman for getting the main point to our opposition past his editors, that these “Republicans” are outright hypocrites and are the slaves of the State Chamber.   I also loved the part about the Tea Party opposition caused “several” Republicans to vote against the bond issues at the close of the session then McNutt gave the vote tally for one of the bond issues,  77 against and 15 for….  Several Michael?   I know, that is what it took to get it past your editors.   That right there folks is admission that the Sooner Tea Party killed the bond issues.
And RINO GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell showed his ignorance again with his comments for the story, or better put, acted like the lap dog that he has become and bleated out what his handlers require of him:
“What can be hurtful is if we beat each other up too much in the primary and there's a Democrat waiting in the general election,” Pinnell said.
“I don't really see that happening in these races (Tuesday). There are certainly some competitive primaries that we have, but I don't think there's any example where the challengers won't get behind the nominees.”
Matt, you are dead wrong.   The real Republicans understand that the GOP has been hijacked, we will support conservative Democrats over the lying, State Chamber wh*res that you have been trying to protect.   I told the entire state GOP convention in May of 2011 what we would do, you send us trash as candidates and we will take out the trash.
The Associated Press did a story on Saturday that did a decent job of laying out the facts, albeit a bit slanted toward the State Chamber by calling us social conservatives instead of the proper term of constitutional conservatives.  Sean Murphy did a good job on accurately stating our position and accurately quoted my comments:
“But a tea party group is weighing in on Blair's behalf, peppering likely voters in the district with a newsletter blasting Jolley for various votes that they deem “liberal.”
Al Gerhart, the co-founder of the Sooner Tea Party, said the group also is targeting other incumbents, including Sens. Brian Crain, R-Tulsa, Dan Newberry, R-Tulsa, Mike Mazzei, R-Tulsa, and Rep. Glen Mulready, R-Tulsa, and will have delivered more than 100,000 newsletters to the doorsteps of Republican voters by Tuesday's election.
“Mainly because we realize they're not following the Republican Party platform,” said Gerhart, a longtime critic of the Republican Party establishment in Oklahoma. “To us, that makes them RINOs (Republicans in name only).
“Making the newspaper was a big task, but we figured it was the only way we could get the message out there.”
But in what might be the most regretted political decision of the year, the State Chamber and their allies are intent on labeling most of the opposition candidates as “Sooner Tea Party” candidates.  They are rolling the dice, betting that they don’t lose enough races that giving us credit for the losses doesn’t blow back in their faces.   If the incumbents all win then the defeats will be blamed on the Sooner Tea Party even if we had no part in a particular election, so there is some method to their madness.   But if they lose their bet they will have publically given us credit for their defeat.   But one thing is unmistakable, the State Chamber and their establishment allies view us as the main threat and as the voice of the opposition in Oklahoma.
Calculated risks are necessary to win in any contest but foolishly gambling, not taking into account what is at stake nor the odds of prevailing, is the mark of an idiot.  Or the State Chamber and their establishment allies realize that everything is at stake, all the tax credits, all the corruption that will be uncovered, all the special treatment for special interests, all will come crashing down if we maintain our three House seat margin for the Speaker of the House election.  Here is what they don’t quite get, things have changed, more people are awake, we have alternative media to spread our message like our new Oklahoma-Guardian newspaper.

The One That Got Away
I don’t like to lose.    I like it even less when the general public loses and that seems to be the case with the Prater investigation.    The Grand Jury refused to indict Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater on conspiracy charges connected to the victory party in 2006 that lead to improper campaign donations.  According to the Attorney Generals office the campaign donations charges were past the statue of limitations,  That statement was found in the Grand Jury report so they focused on the only crime that they could rule on, whether or not Prater conspired with the half dozen or so lawyers to avoid successful prosecution of various charges ranging from DUI to bribing a police officer.
The Grand Jury Interim report reads like a campaign flyer for Prater, with the admonishment at the end praising his “political courage” for prosecuting his campaign donors rather than following state statue and sending the cases out to the Attorney Generals office so they could be sent to other district attorneys for prosecution.
Grand Juries aren’t like criminal juries; one hold out won’t stop them from indicting a public official.    The vote might have been 16 to 14 for all we know.
However let’s look at what we did accomplish:
  • We forced the Attorney General to investigate the case after they had known about the details since February (according to both rumor and the Grand Jury Interim Report).
  • Prater was forced to return thousands of dollars in campaign donations
  •  Several of the attorneys did face justice in the end and had to give up their law license
·         We shined a harsh, blinding spotlight on activities at the courthouse and gave them notice that we were watching and that they would be held accountable
Allegedly they found records of payment from five donors the night of the victory party and one attorney allegedly paid $2,000 in cash to settle his part of the bill.    One indictment was returned, allegedly for the businessman that owned the restaurant for signing an affidavit that he supposedly knew to be false.
That is where I am having problems figuring this out.   The guy wasn’t looking to hurt Prater and he could have thrown us off the case when I slid a copy of that affidavit across the table to him simply by saying the affidavit wasn’t legit.   Why would he own up to the affidavit and continue to say that Moon paid with a credit card?   Had it been so far back that he was mistaken?   Or was the bill actually paid by Moon’s credit card and the other payments found from the five donors and the $2,000.00 in cash simply campaign donations?  We don’t know and we don’t have access to the records that the Grand Jury saw.
But we are a nation of laws and a Grand Jury refused to indict Prater so unless other evidence comes forward Prater is a free man.   Let’s hope the admonishment of the Grand Jury takes hold and that Prater follows state law in forwarding cases where conflict of interests is present to the Attorney Generals office.
Liberal Liebmann Is on the Run!
R. H.
Since 2004 Representative Guy Liebmann has claimed to represent District 82 as a conservative Republican in the House of Representatives in the State of Oklahoma. His record shows that he is far from a conservative politician. In fact his 2011 Oklahoma RINO score is miserable 20.
Liebmann  was a Marine but one thing is obvious about veterans in politics.  The veteran who does not embellish on his or her record tends to serve the public while the false hero and non-combat veteran tends to serve themselves. A prime example of this is Senator John Kerry or even Representative Guy Liebmann.
Mr. Liebmann authored HB 1515, which was a bill that would use taxpayer funds to complete the Native American Cultural Center in Oklahoma City. Now this project happens to sit in his city, and this would have been a basic Pork Barrel Project for his city district. One has to ask why the rest of the state’s residents should pay to complete a private project to benefit his city?
In 2011 he submitted 8 bills to the House for consideration. Of those 6 died in committee, 1 died on the House floor and 1 became law. The one that became law is listed below.
HB 1512 Deferred Maintenance Finance-Liberal
What this law does, is once a bond is paid off from fees collected it allows those fees to remain in place for maintenance cost. The only stipulation is those funds must be spent within 24 months. This in effect is a backdoor way to fund capital improvements to whatever they want.
In 2012 he submitted 8 bills and 1 House Joint Resolution for consideration to the House. Of those 2 died in committee, 1 died in a Senate committee, 1 was held over and 4 became law. The House Joint Resolution also became law. The ones that became law are listed below.
HB 2388 Drug Screening for Applicants for State Provided Assistance-Conservative
HB 2390 Modify Storage Tank Reimbursement Provisions-Liberal
HB 2391 Weigh Station Improvement Fund-Tax on Fuel-Liberal
HB 2392 Public Finance-Long Range Capital Planning Commission-Liberal
HJR 1116 Permanent Rules for the Department of Transportation-Liberal
What’s particularly troubling of the bills that became law was the expansion of government by creating a new commission to study the Long Range Capital Planning. Not only did this grow the size of government, and the cost of government, but it put the responsibilities of the legislature off on a three man commission. This is pure laziness on the part of the legislature and a show of contempt towards the citizens of Oklahoma.
How did he vote on bills that mattered to Oklahomans? Well we took a look and here is what we found.
HB 2130 Obamacare, voted Yea 4 times-Liberal
HR 1004 Open Rules under certain circumstances, refused to sign-Liberal Stance
HB 2171 Highway Bond Bill, voted Yea 6 times-Liberal
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, voted Yea 13 times-Liberal
HB 1593 Municipal Employees Collective Bargaining Act, Voted Yea 3 times-Conservative
HJR 1002 Ad Valorum Tax Increase, voted Yea 1 time-Liberal
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, voted Nay 2 times-Liberal
HB 2131 Soft on Crime, voted Yea 2 times-Liberal
HB 1647 Concealed Carry for Military Personnel, voted Nay 2 times-Liberal
HB 2169 Obamacare Funding, voted Yea 2 times-Liberal
SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act, voted Yea 3 times-Liberal
That’s simply amazing.  Eleven very important votes to the citizens of Oklahoma and he votes as a conservative 1 time.
I then went to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission web site to look at his campaign finances. It seems that Mr. Liebmann ran un-opposed in the 2010 campaign season, although he did have a campaign organization then. It seems he also kept that organization alive until January of 2012. During 2011 we see things on his campaign reports that look like this.
Name                                      Principal Interest                    Date                            Amount
OKIEPAC                                  To Support Candidate             Feb 2, 2011                 $2,500.00
                                                For Office
Now this is 2011. What office are we talking about? Could this be House of Representatives in 2012? If so, then why wasn’t an SO-1 filed until January of 2012? Is this skirting the campaign laws? Here’s more of what I found.
Date             Item                    Name of Person                                     Bene.   Explanation          Amount  
June 17, 2011 Membership    Greater OKC Chamber of Commerce   HD 82  Help Build a Better Ok  $75.00
May 09, 2011 Advertising                   OKC-Friday                                   HD 82  Campaign Advertising  $251.94
What is this I found? Campaign advertising in May of 2011. That can only be for the 2012 campaign season. That is a clear violation of Oklahoma’s campaign laws. Where is the Ethics Commission on this?
I next went to and looked at what was on file there. I paid particular attention to his campaign finances and his Special Interest group ratings. The Special Interest group ratings show that he favors the agenda of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce of those of his constituents. His positions on consumer and patient advocacy are down in the 50’s. That’s terrible.
What stood out in his campaign finance report was a donation from an organization called Oklahomans for Better Housing. This organization is a spinoff of ACORN. You remember them. They like to hide their activities and names, but we know who they are. No conservative politician would ever accept a donation from this group.
It’s obvious that Mr. Liebmann is nothing more than a tax and spend liberal politician. This RINO Republican faces a good Conservative Republican challenger in the primary Tuesday.
2011 Oklahoma RINO Index Receives Praise
Paul Wesselhoft and the Sooner Tea Party don’t see eye to eye on every issue but Wesselhoft is politically savvy enough to work with us where we do agree and that is on 95% of the issues.   So we were grateful when Wesselhoft posted comments on Facebook supporting the need to revise the Oklahoma Constitution/OCPAC Conservative Index that had for years been rock solid.
Our problems with the Conservative Index all flow from Charlie Meadow’s part of the process, picking the bills that make up the Index.  When Charlie allows personal loyalties to get in the way or allows religion to override common sense then he screws up the Conservative Index.
Here are the two posts by Representative Wesselhoft:
Paul Wesselhöft posted on your Wall

The Conservative Index of The Oklahoma Constitution lost creditability this year. They excluded two important conservative bills, one of which I will address:

They refused to apply a “no” vote on the last minute raid of the EDGE Fund. The Republican caucus voted not to even hear this bill, but the Speaker violated our instructions in the last 30 minutes because he knew he had the liberal Democrat’s votes for the bill. Only two questions from me were allowed on spending those millions on Higher Education, and I was not allowed to debate the bill.

We could and would have used that 167 million to repair the capital buildings, hire more correction officers, and repair the Medical Examiners office. All conservatives knew our next year intentions. These are core responsibilities of government.

Now, next year, we must defeat more bond bills that will be proposed to make such repairs. We gave up all those millions with two questions asked and no debate!

Apart from the Personhood bill, a “no” vote on the EDGE bill was absolutely the most conservative vote! Rep. Mike Reynolds says, “A legislator cannot be a conservative and vote ‘yes’ on this bill.” However, some Republicans voted “yes.”

Conservative Republicans will be well served by a competing conservative index."

The Oklahoma House of Representatives raided the E.D.G.E. fund of some $165,000,000 and transferred the money to Higher Education for their endowed chairs matching project. The budget already gave Higher Education a $10,000,000 annual increase. And, as usual, Higher Education is threatening to raise tuition.

In light of the defeat of a bond to repair the Capitol, that money could have gone a long way to restore the deteriorating Capitol complex and other projects. We will most likely not approve another bond next year.

20 Republicans voted, “No.” They wanted the money for repairs next year.
Bennett, Brumbaugh, Derby, Faught, Grau, Hall, Johnson, Kern, Key, McCullough, Mulready, Newell, Osborn, Ownbey, Reynolds, Ritze, Roberts, S., Russ, Sanders, and Wesselhoft
 Wesselhoft is spot on with both posts.  At the High Noon Club on Friday he did ask a very good question about our 2011 Oklahoma RINO Index, what bill caused him to get a 90% instead of a 100% score.
Keep in mind that we still respect what the Oklahoma Constitution/OCPAC Conservative Index has done in the years past so when we revised their index we tried hard to leave as much in place as possible and only change what was horribly wrong.  One of the bills that we inserted was HB 1446, the Illegal Alien Sanctuary bill.  There were no perfect votes on that bill except for the last vote which disappeared off the HB 1446 bill information page on the House website, so we had to settle on the best of the procedural votes on the issue.
We waited for around six to nine months before putting out the index because of the lack of a good vote on HB 1446 then finally after talking to one of the legislators about the issue we went with what we had knowing that several legislators would have lower scores than they deserved if we used that bill.  But how could you leave off the most important and hardest fought immigration bill of the year?
Kern, Murphy Ritze, Reynolds, and Wesselhoft all paid small price as all would have scored a perfect score on the index had we had the final vote.   Brumbaugh would have scored a 90 instead of an 80.  But the idea is to be objective, not perfect,  so we figured that 90 out of 100 was far better than the OCPAC Index.
State Chamber Judicial Rating Group

Rep John Bennett exposed the members of the State Chamber of Commerce judicial rating group, the so called Oklahoma Civil Justice Council.    Their aim is to “rate” judges based on their pro Chamber decisions.  Despite the secrecy behind the group, Bennett managed to obtain a copy of the minutes of one of their meetings.  For those that find this unusual we would remind them that we have had access to State Chamber secrets for some time, they are hardly a monolithic block as some of them are decent men with integrity and honor.  As in all groups there are factions fighting within the group, the trick is to learn to be useful to them on occasion.

The Oklahoma Civil Justice Council is made up of the following individuals:
·         Fred Morgan (President of the Oklahoma State Chamber)
·          Mike Seney (State Chamber)
·         Mark VanLandingham
·          Allen Wright
·          Henry Hood(General Counsel, Chesapeake)
·          David Rainbolt (President of BancFirst)
·         Roger Beverage (Executive Director of the Oklahoma Bankers Association)
·          Mark Schell(Unit Corporation)
·          Mike McDonald (Maxim Petroleum)
·         Mike Terry (OIPA)
·          Brad Krieger (State Chamber)
·          Jennifer Monies (State Chamber).

Do a search on and you might just  find numerous appellate cases involving Chesapeake and BancFirst.  Others wonder if this is a preemptive strike aimed at protecting Chespeake CEO Aubrey McClendon after all the controversy over his interest in oil and gas wells as well as the fight at the annual meeting where the stockholders voted to move the corporation to Delaware.
Their goal is most likely to bully the judges into ruling favorably in cases where the State Chamber’s larger donors are involved.   I suppose since the elections on appellate judges are retention ballots they feel they can’t openly campaign against the appellate judges or run their own bought and paid for judges to oppose them.   All they have left is to threaten the judges with a manufactured rating.

Everyone remembers the grade school lesson where they were told that Peter Minuit bought the island of Manhattan for $24.00 in beads, cloth, and trinkets.  But what we didn’t learn was that the Canarsie Indians that “sold” Manhattan actually didn’t live there, they merely visited to trade on occasion.   Other tribes “sold” land to the white men including the Raritans of Staten Island that sold Staten Island no less than six times.  The reverse is now happing here in Oklahoma, some of the Indian tribes are trying to buy our legsilature for beads and trinkets in the way of campaign donations.
So how ironic is it that Manhattan Construction is now leading the charge to  defeat the conservative candidates, bully appellate judges, and obtain tax dollars for the Indian Cultural Center in Oklahoma City and other bond issues projects.  The documents shows that the group that is attacking Paul Blair and other Constitutional Conservatives was organized out of the Manhattan Construction Corporation in Norman Oklahoma.
The person heading the political attacks is one Chad Alexander,  a current OU Lobbyist and a former state GOP Chairman.   Records show that he was paid $35,000 to attack Paul Blair, Bob Dani, and other candidates after the Coalition for Oklahoma’s Future gathered $300,000 from Chesapeake Energy, Chickasaw tribe, Rooney Holdings, Clay Bennett, Continental Resources, Williams Company, and Flintco.  Now Flintco and Manhattan are competitors, I’ve actually worked for both years ago as a carpenter so to see them in bed is interesting indeed.
 Look at the schedule F link on this ethics report.  They are supporting Mulready, Crain,  Thompsen, and Marian Cooksey, the same people that we are going after.
They are doing things right though as their first expenditures were survey and polling the districts under attack.   I suppose what they found alarmed them and allowed them to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
 Here is a list of expenditures they have made on behalf of candidates.
Bottom line is that they are scared they are going to lose these seats and are planning on buying them outright with advertising.  They know that if they lose seats, they also lose their strangle hold on the legislature, that the legislature will be more afraid of we the people than they are afraid of the State Chamber.
They pretty much spent the rest of their money on Clark Jolley as that is the one they can’t lose as Jolley is the Chairman of Appropriations and Budgets, Mr. Santa Clause to these big corporations.
So, we got em on the run.   Please get out and vote on Tuesday June 26th and throw the incumbents out and put the citizen legislators into power.
Here are the phone numbers for those behind the Coalition for Oklahoma's Future.   Light em up:
(405) 822-1092,  
(405) 795-3240,
 (405) 269-3239
Action Alert
We don’t deal with national issues much as we believe that the best way to get the attention of Congress and the Senate is to clean up the mess at home.  However HR 459, the Audit the Fed bill is coming up in a few days and we all should contact our U.S. Representatives and demand that they co sponsor HR 459.
We need to send two clear messages:
1.)  Any attempt to water down Audit the Fed – or a vote for such an attempt - will be seen as a direct attack on transparency and reported to their constituents as such.
2.)  HR 459 must receive a standalone, up or down vote on its own merits.
We are in debt, $16 trillion not counting the Social Security or pension much less any of the government backed programs like FHA or bailout programs but the Fed continues to print money that causes inflation.   If our economy fails it will be because of unsound money so this needs fixed.  A side benefit would be the reduced spending required once the Fed can’t print money at will.  And your savings  or pension won’t lose value
 Please contact your Representative right away to urge them to cosponsor Audit the Fed.
If your representative is already a cosponsor, remind them that any attempt to water Audit the Fed down will be seen as an attack on transparency. 
And be sure to make it clear that HR 459 must receive a standalone vote.
Here are the contact numbers for the Congressmen.  Find their House web pages to contact them via email:
John Sullivan
Washington, D.C. Office
434 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: 202-225-2211
Fax: 202-225-9187

Tulsa District Office
5727 S. Lewis Avenue, Suite 520
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105-7146
Phone: 918-749-0014
Fax: 918-749-0781

Bartlesville District Office
Phone: 918-336-6500
Dan Boren

Washington, D.C.


2447 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
(202) 225-2701
(202) 225-3038 fax
E-mail Dan

Muskogee Office

431 W. Broadway
Muskogee, OK 74401
(918) 687-2533
(918) 686-0128 fax

Claremore Office

309 W. 1st Street
Claremore, OK 74017
(918) 341-9336
(918) 342-4806 fax
25 East Carl Albert Parkway, Suite B
McAlester, OK 74501
(918) 423-5951
(918) 423-1940 fax

Durant Office

112 N. 12th Avenue
Durant, OK 74701
(580) 931-0333
(580) 920-0041 fax
Tom Cole

2458 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-6165
Fax: (202) 225-3512
100 E. 13th St, Suite 213
Ada, OK 74820
Phone: (580) 436-5375
Fax: (580) 436-5451
711 SW D Ave., Ste. 201
Lawton, OK 73501
Phone: (580) 357-2131
Fax: (580) 357-7477
2424 Springer Dr., Ste. 201
Norman, OK 73069
Phone: (405) 329-6500
Fax: (405) 321-7369
Frank Lucus
2311 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5565
Fax: (202) 225-8698
10952 NW Expressway Suite B
Yukon, OK 73099
Phone: (405) 373-1958
Fax: (405) 373-2046
James Lankford
Washington, D.C. Office
509 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
ph: (202) 225-2132
fax: (202) 226-1463

Oklahoma City Office
1015 N. Broadway Suite 310
Oklahoma, OK 73102
ph: (405) 234-9900
fax: (405) 234-9909

Shawnee Office
20 East 9th, Suite 100
Shawnee, OK 74801
ph: (405) 273-1733
Here are all the House members in two fifty member blocks of email addresses.  Use Bcc in your email address header and email fifty of them with one email yet they won't know who else got the email.
Here are the State Senate email addresses in one block:
Who is my state representative and my state Senator?   Click here to find out  
Here is the Senate Directory
Here is the House Directory
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Money is always needed for printing costs, postage, sign materials, and robo call costs.  We are tightfisted; we will spend your hard earned money wisely and frugally as we do our very best to clean up Oklahoma politicians so we can begin to clean up our country.
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