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2013 Nonprofit Finance Fund Survey
The Nonprofit Finance Fund has released the results of their 2013 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey and it is chock full of important information and analysis tools for nonprofits. The study had nearly 6000 respondents and the online survey analyzer allows you to do subset analysis. This article features some highlights of the overall survey and an analysis for my home state of New Jersey. New Jersey had 111 respondents. As always, this article features the study results mixed in with my commentary.  More

Being on a Board Workshop
Attend Workshop and Visit the New Support Center New Jersey Location
The Support Center and Partnership in Philanthropy have merged and established a new location in Newark. Come visit the new modern location for training.

Being on a Board - What's It All About
Support Center/Partnership In Philanthropy
Thursday, May 23, 2013 
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
540 Broad Street, 14th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102
To Register:
Workshop Description:
Being on a board is a serious commitment, but can also be a very rewarding experience. Ensuring that you are serving on the right board, and know your responsibilities is very important to serving successfully on a board. This workshop will review all the facets of being on a board, from how to go about being considered for a board and evaluating an invitation to join, to the responsibilities of board members. 
In this workshop, participants will review:
  • Roles and responsibilities of board members, officers and committees
  • Governance issues and trends including conflict of interest, accountability, transparency, and Internal Revenue Service oversight 
  • Role that Board members should play in financial oversight and fundraising
  • Board recruitment, orientation,  board member profiles and self assessment  
Who Should Attend:
  • Board Members
  • Executive Directors
  • Anyone considering joining a board
Need a Speaker....
I am an experienced speaker on a wide range of nonprofit topics with large and small audiences.  If you are having an event and looking for a speaker, give me a call.  Popular topics include:
Being on a Board
Nonprofits and Social Media
Fundraising:  Engagement for Long Term Success
Children and Philanthropy
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