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September 2015
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Message from the
Western Regional Director
by Frank O’Leary
Western Regional Members,

The NADKC Board of Directors have completed their review of the By-laws and will be forwarding the final version to the membership for review and approval.  The only thing left to do is to have the document proofed for grammatical changes.  The proposed changes will help to modernize the document; make it possible for the Board to conduct the business of the NADKC in a more timely and professional manner; position the NADKC in a better position to receive a 501 (c)(3) classification from the IRS; balance the election of the Board of Directors so that roughly 1/3 of the entire Board is elected each year rather that 18% one year, 82% the next year, and then nobody in the third year;  clarifies the responsibilities of the officers; makes it possible to call for Board meetings in a timely manner using electronic notification; provides a defined way for the Board and/or membership to propose changes to the By-laws.  In general the Board is presenting a document that should serve the membership well and make it possible to operate the NADKC, while adapting to changing environments, without having to change the By-laws at every crossing. To review the proposed document Click Hear. 
The time-line for dissemination to the entire membership of the By-law changes and the ballots for their approval has not been determined by the Board.  I would anticipate that will be determined at the September NADKC Board of Directors meeting.  Continue Reading . . .
 Member Profile
by Mark Peasley
Hello to all the Western Region members!  My name is Mark Peasley and I became a member of the club about five years ago when I got my first Kurzhaar, Cedar.  Previous to Cedar, I owned labs and mostly hunted waterfowl.   However, ever since I was a kid, my father owned versatile hunting dogs and we did quite a bit of upland hunting together.  I was really getting the itch to have my own versatile dog, especially since I have three sons who are starting to learn to hunt.
I live in the bay area of California.  Having a Kurzhaar has opened up new hunting opportunities to me.  I still hunt geese and ducks in the salt marshes of the bay, but now I can also go quail or dove hunting.  Last year, we went to North Dakota and had a fine time with the pheasants and grouse.  I even take Cedar on deer hunts, in case I need a blood track.   Most satisfying of all, is that my sons get exposed to various types of hunting.   Continue Reading . . .
 by Phil Kress, DVM

In our practice it was not uncommon to see aging, geriatric dogs presented with typical signs of heart disease.  They usually started losing stamina, sometimes showed lethargy, and very often had developed a chronic semi-dry to moist cough, especially in the morning after sleeping all night.  When the chest was auscultated (listened to with a stethoscope) a prominent ventricular murmur could be heard on the left side (ask to listen to it if your veterinarian detects it).  An ECG may or may not have shown abnormalities, and if x-rays were taken, an enlarged heart could be sometimes discovered.  Also the lungs would often be laden with moisture due to back pressure created by a failing left atrio-ventricular valve.  Often we would do blood work to determine whether organ failure was starting due to poor circulation. Continue Reading . . . 

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