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The Project "Earth"

Ascended Master Portrait Notecards 

Joy is the awareness of who you really are, your gifts for the world - and the freedom to express all of this with an open heart.  (JRFreeman Oct 2015)

Be joyful
Be free
Be harmonious
Be compassionate
Be creative
Be fearless
Be loving
Be kind
The best you can


Bridging AZ Furniture Bank began as a vision turned reality after Jim Piscopo, an Air Force Veteran and licensed contractor at the time, recognized an essential need while doing volunteer work with two Phoenix-area domestic violence shelters.
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Heart Warming

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Real News - You Won't Find on Mainstream Media

Empowerment Services  & Calendar

  • Divine Light Energy Healing - Energy Healing - available at clinics, expos or scheduled as a distance session.
  • Angel Message Readings - Easy to schedule. Locally at my office - or by phone/Skype consultations. I provide an audio of our phone session and an image of your reading layout!/Angel-Message/p/52703862/category=0  
  • Astrology - Individual Natal, Progressed charts and reports, Synestry and Group Dynamics charts and reports.  
  • The Conscious Mate - Unbalanced relationships take a toll on your emotional and physical health. Old patterns are very difficult to break, but not impossible. You need only decide you would like to be part of a healthier society and then become  one of the building blocks for creating just that. Individual and couples sessions - by phone, Skype, using Astrology and other techniques. Conscious Mate
November 13 & 14, 2015  Waterlilies 5th Anniversary - Psychic Fair - Water Lilies is turning 5 years old!  Eagles Lodge - 2420 South Ave W  Missoula, MT
Hours of Event:
Friday, November 13th 12pm to 7pm
Saturday, November 14th 11am to 7pm


CONSCIOUS MATING - Missoula, Bozeman, Great Falls and Helena, MT - Saturdays in early 2016 CONSCIOUS MATING - Are you in one or headed for a MISMATCH?  Are you tired of all the games and disappointment? Do you want to create a more conscious relationship for your future?   $85.00 includes lunch.  JoyRae Freeman - The Cosmic Cupid

March 2016 - REIKIGONG I, II, III – YOUR BEST HEALTH INSURANCE - Become a HEALER -  SIMPLE AFFORDABLE! QiGong & Reiki.  Raise Chi level, strength, vitality, clarity - retard aging. Heal the planet 1x1. Helena, MT & other – dates to be announced. Two day workshop 10-4 $350 or 2/$500 includes lunch, certification, 3 attunements – MUST PRE-REGISTER. Visit

Joy To The World Radio - 1 hour Joy To The World radio program  - from the archive Listen now   Behind The Veil

Other Media -  "Invocation Of The Violet Flame"  (St. Germain) Artainment by DA VID.


Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.
       - Anonymous
When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
       - Franklin D. Roosevelt

It's not what we gather, but what we scatter that tells what kind of life we have lived."
Excerpt from "Red Marbles" story.

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."  Anais Nin

When we cling to pain we end up punishing ourselves. Leo F. Buscaglia

Oh what a wondrous web we do weave
when our divine destiny we now gloriously perceive
As each strand brings us closer to a world filled with light
we are soaring and spinning, our souls shining bright.
Now all the players begin their emergence
to create a harmonic, symphonic convergence.
Whether working or playing - it all seems the same.
After all, now it's time to return whence we came."
Love, Light, FREEDOM and JOY2U
JoyRae Freeman