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Pastor2youth Resource Exchange


This is a way to both support AND get some resources for your ministry. This new feature on Pastor2youth is where I (Ryan Nielsen) will list any resources I have or am given that are either no longer needed, are duplicate items I own, or are donated to Pastor2youth to help support the site.

I will list the resources I have available below. If there is a resource you would like to have, all you have to do is click on the "Donate" button and donate any amount your that is on your heart to donate, and add to that amount the cost for Shipping (recommended shipping cost for USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail large envelope is $4.95). Submit your "Donation" and the item will be mailed to you ASAP.

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Games Translated into 5 Languages - Can You Help?

Games Translated into 5 Languages

We are blessed at to have a LOT of visitors from many different countries (146 countries to be exact) who are using the games on this site.  Therefore, it is exciting for me to announce that this week we will begin posting many of the games from this site into FIVE other languages:  Spanish, German, Russian, French, and Chinese.

Click HERE to access the Translated Games...

It is my desire to make even more valuable to people in other countries by making the games available in other languages.  I do not want to use an internet translation program because those often are not accurate and only translate word-for-word - causing errors in grammar and syntax.

Therefore, is looking for more people who can translate the "GAMES" on this site into a different language!!!

As a site that is FREE, we are not able to offer anything for translations other than our heartfelt thanks and encouragement that you will be blessing MANY other people.

If you would be willing to translate some games on pastor2youth into another language, please contact Ryan Nielsen at

God Bless and Thank you!!!!

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"Healthy Small Group Leaders"

by Danny Bowers

Hot Topic

"If Small Groups are a vital aspect of your youth ministry, then healthy small group leaders need to be a vital aspect as well. Those leaders need to feel trained and encouraged, and that their role is vital to the ministry. Here are a couple ideas we use that might help your leaders know that they matter.

Coffee Conversations

Okay maybe you don’t have the same love of java I do, but what I consider Coffee Conversations are 30 minutes where all I do is ask questions about them and listen. I don’t ask them questions about their ministry role, I ask them questions about THEM. Their life, marriage, joys, pains and then I pray for them. These opportunities allow me to be a pastor even to them and I learn so much about my leaders.


Ever consider showing up at your small group leader's home with a gift card on the night of their small group? Try it. You may wanna coordinate this idea with their spouse but try surprising them by giving them a night out. Yes it means someone has to cover your small group, or you blend the two together for a night. But leaders' eyes light up when they can get a family night to dinner or even an ice cream date with their spouse. This can really communicate your love for them and their family.

Weekly Touch Points

I need my leaders to hear from me weekly. I want them to hear from me a spiritual encouragement, a leadership training idea and what is expected of them that week as a small group leader. For my context this works best via email.

Celebration Moments

I love when we can get all of our leaders together and just share highlights of what God is doing in our small groups. I look forward to these moments being an encouragement to everyone involved that their sacrifices and energies that they put into this ministry are being used to impact the kingdom. I know that when I have healthy leaders I have also have healthy small groups. When I have healthy small groups I have healthy environments where teenagers can be challenged to think through their faith, be cared for by leaders and share community."

Article Source:

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LIVE Curriculum

High School Live Curriculum
4-Year Plan (High School)

For years, Doug Fields has talked about helping teenagers build a Jesus-centered life—and helping youth workers address the tendency of students to graduate from their faith when they graduate from high school. This curriculum will help you in that effort!

Chart a course for four years of personal, spiritual, and social growth rooted in the truths and teachings of the Bible. Challenge teenagers to take their faith seriously by tackling relevant, engaging themes. This curriculum will allow you and your team of leaders to do what matters most and invest wisely in your students—walking the path with them from freshman year to graduation day.

Jr High Live Curriculum2-Year Plan (Jr. High)

Junior highers are a strange breed. (Some, stranger than others.) But that’s OK. We’ve crafted two years of curriculum from scratch specifically designed for junior highers. Kurt Johnston has tapped into some of the brightest, most creative minds in the world of junior high ministry to contribute content that will hit homeruns with your teenagers.

Students will bond with their peers and leaders through engaging questions, hands-on experiences, and friendships that will guide them in the journey toward lives built around the love, truth, and mission of Jesus. And they’ll be reminded that in the midst of two of the most transitional years of life, they’re not alone!


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