NADKC Western Region
September 2014
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  • Message from
    NADKC WR Director
  • Information from Germany
    by Michael Hammerer  
  • Member Profile
    by Guido Dei 
  • September Test Information
  • New Member Profile
    by Billy Marchant 
  • Candidate for NADKC Treasurer 
    by John Calandra
  • VGP 101
    by Ken Dinn and Gary Hodson 
  • Veterinary Corner
    by Dr. Phil Kress
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September 6 & 7
Walla Walla, WA
WR VGP/Solms/
September 27 & 28
Brewster, WA

October 24, 25 & 26
Walla Walla, Washingon 

Board of Directors

Frank O'Leary, NADKC Western Regional Director
Wayne Davis, Director
WR Board of Directors
Guido Dei, Director
WR Board of Directors

Jamie Adkins, Director
WR Board of Directors

Jeff Martin, Director
WR Board of Directors
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Edie Stelkovics

Marianne O'Leary

Message from the Western Regional Director
by Frank O’Leary
Western Regional Members,
I love this time of year!  Cool mornings, College Football, Baseball Playoffs Spots up for grabs, and what does it all mean?  Hunting season is around the corner.  Life is perfect.
September also means Fall Tests for the NADKC.  This year in the Western Region we have three fall tests scheduled and I am happy to report all three are full at this time.  Later in the newsletter there are links for the September test information.  Please attend if possible, it’s fun to watch and enjoy the dogs and there is also something you can do to help.
Information from Germany
By Michael Hammerer
In an effort to be more transparent and inclusive, DKV President Michael Hammerer, is translating minutes and letters of importance into English for our convenience.  Below you will find two links of interest: 
The first is the Minutes from the General Assembly Meeting, held in March 21st, in Dipperz, Germany. Continue Reading . .

The second is a letter to the DKV Membership, from Michael, addressing the on-going discussion about epilepsy which was kicked off by three reported cases of seizures. 
Member Profile
By Guido Dei
I was born in La Spezia (Italy) a medium size city in the North West of Italy.  Dad was an Italian government employee, mom a house wife and one brother three years older than I.  I was born with the outdoor in my blood and since a little boy of five years old I started hunting birds with a sling in the public gardens and fishing with a fishing line wrapped around my hand.
Since dad and my brother were not at all in the outdoors, I get very much attached to Aristide, my uncle.  He had two daughters and spent all of his free time hunting, fishing, and mushroom and truffle hunting.  I start going alongside with him at very young age of six years old.  He was a very rude and hard mentor, every mistake that I made cost me a lot.  Continue Reading . .  .
September Test Information
This year in the Western Region we have three fall tests scheduled and I am happy to report all three are full at this time.  Below are links for the September test information.  Please attend if possible, it’s fun to watch and enjoy the dogs and there is also something you can do to help.
New Member Profile
By Billy Marchant
My name is Billy Marchant.  I grew up hunting Dove and Quail in Northwest Florida.  We never owned a hunting dog while I was growing up (that was my job!). 
I joined the Army after leaving home and served 17 years.  I spent a lot of time Deer hunting and fishing but, did not hunt birds again until years later when I was eventually stationed in Colorado.  I started hunting Pheasant and Quail again with an Army buddy over his Deutsch Drahthaar.  It was my first experience hunting over a dog.  It was awesome!  Growing up I had only ever seen dogs used to run Deer out of swamps and the occasional Lab for duck hunting.  
Continue Reading . . . 
John Calandra
Candidate for NADKC Treasurer  
The WR Board of Directors has determined, for the convenience of our members, upon their request of the candidate we will publish their profiles in the WR Newsletter.

My name is John Calandra and I am a candidate for Treasurer of the NADKC. Throughout my career I have had extensive experience working within not-for-profit organizations. I have held the positions of Corporate Secretary for my church board and Northwest Suburban Council Vice President of the Cub Scouts. I have also worked hard to guarantee the success of two NADKC annual meetings and this year’s NAKP, hosted by the Upper Midwest Region. Locally I have served as test director to several tests and am the newest Verbandrichter in the club. 
Continue Reading . . . 
VGP 101
Part 2: Making a Training Plan 
By Ken Dinn and Gary Hodson 

“This series of VGP training articles was produced by VDD Group Canada and appeared in their newsletter “Drahthaar News” in 2010-2011. It is reprinted with their permission.” 
The fall tests are over and your young DD passed the HZP. Wonderful! Time to go hunting – a reward for you both for the time and effort you put into preparing for the test. It is also time to begin thinking about the VGP.
In our last article we stressed that training for and running the VGP is not all that difficult. Unfortunately the part that is hard is an area where many of us are weak as trainers – making a training plan and upholding our commitment to follow it. There are more elements to the VGP. Some of the elements depend on earlier training and must be trained in a specific sequence. Some of them can be trained simultaneously. Some subjects require conditioning the dog first. Many require the participation of a helper or some specialized training gear. There’s a lot to think about and organize if you are going to run in a VGP!
Continue Reading . .  .
By Phil Kress, DVM

Throughout almost 40 years in practice I spent innumerable nights and weekends on call duty (the bane of all doctors!).  Often many things could wait until the next day, but one particular true medical emergency condition was gastric torsion.  
Typically the owner of a large, deep chested dog (think hunting breeds) would call in the late evening or middle of the night concerned about his dog vomiting, retching, and shaking, and that its abdomen was starting to swell and become tight.  Often the dog had eaten a large meal and then exercised 1-3 hours earlier.  Continue Reading . . . 
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