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This month's tip:
While it's important to be sure your cat has plenty of fresh water every day, this tip may help prevent a mess for you and avoid stress for them:
Even though a cat may not drink a lot of water every day, it helps to use a fairly large, shallow bowl. But it isn't necessary to fill it up.
If the bowl is too small, it can cause some discomfort if their whiskers touch the sides of the bowl.
(Called WhiskerStress )
For more about cats and water:


Always remember to check with your local shelter to see what they need. Your donation will go directly to the animals, as a rule, in sharp contrast to some of the large national groups, whose donation income goes toward large administrative salaries and other expenses, not always for animals. But to be sure, be prepared to check out the shelter. Not all of them are as honorable as they proclaim, either.
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Every month, I get a number of emails from people requesting information and help regarding their cats. I'm happy to help as I can, but please understand that I am not equipped to run a "hotline" where you can get your questions answered instantly. I work alone, caring for many cats, and some days I am not able to get online at all. If you have an emergency, obviously you will have to rely on a professional, such as your veterinarian or a behaviorist. There are websites that offer these services, too, and they may charge a fee to do so. I don't mind answering some questions for free, but I can't promise I will always be available at the moment you need something. But I'll try!

May 7, 2016
Holidays and Observances This Month
National Pet Month (US)

Responsible Animal Guardian Month.

Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Sponsored by Pet Cancer Awareness and the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research.

Chip Your Pet Month.

National Service Dog Eye Examination Month. The American College of Veterinary Optholmologists hosts this annual event when over 200 veterinary optholmologists donate their services to provide eye exams to service dogs in the US and Canada.

May 3-9: American Humane’s Be Kind to Animals Week. This week-long event has been celebrated since 1915. Always the
first full week of May.

May 3-9: National Pet Week. Always held the first full week of May by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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The Problems With Feral Cat Management
Health Issues
New guidelines on Hyperthyroid in Cats

Veterinary professionals have learned a lot about feline hyperthyroid in the last 30 years. This article explains some of the latest findings:

Using essential oils for pets

Happy Mothers' Day to all who celebrate it!

May 8 in the U.S.
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