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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

June 1, 2018

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 19, Issue 1027


Editors Message

Missing Notices

Over the last couple of months a number of subscribers have reported that they have missed out on having notices delivered. I have looked into this and cannot see anything from the subscription services end, as to what might be happening.

We all know "newlsletters" often get thrown into SPAM or TRASH folder by over-zealous email filtering mechanisms - either your own or the service providers. That is the first thing you need to look at if you think you have missed out on a notice !

Anyway to try to solve this issue I am going to use another subscription service for those that seem to be having repeated problems.  So if you, or you know of anyone who has missed out on any of our notices please let me know and I'll add you/them to the alternative service. If you would like to be added, just to be sure, please let me know too - no problem worst case you might get 2 notices instead of one !

Contact me at editor@scotlandisland.org.au

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Over the next 12-18 months Northern Beaches Council is to conduct a commercial feasibility study into the provision of water and wastewater services on Scotland Island.

Representatives from a cross-section of the island community and organisations are invited to nominate for a working group, which will meet a number of times (around five) during the conduct of the feasibility study. This is your chance to ensure that the views and requirements of residents and key stakeholders are taken into consideration.

The Council is seeking nominations from island representatives of:
  • bushcare and environmental interests
  • an accommodation provider
  • a business operated on the island
  • the Rural Fire Service
  • the Kindergarten
  • SIRA
  • as well as three residents.
SIRA is nominating Colin Haskell, who is the Team Leader of its Water and Wastewater Working Group, as our representative.

Water and wastewater issues are some of the most important that the island faces. We encourage you to represent your community by nominating to be part of the Council's working group.

To nominate, please complete the nomination form on Council’s Your Say page at www.northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au/council/have-your-say/community-engagement-projects, or contact Ruby Ardren on 9970 1311.

Nominations close on 5th June.
The SIRA Committee

Bells Wharf Pedestrian Bridge

 As discussed Council is currently designing the reconstruction of the pedestrian bridge over the drainage pipe at Bells Wharf. After discussing with the engineer last week it will not be possible for us to construct a ramped access which complies with the Building Code of Australia due to the height of Bells Wharf compared to the drainage pipe.

As is the case with legacy non-compliances, when you replace a structure you need to build it to the standards of the day meaning we cannot simply rebuild the structure as it is. To this end Council is recommending the structure be rebuild as a stair access rather than a ramp which will have better slip resistance and comply with the BCA.
Can you please forward this onto all the residents who use this bridge before we finalise the design? We are in a position where we want to rebuild the structure as soon as possible to restore access, whilst at the same time making sure what we build meets the needs of the community. If there is any feedback or ideas from the users of the bridge which can be taken into account in the detailed design now is the time to put them forward for consideration

As always feel free to contact me to speak further if you need to.

David Munday
Senior Project Engineer
TCI Engineering & Delivery


Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade

Extraordinary General Meeting, 17 Jun 2018

Please note that an Extraordinary General Meeting will take place at the Fire Station on Sunday 17th June 2018 commencing at 11:30am.

This is an important event because this is where we will consider and vote on Brigade Rules related to the new constitution being implemented on 1st July 2018.

We will also be voting on proposed Brigade Orders related to implementing the new constitution:
  • CFU members to be registered as Ordinary members with full voting rights
  • Administrative (non-operational) members to be registered as Associates
Please click on the following link to a document outlining the proposed rules and orders:  

Brigade Rules & Orders Under New Constitution

For further background please refer to the following links:

Old Constitution (2008) 
New Constitution (2018)
Brigade Management Handbook (2018)
All members are encouraged to attend and participate.

The meeting will be followed by drinks and a light lunch, provided by the brigade.

Please RSVP by registering, click here : Extraordinary General Meeting

If you have not logged or have forgotten your password you can reset your password: http://sirfb.org.au/Sys/ResetPasswordRequest

Kind Regards,
Geoff Bullock
Secretary, SIRFB
Email: secretary@sirfb.org.au



Northern Beaches Update (excerpts)

Draft Delivery Program and Budget 2018/19

Council plans to invest $436.5 million next financial year to deliver on the community’s vision for the Northern Beaches and shape our future. It’s a balance of service delivery with investment in key projects and infrastructure while continuing to integrate systems, processes and people into the new Council. The focus is on supporting the things that make the Northern Beaches an extraordinary place to live, work and invest.

Our finances 2018/19

Council is working hard to ensure our strong financial position is maintained. Amalgamation has enabled us to invest $9.4million of savings in capital and operational projects and we have reduced debt by $52 million. Less debt means less interest costs. Our draft budget 2018/19 will continue to maintain and protect our way of life on the Northern Beaches for residents and visitors.

Our investment

Next financial year we will invest $326.8million in valued services to the community and $109.7million on exciting community infrastructure programs (click image below to enlarge):

Where does the money come from?

Your rate payments are your investment in services and infrastructure for the Northern Beaches community and contribute around half of the total income to Council. Over the coming years Council is forecasting further cost savings due to the amalgamation and these can be invested in renewing and developing community infrastructure, increasing service levels and putting downward pressure on rates.

The State Government’s rates freeze until 2020 means your existing rate path is frozen and you will pay no more in rates than you would have in your pre-merger council area for those four years.
In 2018/19 your rates will increase 2.3% in line with the State’s rate cap. This will ensure we can keep providing services to you at current levels and keep up with increasing costs to Council like electricity and water. The strong focus will continue to be on containing operating costs.
For many residents their annual charges from Council will actually decrease due to efficiencies Council has been able to generate in the management of our waste collection services. For many residents this will be more than $90 a year.

For more information about rates and charges check out our rates and charges explainer.

Explore the draft Delivery Program 2018-2021 and Budget 2018/19 to find out more and have your say by Sunday 27 May.

The fully Northern Beaches Update can be viewed HERE


Young and Young at Heart Musicians’ Concert

Scotland Island Community Hall

Sunday 17 June, 2018    2.00—5.00pm

Come and see 👀the future of Scotland Island music!  Lots of instruments, lots of styles and a few surprises.
This is our fourth concert and their popularity continues to increase.  Bring a small donation to help cover the hall hire and refreshments to share in the break.

There’s still time to register as a performer if you’ve been hesitant!

This is your time to shine

Please advise David Richards (drjavoo@gmail.com) or Robyn Iredale (rriredale@gmail.com) if you wish to participate


‘Cold Feet’ on Pasadena?

Reprinted from Pittwater Life - June 2018

by Nigel Wall

Northern Beaches Council staff have been set thetas of compiling a wish list of local projects for the funding allocated to the acquisition of the Pasadena site at Church Point, should the compulsory purchase fall through.

It comes after Council’s legal advisors deemed recent improvements to Pasadena “lawful”.

At the May Council meeting, councillors shifted their gaze from the contentious development to other possible uses of the cash – although they are aware they first need to negotiate with the State Government who made its funding pledge based solely on buying Pasadena and returning the area to the community.

Meanwhile, supporters of the Pasadena purchase plan say they are surprised by Council’s new fallback position and the outcome of its legal advice. They urged Council to push ahead with its original plan.

While acknowledging the resolution and process to acquire Pasadena remained in place, Council resolved to set up a meeting with local MP Rob Stokes to discuss any contingency plan for the State Government funding tied to the acquisition of the Pasadena site in the event the site doesn’t end up in Council’s hands.

Councillor Rory Amon said: “There is a risk that the acquisition of Pasadena will not proceed given recent developments on site – we are ensuring that Council is ready and has a contingency plan so we can re-allocate state funds to other important local projects.”

Spokesmen for the West Pittwater Association, Church Point resident Rob Jeffress and Scotland Island’s Nicholas Cowdery QC, said: “Council’s resolution would appear to suggest that it is has cold feet and that it is backtracking on its commitment made on 7 August 2017 to acquire the Pasadena site for the benefit of the community and for public space.”
The pair said Council’s legal advice was at odds with theirs. “The lack of a legal foundation for the current development works and intended use of the site and adjoining Crown land lowers the value of the site and makes Council acquisition a more viable prospect, ”they said. “We strongly urge that the Pasadena site be acquired and that the waterfront Crown lands be returned to the people."
“This is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for the Northern Beaches Council and the NSW Government to showcase its vision for Pittwater. This landmark site must be retained for the public benefit for all, and not exclusively for individual commercial use."

Council’s Acting General Manager Environment and Infrastructure, Todd Dickinson, said Council had investigated the validity of the works currently being undertaken at the Pasadena in relation to the construction certificate obtained by the owner in late 2017. “Council considers works undertaken in accordance with the construction certificate are lawful because the original approvals for a motel, shops and restaurant granted in 1961 and 1963 remain in force,” he said.

He said Council’s intention to acquire the land had no bearing on the lawfulness of the owner’s actions.
“Council will pay compensation to the owner for the acquired land as assessed under the Just Terms Act.
“We have now engaged acquisition specialists and valuers to progress the acquisition process and will soon be commencing formal negotiations with the owner which will occur over a period of at least six months (unless agreement is reached sooner).” – Nigel Wall


New Church Point Association Takes Pasadena to Land

and Environment Court

Source: manlyaustralia.com

KDK Media

Posted: 1 Jun 2018

A new Church Point community association will take action against the developer of the Pasadena to prevent further work being done on the site and to stop “unauthorised and unlawful use”.

Nicholas Cowdery AM QC said the decision by Church Point Community Projects Inc (CPCP) follows “official inaction, lack of transparency, continuing legal uncertainty over the Pasadena site, and the development and use of the adjacent Crown land foreshore”.

As one of CPCP’s spokespeople, Mr Cowdery said the new Church Point community association has been left with no option but to take the Pasadena developer to court to protect the public interest.

“It has done so in response to continuing community concern about the apparent failure of Northern Beaches Council (NBC) to enforce compliance with the law relating to the site and its use. It has done so to better enable NBC to acquire the site in accordance with its resolution of 7 August 2017, and to return it to the community of Pittwater to be used in a publicly-approved way for the benefit of all,” he said.

CPCP spokesperson Rob Jeffress said the appropriation of the adjacent Crown land had not followed due process. Mr Jeffress said there are significant questions regarding how the new lease was awarded and the absence of any development application (DA) approvals for the extensive development and new uses of the Crown foreshore land.

“The Church Point foreshore and Crown land was not part of the $2.4m purchase in 2012, nor is it part of the Private Certifier’s approval of construction work. Yet the last of Church Point’s public green space was fenced off for years without lease payments or compliance controls.

“It is now being developed as a venue for over 100 patrons without any public consultation or environmental studies of the impact it will have on the Church Point environment,” he said.

Mr Jeffress said the Pasadena site should be returned to the public so the quality and character of the foreshore of Church Point is protected and a whole-of-precinct Masterplan can be developed with public input.

“While CPCP regrets having to step in to ensure that the law relating to these matters is enforced, there is no alternative other than to take the matter to the Land and Environment Court for the independent umpire’s decision.

“An independent legal decision will ensure a resolution to the many concerns dividing the community. It will also provide certainty for all stakeholders when it comes to planning laws not only at Church Point, but in other areas in NSW,” Mr Jeffress said.


Winter Solstice Festival

Sunday June 24



"The Problem with Plastics"

A Newport Public School Project

This term, Year 6 students from Newport Public School are investigating “The Problem with Plastics” for their Project Based Learning unit.

Students are designing a large artwork made entirely out of plastic bottle lids. This will not only reduce the amount of landfill we create, it also re-uses the lids in a positive, colourful and creative way.

These can include:
  • Milk bottle lids,
  • Water bottle lids,
  • Soft drink bottle lids,
  • Juice bottle lids,
  • Peanut butter lids,
  • Vegemite lids,
  • Nutella lids,
  • Vitamin bottle lids etc.
We would be grateful if you have any lids to contribute - that you leave them next to your recycling bins and they can be picked up by the students this Sunday afternoon.


Peninsula Music Club Concert

Sunday 3 June: John Field: Inventing‘Night Music’

Tamara-Pianist Tamara-Anna returns to perform works by the Irish pianist and composer John Field. He is best know as the instigator of the nocturne which greatly influenced Chopin as well as many others of the time.

Interspersed between Tamara performing these works, Richard O’Brian a former Irish diplomat including Ambassador to Australia, who will give an insight, into the life and times of John Field who travelled extensively throughout his  life.
We are holding our AGM at 1.50pm all financial Member as of the 31st December 2017 are welcome  the meeting will finish at 2pm the doors will be open all ticket holders include a sparkling wine refreshments.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
Casual tickets available at the door.


The Co-Op Club Presents

June 2018 Bookings

Church Point Cafe -  Artists play between 3:30 - 6:30pm


Music is every Sunday between 3.30 - 6.30pm  
1860 Pittwater Rd Church Point – bookings 9999 2793


Wanted to Hire

I am looking for a portable chain saw milling set up on the island to hire for a weekend in July with at least a 36" bar.

Please call or text Rick 0415 814 124


Polycraft for Sale - Commuter Boat

  • Electric Start, tilt and trim.
  • 50 horsepower Tohatsu.
  • Boat and motor 4-5 yrs old.
  • Motor just serviced and bottom of boat cleaned and descaled.
  • No trailer.
  • Moored currently in Palm beach.


polycraft   motor
Please call to view.


Sewing Machine for Sale sewign machine

Brother XT37 sewing machine -  collection from Church Point.  $150 ONO.
Almost new sewing machine and basket of sewing needles, threads, bobbins etc to go with.

37 different types of stitches.

Works beautifully.

Contact Kath on 0405 097 424


For Sale 

Double sofa-bed with Slumberpaedic innerspring mattress.

  • Excellent condition - as new. 
  • No tears, stains or scratches.
  • Covered in grey woollen tweed.
  • Cushions and head/arm covers in main photot included.
Price: $250.

couch 1couch 2

Pick up from 2 Portions Lovett Bay (last house on north side before Salvation Creek).



Northern Beaches Pressure Cleaning coming to the Island

We have been residents of the island for just over a year now and I own and operate Northern Beaches Pressure Cleaning and Housewashing on the Mainland.

Northern Beaches Pressure Cleaning and Housewashing will be operating on the Island for a short period, so if you need your roof, decks, tanks or paths etc high pressure cleaned or your house softwashed, then give me a call for a friendly free quote.

We can also offer ongoing maintenance or periodic cleaning.

Ray 0412189793
Ray & Linda


Free Leather Lounge

Demir leather 3 piece lounge, 2 x recliner chairs and a 3 seater lounge.
Pickup in Little Lovett Bay.
lounge 2
Call Leisa


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