Saskia Laroo 
Eclectic Virtuoso, Performing Her Own Original Music Worldwide
Celebrating 45 years of Live Performances & 30 years of Laroo Records
Dear Music Friends,
Summer is around the corner but we're still in Splendid Spring feelin' good and we hope you do too! Time flies working very hard behind the scenes on our new songs, preparing our music projects and tours, while also performing.
My record label: exciting news
  • Also Laroo Records has now a Spotify channel and just published its first playlist with vintage funk, soul and jazz from this and the previous century.

Our live performances:
We gigged a lot in April and May and hopped over the ocean and back a few times. We played in the Netherlands, a.o. at Royal Jazz with Hans Dulfer, in the US at the McLean Center, at the Fun Fest in Turners Falls, MA and in Canada. 
Now we're back in the Netherlands and look forward to our 3-day artist-in-residence at Festival Jazz Aan De Sjtasie in Swalmen, a recording performance at New Space Studio in Den Haag, concerts at Live Aan de Waal in Nijmegen, and more! See below for some of our upcoming shows, more info about our bands, and throwbacks. 
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Hope to see you! Stay in touch and we'll keep you posted!
Musically yours, | T:(860) 869-9531 | | T:(860) 869-9531 |
Upcoming Shows
  • June 7, 2024: Laroo/Byrd Live @ Jazz aan de Sjtasie, Swalmen, NL 
  • June 8, 2024: Laroo/Byrd Live @ Jazz aan de Sjtasie, Swalmen, NL 
  • June 9, 2024: Saskia Laroo Band ft Warren Byrd - Live @ Jazz aan de Sjtasie, Swalmen, NL 
  • June 13, 2024: Duo Laroo/Byrd - Live aan de Waal, Nijmegen, NL
  • June 22, 2024: Duo Laroo/Byrd - Jazz In The Space: Live Video recording @ New Space Studio, Den Haag, NL
  • June 30, 2024: Duo Laroo/Byrd | Frank Ong Alok CD release "Mi Keti Koti" @ Zutphen, NL
Throwbacks 2024
Saskia Laroo Band & Hans Dulfer
April 27, 2024: Royal Jazz
Bullekerk, Zaandam, NL 
Saskia Laroo Band ft Warren Byrd
April 25, 2024: JAZZ FUNK HIPHOP
Muziekcafé STIELS Haarlem , NL 
Saskia Laroo Band ft Joseph Bowie
March 2, 2024: De Bunker LIVE
Gorinchem, NL 
Jazzkia ft Warren Byrd
Feb, 25, 2024: Jazz On The Waves
De Waldhoorn, Texel, NL 
Full performance: set 1 | set 2
Throwbacks 2023
Jazzkia Meets Hiphop ft Warren Byrd
Aug 19, 2023: Family Fest
Siguourney Square, Hartford, CT, US
Saskia Laroo Band ft Warren Byrd
Aug 10, 2023: Sneekweek Live
Cafe de Kroon, Sneek, NL
About the artists
Dutch musician Saskia Laroo, sometimes called the “Lady Miles Davis,” is known for her virtuoso trumpet-playing and musical styling blending jazz, soul, blues, and electronic dance music. Saskia is that rare artist who is not only innovative but accessible.
Pianist/Vocalist/Composer Warren Byrd is a Hartford, Connecticut native with an international touring schedule after years of work throughout Southern New England and New York. He is known for his exeptional piano and vocal skills.
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