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In This Issue:
Our 5th annual Burger Wars HAVE STARTED.  That's right - May is National Burger Month and so the Burger Wars will be battlin' it out through the whole month to see who can claim victory!
The Burger Wars
Guests and Staff alike submitted entries back in April and we chose the top 5 most winnable (and do-able) entries.  The winnin' burger, by virtue of the most sold this month, goes on the menu with the namin' rights to the creator.  Just check out the prior winners on our menu here.
Well, 'tis all for a good cause with a portion of each burger sold goin' to charity.  In this case, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, in honor of our friends who've battled or are battling this terrible disease.
The Burgers
Here they are...Congrats go to Mike, Booker, Alexa, the Jantzers, and Megan for some grand ideas that are sure to please!
We'll be postin' photos of these great burgers on social media.  Be sure to follow us or check us out there:  
Back by popular demand will be our Live Music on the Patio.  While the patio itself was voted Best Patio, folks also love the live music featured every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Startin' this Thursday (yep - May 4th...also known as Star Wars Day), we'll have our crooners, strummers, and entertainers lined up and ready.
Thursday, May 4:  Phil Vandel (pictured)
Friday, May 5:  Andy DeWitt
Saturday, May 6:  Aaron Lucero
Thursday, May 11:  Ethan Ridings
Friday, May 12:  Dallas Lybarger
Saturday, May 13:  Brett Blakemore
Stay tuned to our social media and check out our website to get the latest lineup all summer long!
~~~~~  Final Words for Family 'n Friends ~~~~~
Here's to a long life and a merry one.  A quick death and an easy one. 
A pretty girl and an honest one.  A cold pint and another one!
Paddy O'Quigley's