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Islamaphobia Conference Held
Or So We Were Told…
The Counterterrorism Caucus sponsored CLEET class was held on Friday November 1st and was well attended despite the radical Muslim’s attempt to stir up controversy.   The sessions were a mix of pre recorded lectures supplemented by teleconferencing for the question and answer period and live presentations.     The mix of speakers included a retired Lt. General, a former CIA officer, and the president of the Center for Security Policy, Frank Gaffney, who was a former Assistant Undersecretary of Defense.
They covered the threat to Oklahoma from Muslim extremist groups and their connection to the drug trade.  Also covered were other illicit smuggling operations such as untaxed cigarettes and even a used car operation that had been used to launder money for terrorist needs.
Of course the Muslim CAIR organization in the state threw a fit that anyone dared to try to educate law enforcement officers on the threat.   The guy that runs the state CAIR organization did his best to scream racism, islamaphobia, all the while posturing for the media.  But his bubble got busted when the organizers of the event had no problem allowing them to monitor the session from the balcony.   They started out with quite a crowd, and yes I am being facetious here.  They had maybe five or six people show up but few of them stayed long.  After about an hour the “Islamic Horde" dwindled to the shiek and what appeared to be his secretary whom we will call Infidel woman.
But even they got bored and eventually their man was sitting by himself, tasked with the job of glaring at the infidels.
Then strangely enough none other than Charlie Meadows of OCPAC showed up, greeted Abdul or whatever his name is, shook his hand, and kept him company for a half hour or so.   That was kind of strange….
The day before we helped the Counterterrorism Caucus and the ACLU work out some bumps, and during the event we introduced the ACLU legal guy to several of the counterterrorism Caucus members so they could start a dialoge.  Of course the ACLU has signed on as counsel on our legal team defending Al from the rabid Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater’s insane “blackmail” charges that followed a reply all reply to a voter that had contacted Al and Senator Cliff Brannon.   And the Tea Party shares a lot of concerns with the ACLU;  Mary Fallin’s drone program, NDAA, NSA, TSA, Agenda 21, First Amendment rights, and the concern that the feds are slowly degrading our privacy and freedoms in addition to gutting our constitutional protected rights.  We look forward to working with them on these issues.
But getting back to the CLEET seminar, Mr. Infidel watcher was doing pretty good until the CAIR organization was mentioned.  At that point he went from glaring to fidgeting, kept shifting from side to side, his body language kept changing, hell he would have made one hell of a ceiling fan the way he was shifting back and forth.    Of course as we were taking pictures of him and his “group” (one other person), he was taking pictures of us according to a lady sitting near me.   Spy versus spy I guess. 
 But the information about CAIR’s formation got him quite agitated but I suppose the presence of so many law enforcement officers carrying their weapons prevented a little personal jihad from happening.  But there was no danger, nothing to hurl from the balcony, everything is bolted down.  I suppose they learned to do that long ago.  Now there is an idea, ask them to unbolt the chairs so visitors in the galley can express their feelings or dismay during the legislative session.  Perhaps a rotten fruit vendor, I’d pay a few bucks for the privilege of beaning a RINO or two when they start lying, i.e., opening their mouth to speak.
All joking aside, the CAIR “group” was allowed to monitor, they (both of them) behaved themselves, and the CAIR organization got to trot out the words “racism” and “Islamaphobia”.   Considering that the FBI are not allowed to even meet with the CAIR organization due to their status as an un indicted co conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case, I think that the Oklahoma Counterterrorism Caucus treated them quite well.  Perhaps next time they will simply ask to monitor instead of crying wolf and getting in front of the cameras.
California Town Bans E-cigarettes
By Ms PM
Are you surprised? You might be considering the town isn’t in California and it is in Oklahoma. We’re talking about Ada to be exact. Not only is this ban on public property for the use of tobacco products but it includes e-cigarettes which contain no tobacco or smoke.
What is up with the people in Ada who go along with this loony tune invasion when it is against the law to puff on something that hurts no one? Anyone can understand that there are folks that detest cigarette smoke, they don’t like the smell and they certainly don’t want to breathe second-hand smoke. This law goes beyond logic and where will it stop? This issue has always been about the health cost and second-hand smoke. Now it appears to have gotten completely out of control.
You can thank the Ada City Council. This example of politically correct, left of left ideology, is what continues to destroy this country from the inside out. Do we ban fat girls and boys with their cracks hanging out in public? How about stinky body odor, greasy hair or people that use too much perfume and cologne? What about those unfortunates that are butt ugly or people that use tattoos as clothes?
The City Council barely squeaked this one by with a 3-2 vote. One tactic these idiots use is to keep the agenda quiet until the last minute. This measure includes such areas as “all indoor workplaces, outdoor areas on a property owned by the city, any place used by or open to the public, recreational areas, most areas within restaurants or bars, and other restrictions.” We might add a correction to what the “idiots at large” like to say. The property ISN’T owned by city, the people own it, they merely dictate over the true owners. We surmise that while sitting near your favorite fishing spot you may as well forget about NOT lighting up, it doesn’t matter the lack of your intrusion, there is some jackass out there that doesn’t want to see anything in your mouth that resembles any type of tobacco product.
Another incentive for cities to stomp on the people that pay their salary is the grant-making process of the state “Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust and Oklahoma Turning Point, both of which are encouraging communities to ban or limit tobacco-free products.” Ah-ha! There is always a trail of money. Another vote may take place for sidewalks, figuring out if these areas will be included in the definition of “public places.” Have you ever wondered why the dictators use the verbiage tacked onto the end of these laws when the say “And Other Restrictions?” This will always allow more to be added to the list of what you aren’t allowed to do. 
Is there any doubt as to the importance of electing the right people into city council positions? This is an example of what happens to a state when the people don’t pay attention. We’ve said it before; when you don’t elect the right people at the state level, the idiots at large go on to more powerful positions and end up in Washington. Your true fight is in your back yard.
Whether or not you like smoking, it really has little to do with what happened in Ada. It has everything to do with the infringement of citizen rights which are always over-ridden by power and money. So much for Oklahoma being a red state, at times, it is difficult to tell the difference.
Diploma Mill PhD Senator Ron Sharp
By the Watchman
We’ve always thought of Senate District 17 as a Conservative district. We are beginning to have our doubts. It appears that the smooth tongued politician they selected to represent them in the Oklahoma State Senate has pulled the wool over their eyes. Yes Senator Sharp, we’re talking about you. We base this on a complete lack of a background in Republican politics.
Of all his accomplishments in the Senate, or lack thereof is more appropriate, the only thing he feels he accomplished since becoming a Senator is this. This is a basic lack of representation on his part to his constituents. What is he waiting for?
We next conducted a simple Google search on the Senator to see what was available on the internet. The first item that caught our eye was this, About Ron | Ron Sharp for State Senate. What we found interesting about his campaign web site was nowhere does it mention what he believes in. This is the first sign of deliberate deceit we found from the Senator.
We next found this article that shows some of the votes that he took as a Senator. It also shows a rough graph of what it took for him to win his seat as a Senator in the Oklahoma State Senate.
We found this article  next. This is where we found our first indications that he was running on a platform as a “common sense conservative”. From what we have seen, this school teacher needs to go back to school and learn the meaning and definition of the word conservative.
We did find where he had some support from the local Tea Party group in this article. We would offer our assistance to this group on how to properly vet a candidate if they so desire. We hate to say this guys but Senator Sharp scored lower in the 2013 RINO Index than every Democrat in the Senate.
We next came across this article. It’s nice that they discussed the discipline of the students, but as an educator you just couldn’t find time to introduce a bill against the dumbing down of our children from this monstrosity called the Common Core Curriculum. We can assume that you are for it then.
We next went to to look at what information was available there. We were at first impressed by your PhD in Political Science from Kensington University. When we checked the University out, this is what we found. It would appear that according to the States of California and Hawaii Kensington University was nothing more than a diploma mill. Those of you that got your diplomas before they were shut down were allowed to keep them and say they were legitimate, but this does call into question the validity of those diplomas.
We next went to to see what they had on his campaign finances. We found contributions from PACs, Committees, Unions, special interest groups and a large number of individual donors. One donor in particular stuck out. That was George Kaiser from Tulsa, Ok. That’s the same George Kaiser who made millions off of Solyndra going bankrupt and was a big campaign donator and bundler for the Obama campaign. A true conservative politician would have returned that donation.
We next went to to take a better look at his campaign finances.
We took a look at the contributions from unions, committees, PACs and corporations. Here is some of what we found.
Jun. 08, 2012   Greater OKC Chamber of Commerce PAC                $1,500.00
Jun. 08, 2012   Okla. Optometric PAC, Okc.     $   250.00
Jun. 14, 2012   Okla. Medical PAC, Okc           $   500.00
Jun. 20, 2012   Okla. Public Employees Assoc. PAC  $1,000.00
What this indicates is that this alleged conservative is selling out to the unions and the medical Political Action Committees.
Aug. 06, 2012 Greater OKC Chamber of Commerce PAC               $1,500.00
Aug. 06, 2012 Okla. Medical PAC, Okc                    $1,000.00
Aug. 11, 2012 Devon Energy PAC                             $3,000.00
Aug. 23, 2012 Okla. Public Employees Assoc. PAC  $1,000.00
Aug. 27, 2012 Okla. Education Assoc. PAC               $4,931.40
Devon Energy is one of the major supporters of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. The Okla. Education Association and Okla. Public Employees Assoc. are both Unions. A true conservative candidate would never take donations from these organizations. We also question the strange amount of the donation from the Oklahoma Education Association.
We next took a look at his voting record this last session on subjects that mattered to Oklahomans. Here is what we found.
HB 1359 Regulating Animal Shelters, Voted No, Liberal
HB 1740 Scrap Metal Dealers Regulations, Voted Yea, Liberal
SB 854    Union Reform, Voted No, Liberal
HB 2180 Creation of New State Agency,  Voted Yea, Liberal
SB 1126 Compete with Canada Film Act, Voted Yea, Liberal
HB 2195 Debt Spending Caps, Did not Vote
SB 76 Raise Candidate Filing Fee Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal
HB 1031 Medicaid Expansion Hospital Tax Extension , Voted Yea, Liberal
HB 2301 Budget Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal
This certainly looks like a liberal politician to us. Based on the RINO Index Senator Sharp scored a twenty (20). It takes a minimum score of seventy (70) to be considered a conservative. It is clear that Senator Sharp is actually nothing more than a Democrat that has decided that he could not win running as a Democrat in his district, so he decided to run as a Republican. This is what we refer to as a Democrat in Republican clothing.
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