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Sometimes images speak better than words. This young Spanish traveller managed to reproduce the thrill and magic of what many travellers feel when they cross the biggest archipelago in the world, its 17,000 islands and 583 languages.
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Naga Indo status

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Australia–Indonesia relations began as early as 1640 with contact between Indigenous Australians and Makassan trepangers from southwest Sulawesi, and formalised with Australia's full recognition of the Republic of Indonesia in 1949.

In recent years, the relationship has been characterised by growing mutual trade of $14.9 billion, in addition to close links in government, education, and defence under the Lombok Treaty. Both nations are members of the G20, ASEAN Regional Forum, and the Australia-New Zealand-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement. Indonesia received $541.6 million in Australian development aid in 2012–2013.

The potential execution of two Australian citizens is only the most recent – albeit the most tragic – instance of recent tension in the Australia-Indonesia relationship. There have been two others. In November 2014, Australia’s then-immigration minister, Scott Morrison, announced that any asylum seekers registering with the United Nations in Indonesia after June 2014 would not be considered for resettlement in Australia. Secondly, in late January, the Indonesian government reversed part of a decision for free entry visa to nationals from Australia while it was maintained for 4 other countries: Australians would now not be getting visa-free entry.

At the popular level, for a while fewer Australians might holiday in Bali. The government-to-government relationship might be shaken but – again – this would only be a short-term development. There will be some political jostling, but with no major or lasting impact. Both countries are the 2 main powers in South East Asia and they have too much to lose to walk away.

Australians must also be consistent. China and the United States both apply the death penalty, and thus should also be the subject of protests from those Australians – particularly politicians – who are abolitionists. That no Australians are on death row in China or the US makes no difference: Chinese and American lives are as valuable as Australian ones. Aren't they?
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Jokowi priorites: fight corruption and build up infrastructure

Indonesia is determined to open its doors to Chinese investments and significantly strengthen bilateral economic ties. The Indonesian leader identified toll roads, railways, power plants and ports in his country as possible projects for Chinese and Indonesian state-owned and private companies to embark on.
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Foreign investors have renewed their interest in Indonesia expecting a more transparent environment conducive to investment under President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s administration.
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"We hope the surplus we recorded in the first month [of the year] will continue throughout 2015," BPS chief Suryamin said in a press conference. In recent years, Indonesia has struggled to curb the trade gap, which has caused a significant deficit in its current account and has put pressure on its local currency.
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Development in Lombok

Lombok can be an island for everyone

Rich investors in places like Singapore and Hong Kong are looking at the prices in markets such as Vietnam, Sabah in Malaysia or Lombok in Indonesia and saying, ‘for those prices it is worth a punt’.
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KITAS (work visa) rules have tightened for foreign labour who works as employees (not as company directors). The goal behind it is to favour the training and development of local hire. Remote areas such as Lombok are in desperate need for better education and training to face the fast economic growth.
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While the Hindu island of Bali has an ‘anything goes’ vibe, Lombok has a different character. The scenery is more mountainous and arid, and the vibe more serious – even austere. A largely Muslim island, tourists visit for the peace and quiet, the great beaches and diving and proximity to the popular Gili islands. The strength of a place - particularly one that wants to attract a robust tourist trade – is to be many things to many different people.
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Tourism in Lombok

Come and relax in Lombok

“Granting visitors visa-free status is a means to increase the number of arrivals and national income from tourism,” said Arief, adding that neighbouring Malaysia and Thailand have enjoyed high arrival numbers since allowing tourists to enter without visas.
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In Lombok you won’t find traffic or sprawling resort developments. Instead, you’re trading in the convenience for a taste of the local way. It’s an excellent option for travelers who are thirsty for adventure: rent a motorcycle and zoom along the stunning coastline, and test your endurance with a hike up Mount Rinjani.
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A trip to Bali and Lombok is a great way to relax your mind, body and spirit. For a lot of people getting off the plane and smelling the warm island air can lower your blood pressure and heart rate.... for those looking to step it up, this is a great list to relax even more on this beautiful island.
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Clear land ownership rights: deal with the experts


Since Jokowi took power late last year, a lot of business areas have come under scrutiny. His goal is clear: fight against corruption, less tax evasion, more efficiency in law making and application. Rules on tax and work visas but also land ownership and development are being clarified. While the company ownership system (PMA) is heavily supported by the central office in Jakarta, foreign individual ownership is also possible via the nominee agreement.

Recent rumors and statements have been actually around for some years. But there have been no new laws that alter the current status of the nominee system.

There is also no reference in the Indonesian Constitution banning foreigners from having an interest in land. In fact the opposite is true. Based on our Agrarian Law “UU No. 5 year 1960”, foreigner are entitle to hold : 1. HGB – as in Article no.36 (through a PMA company) 2. Hak Pakai Title – as in Article 42 3. Hak Sewa (Lease ) – as in Article 45

To give the land back to the state is also a question because the land is registered in an Indonesian Citizens name and every Indonesian citizen has right to hold land ownership in their name.

Belinda from Tate Developments is one of the top experts on Lombok island. "Should anyone ask about your right on the property, you just simply advise them that you are leasing the property from the owner and provide no further explanation to them. Please refer the enquirer to our office and we will assist you. In the event you do not hold a lease on the top of your nominee agreement, please let us know and we can assist you."

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