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The Question isn’t if Brinkley
Embezzled a Million Dollars;
the Question is who Authorized the Prosecution
and Set the Dogs on him?
Long after the Brinkley allegations first came to light in February of this year we see the entire state media jumping on the guy and trumpeting the news that he is accused of stealing one million dollars from his former employer, the Better Business Bureau.    Our question isn’t that he is innocent or guilty, his partial payment of nearly $50,000.00 proves that something went down and that he was wanting to settle things with the BBB, our question is why does a RINO insider that was lined up to be the next Pro Tem of the Senate get thrown to the wolves?
In this court filing Brinkley stands accused of stealing one million dollars over 15 years to support what was briefly stated as a gambling habit.  We confirmed this through sources that are close to management at two Tulsa area casinos;   the Creek Nation Casino at  Bristow and the Sac Fox Casino  at Stroud.  Brinkley is well known at both Indian casinos as a frequent gambler and both casinos had to have known that he had lost heavily over the years.
The lawsuit lays out massive detail about the embezzlement, payments to American Express under a fictitious company name, with the receipts showing the last digits of an American Express credit card, creating a vendor called DCS and the receipts for the outgoing payments go to Discover Card Services and the BBB doesn’t have a Discover Card, and another entity was created that paid a Barclays credit card bill and again the BBB doesn’t have a Barclay account.  Another scheme was found labeled CTW, short for a book called Communicate to Win, addressed to a P.O. Box rented to “rick” and cross referenced in Brinkley’s Ethics Commission reports from his campaign funds.
The complaint even alleges that Brinkley loaned the BBB over $49,000 from his campaign war chest accounts to help cover up the precarious state of BBB financial status.  Once the OSBI investigation began Brinkley claimed that the 49K was to repay personal expenses he had paid using BBB money.
On April 24th of 2015 the BBB board voted to fire Brinkley and they have been cooperating with the OSBI investigation.  In their June 5th lawsuit they are demanding over one million dollars in restitution for stolen money and another million in punitive damages and to lift the cap on punitive damages and they are also demanding the credit card companies return the stolen cash to the rightful owner, the BBB.
Now all of this is a given, he is an Oklahoma Senator so we don’t expect integrity and honesty out of the guy.  The real question is why the RINO establishment turned on him and who authorized the hit?
Many reports claim that Brinkley was in line to be the next president pro tem of the Oklahoma Senate.  Guys like that don’t get taken down over a million or two dollars in embezzlement; the companies view small change like that as an investment and squeeze the guy while keeping him in office.   House and Senate leaders generally get chosen because they will do what they are told and not because of their sterling reputation, popularity, and integrity.  If you have invested millions of dollars per year in campaign donations you don’t want a good man, you want one that stays bought and follows orders.  We saw that in action back when former Rep. Sullivan was squeezed by his donors in emails over issues before the House.
News media don’t go after a guy like this unless their corporate masters allow them to cover the story.  Remember former Rep. Colby Schwartz’s drug use and wild sexual escapades that we uncovered, look at the Harry Coates scandal that was hushed up until after the primary and general election.   So what caused the slow motion exposure of Brinkley?
First Brinkley committed most of his alleged crimes in Tulsa County, not Oklahoma County, so there was an honest D.A. willing to do the right thing instead of covering things up and using the leverage for his own political machinations.    Someone understood that the new D.A. in Tulsa would actually order an investigation if he found out about it and some insider made sure it was leaked.  The actual RINO establishment types were blindsided by the revelations and in the end were powerless to control the story so they authorized the publicity and the investigation to clean things up a bit.
Someone had something to gain.  Perhaps Senator Dan Newberry or another senator that wanted the Pro Tem position?   We probably won’t find out who was actually behind the hit on Brinkley but a good clue is to look at who might come in as the next Pro Tem at the Senate.  There are rumors that Brian Bingman would be stepping down early as President Pro Tem and that alone opens up a can of worms about why a term limited senator would step down early at the peak of his power.
Budget Fiasco and Contorting Politicians
Governor Mary Fallin seemed quite pleased with the 2016 state budget if you look at her public statement when signing the monstrosity:
“I’m proud legislators and I were able to pass a budget in challenging times that shields common education, our largest and one of our most important expenses, from budget cuts,” said Fallin. “Under this budget, approximately 51 cents of every dollar appropriated by state government will continue to go toward education. The budget also protects – and in some cases increases — funding for health and public safety while preserving all funding necessary to keep intact the state’s eight-year transportation plan, as well as the five-year county road-and-bridge plan.” 
But was what she said true?
First what caused the budget hole?  A combination of low oil prices and declining oil/gas production, a reduction from 7% to 2% tax rate on oil coming out of the ground, coupled with the 1.7 billion dollars in corporate welfare set the state for lower incoming revenue.  The refusal of the RINO politicians in charge to reduce spending by state government and instead fund the hole by one time funding sources means the ball is kicked down the road for the next legislative session to deal with.
But bad will things be?  And who let down the public by abdicating their responsibility?
The budget vote House bad guys:
    Banz               Grau               McCall             Peterson               Biggs              Hall               McCullough         Pfeiffer          
    Billy              Hardin             McDaniel, R.       Roberts, S.          Caldwell           Henke              Montgomery         Rogers            
    Casey              Johnson            Moore              Russ              Cockroft           Jordan             Mulready           Sears             
    Coody, A.          Joyner             Murdock            Thomsen         Coody, J.          Kannady            Nelson             Watson            
    Cooksey            Kern               Newell             Wesselhoft         Cox                Kirby              Nollan             Wood              
    Derby              Leewright          O'Donnell          Wright            Dunlap             Lepak              Ortega             Mr. Speaker       
    Echols             Martin             Ownbey               Enns               McBride            Park       
The good guys that tried to stop things:      
Bennett            Fisher             Murphey            Sherrer       Brown              Fourkiller         Perryman           Stone       Brumbaugh          Griffith           Proctor            Strohm          Calvey             Hoskin             Pruett             Tadlock      Cannaday           Inman              Renegar            Vaughan      Christian          Kouplen            Ritze              Virgin      Cleveland          Lockhart           Roberts, D.        Walker            
 Condit             Loring             Rousselot          Williams   Denney             McDaniel, J.       Sanders            Young    Dunnington         McPeak             Scott        Faught             Morrissette        Shelton   
The Senate vote:     
The bad guys: 
Allen Dahm Justice Simpson Barrington David Loveless Smalley
Bice Fields Marlatt Standridge  Bingman Ford Mazzei Stanislawski
Boggs Fry Newberry Sykes  Brecheen Griffin Quinn Thompson
Brinkley Halligan Schulz Treat   Brooks Holt Sharp Yen  Brown Jech Shaw
Crain Jolley Shortey
And the handful of responsible senators:
Anderson Garrison Silk Bass Matthews Sparks  Floyd Pittman Wyrick
One of the worst examples of stealing tax money from intended, dedicated sources was the motor vehicle funds.   The bill  put a cap on motor vehicle funds going to transportation and education by limiting the amount to 2015 appropriated levels and diverting any excess into the General Fund.  This bill was authored by Rep. Earl Sears and Dennis Casey.
Banz               Dunlap             Martin             Peterson            Bennett            Echols             McBride            Pfeiffer         Biggs              Enns               McCall             Roberts, D.        Billy              Faught             McCullough         Roberts, S.    Brumbaugh          Fisher             McDaniel, R.       Rogers            
 Caldwell           Grau               Montgomery         Russ      Calvey             Hall               Moore              Sanders        Casey              Hardin             Mulready           Sears       Christian          Henke              Murdock            Thomsen    Cleveland          Johnson            Nelson             Vaughan    Cockroft           Jordan             Newell             Walker       Coody, A.          Joyner             Nollan             Wallace  
 Coody, J.          Kannady            O'Donnell          Watson       Cooksey            Kern               Ortega             Wesselhoft       Cox                Kirby              Osborn             Wood    Denney             Leewright          Ownbey             Wright      Derby              Lepak              Park               Mr. Speaker
Allen Dahm Justice Smalley Barrington David Loveless Standridge
Bice Fields Mazzei Stanislawski Bingman Ford Quinn Sykes Boggs Fry Schulz Thompson Brecheen Griffin Sharp Treat  Brinkley Halligan Shaw Yen  Brooks Holt Shortey Brown Jech Silk Crain Jolley Simpson
The handful of good senate votes:
Anderson Floyd Matthews Sparks Bass Garrison Pittman Wyric
And of course none of this would have been possible without a fig leaf to allow legislators some wiggle room to claim they had been duped into not having enough time to read the budget bill to understand what they were voting on.   Transparency rules were gutted in this vote meaning the language of the legislation became available minutes before the vote was held:
Banz               Dunlap             Martin             Peterson      Bennett            Echols             McBride            Pfeiffer     Biggs              Enns               McCall             Roberts, D.      Billy              Faught             McCullough         Roberts, S.       Brumbaugh          Fisher             McDaniel, R.       Rogers            
    Caldwell           Grau               Montgomery         Russ         Calvey             Hall               Moore              Sanders           Casey              Hardin             Mulready           Sears        Christian          Henke              Murdock            Strohm       Cleveland          Johnson            Nelson             Thomsen                Cockroft           Jordan             Newell             Vaughan                Coody, A.          Joyner             Nollan             Wallace   Coody, J.          Kannady            O'Donnell          Watson      Cooksey            Kern               Ortega             Wesselhoft     Cox                Kirby              Osborn             Wood        Denney             Leewright          Ownbey             Wright          Derby              Lepak              Park               Mr. Speaker   
The good votes from conservative House members:
Brown              Inman              Proctor            Shoemake         Cannaday           Kouplen            Renegar            Stone        Condit             Loring             Ritze              Tadlock          Dunnington         McPeak             Rousselot          Virgin   Fourkiller         Morrissette        Scott              Walker            
Griffith           Murphey     Shelton   Williams    Hoskin      Perryman   Sherrer            Young  
Allen David Justice Shortey Anderson Fields Loveless Silk Barrington Ford Marlatt Simpson Bice Fry Matthews Smalley Boggs Garrison Mazzei Standridge Brinkley Griffin Newberry Stanislawski Brooks Halligan Quinn Sykes Brown Holt Schulz Thompson Crain Jech Sharp Treat Dahm Jolley Shaw Yen
And the handful of good senate votes:
Bass Paddack Wyrick Floyd Spark
The major fallout is going to be in road and bridge repairs after local officials struggle with the massive rain and flooding last month.  For the last ten years the state has wisely left vehicle tax and fee money alone, dedicated it to three main purposes: roads and bridges, education, and to the County road and bridge needs.    Our failing road and bridge system was no accident in the past as politicians could raid the funds and distribute them to special interests while letting the roads deteriorate which would allow them to plead for more tax money.   Fallin herself made transportation a priority and bragged about increasing the amount of fees going into transportation.

But under Fallin’s budget 21 million dollars is removed from the county road and bridge funds along with a further 50 million dollar raid on the trust fund that was added to the budget bill minutes before the legislation was brought up for a vote so few knew that the raid had been expanded by over 2.5 times.

Representative Earl Sears argued that the additional 50 million dollar raid had been discussed for months but this was the main reason that Sears asked for the transparency rule suspension that allowed the bill to escape the 24 hour review period before a vote.  Then within minutes of being released by committee and posted to the House calendar the vote was called, giving no one, the media, the legislators, citizens, county officials, no one had time to read the language changes.
This budget should have been vetoed because it pushes us backward in the transparency of the budget process and allows politicians to rush the legislators into voting blind.   No significant budget cuts were made, judicial salaries were increased though.  Instead of trimming the government down to size so that some of the pain would be felt now and agencies had time to adjust to the lower income, they simply kicked it down the road and left it to future legislators.  The easy “one time money” from raiding agency savings accounts, the rainy day fund, road tax trust funds, will be spent in an instant and leave no cushion for next year.

Last year we raided 10 million from the road funding, this year 21 million and  50 million, and next year the legislators are going to have to find sources of funding for that 71 million dollars.  Had the legislators done the right thing they would have trimmed the budget carefully and left road funding intact.
Next year isn’t going to be any brighter as energy prices are down and will likely remain down for years to come.  And next year is an election year so none of the politicians will want to cut services or increase taxation to meet the budget needs.
    Sorry, No Picture Could be
Found of an Honest Judge    : (
An Honest Judge
Governments and agencies spend a lot of time, money, and effort convincing everyone that they have integrity and are focused on the public good but sometimes the curtain gets pulled aside by a honest insider and we get to see the truth.
Collusion between public organizations sworn to uphold the law rather than selectively prosecute citizens or even political scores is simply repugnant to a free society.  There is no doubt that such a relationship exists between the Oklahoma legislature, the Oklahoma County D.A. Office, and the Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office.
What kind of idiot wears sunglasses inside much less at a TV interview?
Audio Recording of State Representative Mark McBride’s Obscenity Laden Threats against Former Employee
Warning:  This recording is laced with obscenities and shouldn’t be opened if you are checking your email from an office computer or if there are children listening.
Laws broken:
Rule 4.21. Representation of Constituents by Governor and Legislature. 
  Neither the Governor nor any member of the Legislature, nor any employee of the Governor acting at the direction of and on behalf of the Governor or any employee of the Legislature acting at the direction of and on behalf of a member of the Legislature shall be in violation of these Rules by engaging in activities inherent in representing constituents, gathering information or advocating policy positions, provided none of these activities include illegal threats, intimidation, coercion or promises of actions inconsistent with the Constitution or statutes of the State of Oklahoma or with these Rules
Stalking       Okla. Stat. Title 21, § 1173
Abuse of Office    is covered by Oklahoma Statute  §21-360  Public employee or official retaliates against any employee for exercising his or her rights or for not participating in permitted political activities as provided in Ethics Commission Rule
Catch all statured for abuse of office or bad conduct of a public official    §21-343  State officer willfully disobeys any provisions of law regulating his official conduct, in cases other than those specified (Other violation of official conduct)
Federal statute on threatening communications:

18 U.S.C. § 875(c) states: "Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both." From the wording of § 875(c) it is clear that the legislator did not require the element of 'intent.' Thus, it is irrelevant if the accused claims he/she did not have the intent to produce any injury on the victim; the mere act of sending the e-mail with threatening messages typifies the criminal conduct.
Protection for the Powerful
Persecution for the Conservatives
Class Warfare by the Oklahoma County District Attorneys Office
By the Watchman
Laws are meant to be administered equally regardless of wealth, race or status in society. Unfortunately that is not what happens in Oklahoma County. There is a struggle between the political/legal class against the citizens in the state of Oklahoma. We’ll present to you two cases in brief tonight that are very similar in nature with one exception. One of the parties involved was prosecuted for exercising his first amendment rights and the other was allowed to get away with it because he has money and he’s an Oklahoma State Representative.
We’ll begin with the individual case that was prosecuted.  It was a simple case of a man practicing his First Amendment Rights threatening to expose a powerful politician. The politician was fully aware of the ongoing battle between the Leader of the Sooner Tea Party and the Oklahoma County District Attorney. Instead of doing what’s right for the citizens of Oklahoma the politician decided to see if he could have the man put in prison for 15 years.
District Attorney David Prater was more than happy to have this case land on his desk. He was so happy he decided to prosecute it himself. Now this was done to get a little pay back for the dogged reporting that had been done by the Sooner Tea Party staff and reported in its newspaper and weekly newsletter which eventually led to the embarrassing position of the District Attorney being dragged before a Grand Jury and having to refund illegal donations made to his re-election campaign. With this in mind, District Attorney Prater should have recused himself and his staff from the prosecution of this case as required by the Oklahoma Bar Association.  The Sooner Tea Party Leader was convicted but received no jail time. So was it blackmail or constitutionally protected free speech? The prosecutor told the jury that the First Amendment didn’t cover threatening to investigate a corrupt politician
 Then we come to the second case. This one involves a member of the political class who threatened a man with his freedom, indeed he threatened to have the man run out of the state. We found two references to the threat that you can hear both here State Rep leaves voicemail containing threats for private citize and here Oklahoma lawmaker threatens to put ex-worker in jail forever: ‘You messed with the wrong guy’  Here we have recorded verbal threats against an individual by a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and not a peep from the District Attorney David Prater about an investigation. This is clearly protecting the politician. We must ask why?
Admittedly the individual he’s talking about is on parole and he could be sent back to prison for violating that parole. This blowup seems to be over the fact that one of Representative McBride’s customers hired this individual to do some handiwork around his place for him. It makes you wonder how many other former employees he’s treated this way.
We started our investigation of Representative McBride by going to his web page at  This was a fruitless effort.
The next article of interest we found was this Mark McBride - Oklahoma Legislature - Open States. This shows a sample of what he raised for his campaign. It also shows the bills he sponsored in the house. Additionally it shows some of the bills that he voted on.
We next went to to see what information was available there. We first went to the Biography page. Here is what we found Mark McBride's Biography - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. Here we found an unusual entry. It says “Attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University” but does not indicate any graduation from college anywhere. That leaves us to ask what makes him qualified to sit on any committee much less the Judicial, Natural Resource, Utility and Environment and Energy and Aerospace Committees. He’s a contractor and nothing more. He hasn’t been in office long enough to know about those subjects to sit on the committees.
We next looked at his issue page. You can see it here Mark McBride's Issue Positions (Political Courage Test) - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. It indicates that he refused to indicate his position on any subject.
We next went to the Ratings and Endorsements page. You can see the entire page here Mark McBride's Ratings and Endorsements - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. We will give you a few examples here.
As he was not elected to office until 2013. we don’t see how this rating could possibly be given.
2013 Oklahoma Farm Bureau Federation               100%
This next group you must remember that the higher the score the more it hurts you as a consumer
2014 Research Institute for Economic Development        91%
2013 Oklahoma National Federation of Independent Businessman 100%
Then let’s look at how conservatives rated the ill mannered and ill tempered politician:
2014 Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee             46%     
2013 Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee             69%
Sooner Tea Party                                                          45%
We could go on and on but it’s just repetitive.  It’s evident that he has his own pocket in mind and not that of the citizens of Oklahoma. To think he has the nerve to call himself a “Citizen Legislator”. What a joke.
We next looked at Mr. McBride’s voting record. You can see a copy of it here Mark McBride's Voting Records - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. We were shocked at some of what we found. Here are two examples.
Apr. 07, 2015 Extend Quality Jobs Act to Chicken Egg Producers. Voted Yea
Apr. 02, 2015 Authorized Local School Districts to Report Sexual
                          Misconduct to State Officials, Voted Nay
We know who owns the man and that he prefers to enable the powerful to sexually abuse children rather than sully the reputation of a school.
We next took a look at his Campaign Finances. For once there was sufficient information there for us to make a decision. You can see the entire report here Mark McBride's Campaign Finances - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. Here is an example of what we found.
Candidate Self-Financed                                               $26,325.00
Public Sector Unions                                       $ 8,000.00
Home Builders                                                  $ 5,900.00
 Unions, Political Action Committees, and Special Interest groups dominate his campaign. Yes there were individual donations made, but they were only a minute portion of his campaign.
The next item of interest we found was this Oklahoma House of Representatives | Oklahoma Watch | State Salaries. This tells you the salary of everyone that works in the House of Representatives. What we found on this report is appalling. I’m sure there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans that would be willing to work a part time job and make $38,400.00 a year. One must guess that his other businesses aren’t doing so well if he needs the added push of a part time job.
The next item of interest we found was this Oklahoma Homebuilders Seek Limited Registration Process | KGOU. This describes a meeting between Representative McBride, who is a home builder and other home builders seeking legislation to a limited registration process. This was ostensibly because of the shoddy work being done in rural parts of the state, but Mr. McBride crossed the line here. He actually brought up Interim Study H14-11 before the House Economic and Financial Services Committee. Clearly his company would have benefitted from such a regulation making this a conflict of interest.  For this infraction alone, he should be brought in front of the ethics committee and removed from the House of Representatives by Impeachment.
Clearly the Oklahoma County District Attorney is derelict in his duty by not bringing this to the attention of the courts and the public.   Oh, we forgot, he’s part of the protected political class. Should no action be taken by the Office of the District Attorney in this matter then it is once again obvious that Mr. Prater is unfit to serve as the Oklahoma County District Attorney.
In closing all we can say is there is only one remedy for this situation. Using a telephone to communicate a threat is as much a crime as using a computer. Mark McBride must be prosecuted for his threats against his former employee.  Additionally he should resign from the House of Representatives or face impeachment by the House. Failure to prosecute by the District Attorney’s Office should result in the impeachment of the District Attorney however they are the one public official in the state that are immune to impeachment for some reason .
What’s Up Doc?
By Ms PM
Is it all a game of whoever gets the most votes wins? Why would Oklahomans go to local county health departments for free or low cost vaccines if they have insurance? It used to be they could get the freebies but now this hand out is stopped because of federal and state budget cuts along with changes under Obamacare. But now there is more to the story.
Lori Linstead, director of the Immunization Service at the Health Department says “That is a big shift from public health because it’s always been ‘Please come to the county health department-you will be served,’ but we’re not there anymore.”
There is little doubt that some folks cannot afford vaccines but they will continue getting them, the difference now is that the health departments will be billing insurance companies for those that have coverage. So what is the problem? It seems that rural doctors may not stock these costly vaccines, in turn they refer their patients to the health department. The health department stocks enough vaccines for the folks that can’t pay and even though there are people that have the means to pay, they are out of luck due to the priority placed on the people without means. In the end those that are exempt continue to have children they can’t provide for all the while expecting others to pay for their mindset of entitlement.
This is turning into a real head scratcher. Parents are angry and say ‘I can pay for it,’ but the health department says ‘I’m sorry-we still don’t have it.’ This is one of those unintended consequences through a federal program called ‘Vaccines for Children.’ The program covers American Indian children, Medicaid recipients, underinsured or uninsured.
Ironic, the folks that cannot get the vaccines are the very ones paying for the ones that have the opportunity to receive them, free of charge.
We say it all the time…folks might want to wake the hell up and figure out why government continues to serve up such unpalatable dinner entrées. As always…free is never free and these circumstances are what happen when government gets the upper hand. We remember something about government controlling education, food and health care. The screws are tightening folks so what is your plan of action? Is it wise to continue with the twiddle-de and twiddle dumb routine?



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