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Health care more difficult to afford...
Free adoptions at 300 shelters...
Pet food...
A "liger" story...
Messed up environment by killing cats...
Cat trivia...

According to an article on FOXnews.com on Jan. 20, pets are
not being taken to the vet for health problems as often as
they used to be. Why? It's the economy, I'm afraid.

Since few pets are insured, owners are often faced with the
sad choice of putting their beloved pet down if they can't
afford expensive vet care when a problem arises. And because
of costs, sometimes a vet visit is delayed while we wait to
see if the problem will clear up on its own.

Sadly, sometimes the problem only gets worse.

(Visit http://www.everypetmatters.com for info on pet

Take your cat to the vet for any of these symptoms:

1. Stopped drinking.
2. Hasn't eaten in 2 days.
3. Can't seem to get comfortable, or is sleeping all the time.
(I know... that might be hard to spot, since they do like
to nap a lot. So, try luring her with something tasty, or
fun to play with.)
4. Vomiting often.
5. Blood... from the mouth, ears, nose, or in their waste.
6. Unresponsive, losing weight fast, panting or drooling.
7. Inappropriate elimination, i.e., peeing behind the couch,
or... (Rule out urinary tract infections, etc.)

I hope you have a vet you trust... Occasionally, that can be
its own problem.


Free pet adoptions on Jan. 24

At 300 shelters nationwide, pets can be adopted at no
charge Saturday for the first 10 people, with sizable discounts
for everyone all day.


If you've been looking to adopt a cat (or a dog... ), this
might be the time to do it. Please check with your local
animal shelter to see if they are participating in this program,
sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition company, the folks who bring
us Science Diet.

"Eight million pets a year enter shelters," said Janet Donlin,
chief of the veterinary business channel at Hill's. "We are
hoping that people who have been thinking about adding
a pet to their family will take this opportunity to do so."

Donlin said the shelters will use their normal screening
procedures to ensure the adoptable animals are matched
with good homes.

The overall goal of the event is not simply to give away pets,
but to bring awareness of the many animals needing homes.

"There are great animals in shelters," Donlin said. "This is
part of a broader effort to make sure people know that."


Check my blog for comments about pet food:

Sometimes health problems are directly related to
poor nutrition! And sometimes, you have to take care of
this problem yourself... there are still a few veterinarians
who do not know about these things.

WEB SITES to explore... well, articles on web sites...

Ever seen a Liger?
Thanks to Jean for sending this in.


Removing cats to protect birds backfires on island.

It is believed that Cleopatra's distinctive eye makeup
was patterned after a cat's eyes. After all, cats were
worshipped in Egypt in those days.

The Egyptian goddess, Bast, was symbolized by the cat.
Bast was regarded as the giver of fertility, happiness and
bountiful harvests. For these reasons, cats were deeply revered
in Egypt. Thus, if a house caught fire, the cat was the
first to be saved.

Unlike humans... and dogs... cats do not have sweetness
receptors on their tongues. Therefore, they cannot taste
sugar. So, don't waste your candy on the cat...

If they like ice cream, it's because of the fat or dairy
content. Still, they shouldn't eat it... it's not good for
them, either.


Check out the video on my website, at the bottom of the page.

Who Needs a Treadmill? (I love this one!)



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