Refirement Network :: February 2017


Dear Refirement Members

The world has become a global village. I am grateful for many reasons for technology that helps connect us across the globe. Firstly because my children live internationally and I get to engage and chat regularly. Secondly I have built Refirement Network by engaging and learning from many global experts about longevity and aging.

Technology is a key driver to understanding many of the new opportunities available to anyone 50+. Computers were the size of houses when we were growing up and for many there is a block to not wanting to learn and engage. That block may be fear, lack of confidence or a feeling that you don't need it. I want to challenge you all to learn and connect this year. Find someone to help you and take the steps needed to practice and engage.

This past week I spoke to more than 200 employees 50+ of a big company in Johannesburg. It was a privilege to share with them around how the world has changed, why they need to think about second careers and what their options may be. Take responsibility for your life today. Ask your company to engage with me to run these education programs for you and your colleagues. If they are not interested, join one of my public workshops and take responsibility for your own journey.

Look forward to meeting you soon via the summit, a workshop or online.

Warm regards
Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network. Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.

Better - A different kind of shared space
This is the venue for our next workshop in March. A great place to work and engage. Take some time to go and find out more. Read more.



26 Feb to 4 March - Age Without Borders

This month I have the privilege of engaging and talking about longevity and aging from a South African perspective at a global virtual summit with 50 other thought leaders around the world.

This event is happening from 26 th Feb-4 th March with about 7 speakers daily. You can watch the talks on your computer, tablet or phone. Watching on the day is free. Please see the two articles for more details about the event and my topic of discussion.

A learning opportunity around LONGEVITY globally and what this means for individuals, companies and society

Is South Africa on your travel bucket list?

Events happening in JHB, CT and Hermanus

I have added a number of events happening in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Hermanus. Please save the date and reserve your place if you are interested to attend. Seats are limited at all the events.
Read more.

Invitation for business mentors and advisors

The growth and development of our youth is a key driver for our economy. There is an opportunity to step up as a mentor via this program being offered by GIBS. Please read more about the details and engage directly with them if you are keen.
Read more.




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