Hi Friend of PST, Spring is the perfect time to make a new beginning for yourself by crafting a new narrative in our workshop, The Art of Personal NarrativeOur next workshop starts Tuesday, May 20th!
Here at Portland Story Theater, we understand that the story you tell about yourself can define who you are, what you believe, and the impact you have in the world.
Maybe you've taken the workshop before? We welcome people back again and again. Each time through the workshop is transformative. Just let us know if you're ready to do it again! If you're not able to participate this time, will you please do us a favor and send this email to your friends with your personal recommendation? We know that hearing from a friend that something is "a great experience" means a lot.  
Is it your first time? We know making this decision can take time. Call and talk over any questions or concerns you may have. Take some time to review the prerequisites on our website. When you know you're ready for a growth experience, don't hesitate. Call Lynne at 503-284-2226  to find out how you can register.

Eight 3.5 Hour Sessions in Every Workshop
  Tuesdays 5/20, 5/27, 6/3, 6/10
Individual Session/s: date TBA
  Tech Rehearsal at Hipbone Thursday 6/12
  Urban Tellers Showcase on Saturday 6/14
  Closing Gathering on Tuesday 6/17
All Sessions 7-10:30 PM except individual
Cost: $225 (payment plans available)

Thank you for being a friend to Portland Story Theater and Happy Spring!

May the narrative be with you,
Lynne, Lawrence, and Penny