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From TrusTed        to      BusTed     to     PerverTed

Good lord, are we at the point where the National Enquirer (NE) is the only news media outlet willing to publish a negative story about presidential candidate Ted Cuz?  You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard the scandalous story that burst upon the internet on Thursday.   Rush Limbaugh even discussed the rumors on his Friday show and bits and pieces of confirmation have  leaked out.
The NE isn’t without credintials for political scandal reporting.  Their story on John Edwards turned out to be accurate and was accepted by the Pulitizer Prize committee even though the story didn’t win the competition that year.   They also busted Gary Hart back in the eighties, Tiger Woods, and showed that Jesse Jackson had a love child.   And after the Gawker lawsuit few companies will be willing to go too far unless they have some sort of justification and proof.
Other media outlets had the story including Breitbart who had a reporter  send out some tweets about the scandal long before it broke and complained about being scooped after the NE broke the story.  
It appears that the Rubio campaign had been shopping the scandal about for months to the major media outlets with no takers, of course Trump was blamed for it but it was really the establishment Republicans that are trying to turn the supporters of front runners Trump and Cruz against each other.  And no, it isn’t surprising to find out that Cruz has this kind of dirt floating around, these are sociopath politicians with large egos, of course they are going to take advantage when they can.
The most effective counter argument appears to be about Cruz’s looks, with many joking that few women would want to sleep with such an ugly man.  But power and access to that power attracts some women so who really knows the truth.
One of the women alleged to have had an affair is a fellow Tea party activist Katrina Pierson, who once worked on the Cruz senate campaign, and who now works for the Trump campaign.  Pierson denies the charges but lets be honest here; who wouldn’t?
Another of the paramours is alleged to be CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter.  Carpenter was ambused on CNN the other day by another woman, a Trump supporter, and the reaction by Carpenter was truly illuminating.  Of course she denied it, but anyone that has any experience watching a cat fight will pick up on the body language showing that perhaps something had been going on.  Carpenter is a huge Cruz supporter by the way and worked for Cruz as his communications Director while Cruz was in the Senate.
The third woman allegedly identifiedd was former Carly Fiorina campaign staffer Sara Isgur Flores, a fellow Texan and a well know political operative that managed the Fiorina campaign.   Earlier in the race a Ted Cruz Super PAC called Keep the Promise had donated a half million dollars to the Carly for America Super PAC.  The FEC noticed that highly unusual donation and inquired into the deal.  Now here is where it gets really, really, intersting.  The Ted Cruz Keep the Promise Super PAC is ran by David Barton of Wall Builders, a well known Christian group, and owned by Mercury One Charities, the Glen Beck foundation!   Many are suggesting that the half million dollar transfer was in return for Fiorina and Flores’ silence on the alleged affair.
And how much damaged is this going to do to the Cruz campaign?  The hard core Christians lead by David Barton and Glen Beck aren’t likely to flinch, preferring to justify the adultry and lack of integrity but the more reasonable Cruz supporters are going to be disheartened if the scandal turns out to be substaincially true.    The average American understands how corrupt the political system truly is but will still be disgusted when they realize that a man purporting to be super religioius turns out to be a complete out of control sexual pervert.  Finding out that Cruz has been lying about his faith means that few will trust anything else that comes out of his mouth.
The scandal also brings into focus a lot of rumor and inuendo about the Cruz family and how it appears to be a veneer.  The story is that Ted Cruz didn’t live with his wife for about seven years, that Heidi Cruz was depressed during much of that time, so much so that she was detained by Austin Police and sent in for a psych evaluation after being found sitting by a busy highway, alone, no car nearby, with her head in her hands.  The cop felt that she was a danger to herself and took her into custody.
The  bits and pieces tie together.   Heidi Cruz finds out that her husband is a serial womanizer, realizes that it was a sham marriage, can’t leave the turd because her career is predicated upon access to a U.S. senator and there are kids involved.
And the involvement of the children in the campaign is always a problem to me.  They should be left out instead of being forced into a situation where they are used as props.   Sometimes it backfires like this example of Ted Cruz coming off as super, super, creepy with his daughter after any normal parent would understand that the kid doesn’t want to be used as a prop or worse, is repulsed by her own father.  Watching this video opens up some troubling thoughts.
There are other videos out there showing staged comments in Cruz campaign videos.  Here is another version.
While this sort of insanity is normal in a political race one has to wonder if all of it is intended to wound Cruz enough that a brokered convention results.  There is no doubt that RINO Republicans are behind the attacks but one also wonders how much if any of it is true?
What the Trump Campaign Truly Means

A lot of political commentators think they understand why Donald Trump is the front runner but perspective is sometimes hampered when these commentator stop thinking too soon.  They arrive at a point and decide that point best represents the world as they see it instead of continuing on and perhaps finding other perspectives.
Some say this is the death of the Reagan hold on the Republican Party.  Reagan’s ideology was powerful and lasting and it centered on the theory that a rising tide lifts all boats and that economic benefits would trickle down to the citizens.  But we have seen that economic growth hasn’t benefited most families and globalization has hastened the death of the middle class.
Trump represents the rejection of globalization and is turning Republican theory on its ear.   The Republican brand is nearly collapsing as it becomes all too obvious that the GOP says one thing and does another and refuses to hold politicians accountable for violating the Party Platform.  The GOP insiders realize the destruction that is about to wash over them but they are frozen in fear or attempting to use dirty tricks and convention deceptions to defuse the movement.
People are frustrated and angry for sure and they are willing to try just about anything to foster change.  People realize that the GOP is broken and bankrupt morally and are willing to put their faith in a political newcomer as long as he is an outsider.  They understand that lobbyists, the donor class, and consultants have perverted the process and American nationalism, a revulsion against globalization, and a refusal to go along with political correctness are the first steps to cleaning out the stable. Trump offers one thing; an unwillingness to lose the fight.
No one knows what the GOP will look like come January 2017.  The party hacks might well remain in charge as they are in control and can rig the process against change the same way they rigged things against first the 2008 Ron Paul revolution and against the 2010 Tea Party challenge.  But doing so courts a continued refusal of average Republicans to donate to and volunteer for the GOP machine, increasing the stranglehold that the donor class has upon politics.
Once More Time, John Bennett Was Right about the Muslims

Few societies have been more welcoming to the Muslims that Belgium yet it earned them 31 bloody deaths and 240 wounded on Tuesday when the Muslim suicide bombers attacked.
Yet even then the apologists continued to dismiss the idea that there is a clash between Islam and Western democracy.   The mentality is that standing up to Muslim terrorism breeds more Muslim terrorism and the illusion of liberal policy and the false sense of superiority afforded by liberal policy.   The liberal identify with the Muslims in Syria and equate the suffering of Europeans with those who are taking a stand against jihad.
One ought to consider that Islam is not a religion but a political ideology and that it ought to be subjected to the same criticism and if terror is done in Islam’s name then perhaps the ideology ought to be suppressed.   We suppressed communism, German and Italian fascism, imperial Japan, and white supremacists and the time has come to suppress Muslim ideology.   The current state of affairs worldwide has only developed because of TWO failed ideologies, Muslim ideology and liberal ideology.   Political correctness has always been a war on what we can see with our own eyes and understand. 
America will soon find itself in Belgium’s shoes if we don’t wake up and stop the massive influx of Muslims.    Belgium began importing workers in the 1960’s after the post war boom and a declining birth rate left parts of Belgium short of factory workers.    Belgium didn’t reach out to workers in other parts of Belgium or other parts of Europe because of political nuances.  The state itself was created in the early 1800’s to separate France and Germany and was created out of three distinct groups consisting of the French speaking Walloons, Dutch speaking Flemish citizens, and the remaining part were German speaking peoples.   Balance among the groups had to be maintained at all costs for political reasons.
The Walloon people had the factories and they dared not bring in workers that spoke Dutch or German lest their population be marginalized and swallowed up so they brought in North Africans, Moroccans, Algerians, and Tunisians that could speak some french. 
By the late 1900’s the factories were gone but the immigrants stayed and Islam became Belgium’s second largest religion, 6.2% of the population.  But these immigrants kept the Walloon’s territory from being populated with Flemish.   Belgium did not ask immigrants to assimilate, they encouraged the population to hold onto their identify and that identity became the Muslim culture despite Islamic culture being somewhat weak in North Africa during this time frame.
So the Belgians set about promoting Islam to their immigrants as they didn’t want to accept them into Walloon society and they didn’t want them becoming too Flemish or too German.  Multiculturism became the rage and the building of mosques was encouraged.  The welfare system wanted the clients so they made sure that generations of families were on the roles.  When other countries banned Islamic groups Belgium allowed them to set up base and prosper and eventually Belgium became the center of jihadist culture in Europe.
Despite being so accommodating the Muslims began asking the King of Belgium to convert to Islam and they started a group called Sharia4Belgium dedicated to transforming Belgium into an Islamic state.   After the 2015 Paris attacks Belgium finally got around to declaring the group a terrorist group.  Yet it was too late as Belgium had become the leader in providing jihadists to ISIS and over 100 of the jihadists had returned after fighting in Syria.  Terrorists were free to travel to and from the battlefields as the liberals maintained the culture of Muslim culture including ill treatment of women, child marriages, and respect and acceptance of Shariah law.
Gradually the former depopulated districts filled with Muslims where men wore beards and women the hijab.
American has always been a great melting pot but the key word is melting, as immigrants melded into our society and adopted the same values.   Liberalism maintains that immigrants ought not to change but society should change to accommodate.  Somehow even the feminists accept the subornation of women in order to maintain enough of a power base to continue political correctness. 
But Belgium and the invasion of Europe by “refugees” is creating a backlash against political correctness and multiculturalism.   American and Oklahoma would do well to learn from their mistakes before American becomes overrun with Muslims and we lose our Republic.
Legislative Calls Needed on Monday

Several issues are coming to a head at the Capitol this week.  First is SB 1362, a bill that would cave in to the REAL ID act, is scheduled to be heard on Monday March 28th at 10:30 am at room 412C.   
While it is true that the REAL ID program has been implemented piecemeal there are still several dozen states including Oklahoma holding the line against turning over all of the data to the FBI, NSA, and Homeland Security.   We need to call subcommittee members and ask they vote no on SB 1362
mike.christian@okhouse.gov  (405) 557-7371(405) 557-7371 
lisajbilly@okhouse.gov    (405) 557-7365(405) 557-7365 
ben.loring@okhouse.gov   (405) 557-7399(405) 557-7399 
bob.cleveland@okhouse.gov     (405) 557-7308(405) 557-7308 
tommy.hardin@okhouse.gov  (405) 557-7383(405) 557-7383 
mark.mcbride@okhouse.gov    (405) 557-7346(405) 557-7346 
donnie.condit@okhouse.gov    (405) 557-7376(405) 557-7376 
dan.kirby@okhouse.gov   (405) 557-7356(405) 557-7356 
Common Core is back, thanks to our wonderful State School Superintendent.    Jeff Hickman said on Friday that they would get something done on Monday, if they don’t we are facing the standards being implemented.
Call your state rep and senator and demand that they stop Common Core and complete the writing of the alternative state standards immediately.  Ask them to modify SJR 75 and HJR-1070 so that Oklahoma writes the school standards instead of Washington D.C.
The Tulsa 912 Group will be caravanning from the Jenks area to the Capitol in support of stopping Common Core on Monday morning, March 28.  The will meet up at the Reasor's in Jenks at 7:30 AM and they are asking everyone to wear red colors so they stand out at the Capitol.
Click here if you need to find out who your state rep and senator are:   Find your Oklahoma Representatives
Anthony Sykes Just made a Lot of Enemies
What an arrogant, gutless, sold out, shameful, corrupt, S.O.B..    Anthony Sykes refused to hear SB 1189, the civil asset forfeiture reform bill that would have removed the moral hazard from police seizing personal property without filing a criminal complaint and diverted the funds where seizure is warranted into the General fund to help close the budget gap.
The bill would have allowed police 30 days to charge someone after a seizure and to submit a report that is public record.  Opposing the common sense reform are police agencies that use the legalized theft as slush funds.
Sykes is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary so he must believe that our Oklahoma and U.S. Constitution are meaningless if he continues to support the pirates of the freeways.   Sykes did hear SB 1113 which allows attorney fees if they successfully contest a forfeiture, however cops are like smart criminals, they target their victims carefully and know that small amounts are best to bleed the public dry without facing a legal challenge.  The vast majority of these seizures are less than $800.00 so it is ludicrous to say anyone is going to hire a lawyer to recover their personal property.
This gap toothed turd wants to run for state Attorney General I hear and he just made a lot of enemies.    He is also Charlie Meadow’s fair haired boy so expect another whiny email from Charlie saying he called Sykes and told him he was disappointed in him.
A Fiasco or Just Another Agency Trying to Justify their Existence?
By the Watchman
Everybody is acutely aware of the proposed building of the Turnpike in Eastern Oklahoma County.  It seems to have caught the residents of the area off guard. It’s not though. The building of this turnpike was announced by the Governor back on October 15, 2015. That along with five other projects were mentioned in this article here OK Governor & Turnpike Authority Announce $900 Million Expansion & Improvement Project - Toll Roads News. It’s just now coming to light because the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has finally released preliminary plans and started holding meeting about those plans. They even plan to start construction on this project this year. Why the rush? Despite what the State Supreme Court says, do they plan on putting the tax payers in debt again by financing this with bonds? Will this turn out like their last project where tax payers had to bail them out and by the turnpike from them? This is idiotic at a time when we are $1.3 billion dollars short on the budget as it is.
Today it was announced by the local news media that the extension of the Kilpatrick Turnpike would be built. Meetings would be held, but there was not going to be any input from the community. Who do these people think they are? They are as bad as the Bureau of Land Management.
They plan to reconstruct, again the Turner and H.E. Bailey Turnpikes and they plan to build a 2.5 mile stretch of Turnpike that would connect L.L. Tisdale with I-44. Really !! Charge a toll for a 2.5 mile trip. There will be more construction on the Muskogee Turnpike and they will be funded by a bond issue to be paid back with Toll Road Revenues. They do anticipate a “modest system wide toll increase” of somewhat less than sixteen percent. They failed to mention that these projects will make Oklahoma the state with the highest number of miles under toll roads in the nation. Why should we as a state support such nonsense.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma Turnpike Authority - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article gives you the names of the people in charge of this rogue agency. At the very top is Governor Mary Fallin. The number two is the Secretary of Transportation and Director of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority Gary Ridley. We find it a little disturbing that the Director of the Turnpike Authority and Secretary of Transportation are the same. It has the appearance of a conflict of interest.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma Turnpike Authority holding public meeting on alignment for Southwest Kilpatrick Extension | KFOR.com. It’s nice for them to have a meeting, but there will be no presentation or hearing at the meeting. They can talk one on one with engineers, but without having a hearing, what good is that. This boils down to another steamrolling of the citizens that live in the area. All so Mary and Gary can build a reputation for themselves at the expense of hard working Oklahomans.
The next article of interest we found was this Turnpikes of Oklahoma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article lists all of the current operating Turnpikes in Oklahoma and the associated highways. It list the turnpikes surveyed but not built and the proposed turnpike expansions and improvements. It fails to list the price increase that will be needed to pay the bonds on the new turnpikes and expansions.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma governor announces new metro area turnpikes, other improvements | News OK. Now the information on these was initially made public on October 15, 2015. It took until October 29, of 2015 to specifically state the metro area projects. Once again we have to ask why? From what we can tell the only thing we see is an attempt by Governor Fallin and Secretary Ridley to leave their mark on Oklahoma as one of the most expensive states to get around in. Are they blind to the fact that these tolls are taking money out of the pockets of the citizens of this state? Do they care?
The next article of interest we found is in all honesty very disturbing. You can see it here Oklahoma Turnpike Authority receiving death threats | News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOKH. The proposed turnpike to be built in Eastern Oklahoma County is such a volatile subject that the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has received some death threats over it. We would recommend that you open the link and watch the video. There is some very good information in there. In fact there are indications that the Turnpike Authority lacks oversight, which when the Secretary of the Department of Transportation and the head of the Turnpike Authority are the same individual. That is a definite conflict of interest.
The next article of interest we found was this OKLAHOMA TURNPIKE AUTHORITY | Oklahoma Watch | State Salaries. This is a list of the salaries that these non-elected bureaucrats are making off the tax paying citizens of the State of Oklahoma. The problem of this is most of these jobs have an equal position in the Department of Transportation. It makes the Turnpike Authority obsolete with the exception of one area, collecting tolls.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma Turnpike Authority toll system started in 1953 | Local News | joplinglobe.com. The Turnpike System in Oklahoma is over sixty years old. The last year we have figures for is 2013. During that year the Turnpike Authority had a budget of $258 million dollars. Of that, nearly $96 million dollars was allocated to pay debt services on revenue bonds. The currently issued bonds will not be fully repaid until 2031 and now they want more bonds to bill more turnpikes and raise fees to pay for them. Do they honestly think that the tax payer’s wallets are a bottomless pit of money? This is insane. It violates our state Constitution and it doesn’t display any resemblance of Oklahoma standards.
The next item of interest we found was this Oklahoma Turnpike Authority - WOW.com. We found this article to be interesting because it gives you a complete breakdown of how the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority is staffed. Once again it points to the leadership, Governor Fallin and Gary Ridley, as the individuals that are behind the push to make this state the state with the most mileage under toll roads in the United States. This is what you would expect from the most corrupt state in the union.
The citizens of Eastern Oklahoma County are not taking the proposed turnpike lightly. They are doing what they can to fight back as you can see here Petition started to halt new Turnpike – Luther Register. We don’t know if the petition will do any good. From what we have seen out of this administration, the meetings and town hall presentations they are conducting are really nothing more than dog and pony shows to put on the airs of the look of concern for what the citizens in the area. It’s clearly obvious from the actions of the Turnpike Authority that they don’t care. They are already marking the route for the new turnpike. This has always been the attitude of Governor Fallin and the Secretary of the Department of Transportation.
The next article of interest we found was this Turner Turnpike - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a report on the State’s first turnpike. It also shows that the cost of driving the turnpike continues to rise. Now these turnpikes are able to use funds from other turnpikes to help with the maintenance. With the intake from tolls, fines and fees from vendors, we must ask why. We know they are making enough to more than pay for the upkeep of the turnpikes. Where is the rest of it going?
The next item of interest we found was this. This is the Turnpike Authority’s budget for 2015. Even in this document they fail to account for all the funds that they collected from their various enterprises. It’s almost like the Turnpike Authority is a criminal enterprise.
The next article of interest we found was this  You can compare this 2011 budget to the 2015 budget and see the increase in revenue that they have made. This raises some serious questions. It also raises ethics concerns within the Governor’s office and the Secretary of Transportation.
It has been made clear that the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority under the governance of Governor Fallin and the Secretary of Transportation lack the oversight necessary to be a well-managed office within the state government of Oklahoma. They have demonstrated their intentions to put on a dog and pony show for the citizens of areas of planned projects and then proceed with their project regardless of whose life they may ruin. These do not demonstrate Oklahoma Values. We urge the citizens of areas in the path of any of this proposed project to find a good attorney and fight these illegal and unjustified attempts to remove you from your lands as soon as possible.
We would also add that the Oklahoma Legislature take up the matter of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority as soon as possible and assume an oversight roll over the Group. We further recommend that the Turnpike Authority be abolished and those jobs be consolidated with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.
It is further recommended that the State of Oklahoma move away from building turnpikes and use the funds collected from existing turnpikes to maintain those turnpikes and other highways and bridges in the state. There would be additional saving to the state from combining the services of the Department of Transportation and the Turnpike Authority. Those additional funds could be used for road maintenance or to retire current bonds early.
The bottom line folks are that Oklahoma must move away from a bond financed improvement system. Just one Department, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, is hell bent on turning every new highway into a turnpike using borrowed money. On the current projects alone they spend $96 million dollars a year to service those debts and they won’t be paid off for another 15 years. Now they want to buy more bonds for more turnpike construction that is not wanted or needed. These are projects to make their mark on history at the expense of the tax payers. The balanced budget amendment of the Oklahoma Constitution means exactly that. We must have a balanced budget. It could even be done without all these tax credits they give to these companies each year, yet there is no discussion of that in the legislature.
We have come to the conclusion that Oklahoma has enough turnpikes and then some. It’s time to shrink government and eliminate the Turnpike authority. It’s time to stop the turnpike construction until such time as the Turnpike Authority can save enough money to pay for the cost of construction without the bonds. Governor Fallin kill this idiotic idea. The money would be better spent closing the money gap.