Dear Macro members,

Greetings to all of you! First, I am sending this email to remind all of you of two upcoming deadlines. Secondly, I am writing to welcome another new set of members to the organization! I'll start with the deadline reminders, and then I'm going to include the text from my opening email earlier this fall for the benefit of our new members who would not have received that message.

1. Upcoming deadline to apply to serve on the MACRO board: October 31!
Are you interested in serving on the MACRO Board? We currently have an open slot on the board and would like to invite anyone who may want to serve in this capacity to apply by contacting Jamie Henke via email at We are looking for individuals who would bring a new dimension and/or activity to MACRO. Each of the current board members has developed a special niche in MACRO and/or served in a special capacity within the organization. Jamie Henke serves as the organization's Financial Director, Marilyn Saker is in charge of all aspects of the MACRO journal, Warren Gooch created and is in charge of our joint composition competition with Truman State, and Gene Trantham is our official liaison with CMS and our archivist. Rob Hodson, our departing board member, specialized in macro analysis and Jazz. We are hoping to hear from many of you with all of your creative ideas for MACRO! Please contact Jamie Henke if you have any questions. Interested individuals should submit their email to Jamie by October 31, 2007. Your email message should include a short paragraph describing either the activity you would create, the niche you would fill, or other aspect that you would bring to the MACRO Board.

2. Upcoming deadline to submit memories of Bruce Benward: November 1!
Please do not forget to submit your favorite stories of Bruce Benward! All types of comments and memories are welcome, from serious to humorous. Send your stories via email to

Now for the repeated information for our new members!

Welcome to MACRO!

Please mark your calendars for June 13-14, 2008. These are the dates for our Musician's Workshop. Our new workshop schedule worked great for everyone this past June, so we will be using the same format this year. The workshop will start at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, and end at noon on Saturday. Come join us! Mark your calendars now.

Check out our 2008 Truman State University/MACRO Composers competition. Contest guidelines for this year's competition are posted on our web site. This is a very unique competition. All of our previous winners have really enjoyed the range of opportunities presented in this competition so apply now! Deadline is coming up soon, October 15!

As always, I encourage all of you to check out our opportunities for research honorariums, as well as student and teaching awards.

Research honorariums:

Student awards:

Please keep in touch, and I send my best wishes for a great year to all of you!

Jamie Henke, MACRO Chair