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Rep Shumate married
Somehow in all that went on last week our newsletter got proof read but not sent out!  Here it is, a bit out of date but it explains what went down on the Senator Branan controversy.
Senate Leadership Criminalizes Holding Politicians Accountable

Before we get to the latest on the Senate attack let’s look at the reaction from our readers on the Senate leadership’s decision to use OSBI to threaten grassroots activists and citizens for daring to hold Senator Branan accountable for his refusal to protect Oklahoma citizen’s property rights.


Wanted to let you know xxxxx and I stand with you. Your great help during the xxxxxx xxxxxxx campaign against xxxxx xxxxxxxx was invaluable to us. And if not for the uninformed voter we would have a representative who actually protected our constitutional rights and freedoms, fighting for our country and Oklahoma's sovereignty right now.

Thanks once again for standing up to and truly exposing who the Chamber snakes are, up at the little kingdom of queen Mary the Doltish and the United Nation worshipping ghoul fools who follow blindly along. Nobleman Clifford Branan shall be receiving an email questioning his very manhood in just these matters. "Now let me get this straight, Mr. Branan, exactly how frightened could you have been of Mr. Gerhart's emails to actually threaten all Oklahoman's FREEDOM OF SPEECH RIGHTS with police action"???


I am xxxxx xxxxxxxx in Norman, and I agree totally with you, and I believe that anyone with a shred of common sense agrees with you too...I believe what you do is very patriotic, and I am very happy, and thankful that you do what you do.

Only a brainless fool would not notice that the federal government, all the way down to the state governments are openly corrupted. If a person openly defies, or spot lights corrupted politicians, what may be said now is that the person doing the spotlighting is the criminal, even though he may be right, and fully within his legal constitutional right to do so.

It just amazes me that we always seem to have a few leftist politicians that seem to get their way against the will of most of the people they are supposed to represent. Swearing to defend and protect the Constitution must be a joke to most of the clowns that take the oath. I took the oath too long ago, and I aim to die by it.


xxxxx xxxxxxxx

Sen. Branan,

Your behavior on this issue is beyond contempt. We do not want anything of Agenda 21 being implemented in America, and particularly Oklahoma. I will join with The Sooner Tea Party to do everything in my ability to see that you are branded a traitor to the Constitution and the people for the rest of your life. If you want to call it blackmail, then go ahead. I call it free speech and a defense of liberty by We the People.

I will contact everyone I know to see that you can't hide from your treachery. I am sending this as a Bcc to everyone I know in the State of Oklahoma.

Sen. Burrage,

I urge you to stand with We the People against this tyrannical action being taken by a member of your political party. Are you with the people, the Constitution, and We the People; or are you with the NWO globalist fomenting this tyranny on the citizens???

In God We Trust,

Xxxx xxxxxxxxx
Claremore, Oklahoma



Branan's office is going to voice mail.
I left a polite message.
Will call back.

The Oklahoman was the first to cover the story on April 1st and you wouldn’t be thought foolish to think that it was an April fool’s joke. The Oklahoman had this to say about Senator Branan getting email:
“Branan said he got another email Monday about the bill from someone else that referenced his family. He said he will turn that email over to law enforcement, too.” So it appears that the use of the word “family” in an email to a politician will result in the state police knocking at your door.
The Oklahoman went on to quote Senator Branan on the Agenda 21 bill’s prospects:

As far as the bill goes, our decision to hear any sort of bill in my committee is based upon whether this is going to result in good public policy for our state,” Branan said. “I was concerned and disappointed that the advocates of the bill would have resorted to that kind of rhetoric because you never know where others may take the whole thing.”

Along with the usual liberal haters in the comment sections on the Oklahoman website there were some sane individuals that made some good points:

Agenda 21 is a nightmare for our state and our nation. Agree with this guys tactics or not, you had better familiarize yourselves with the UN's plan. It is neatly packaged and presented as something it is not. All of you will be sorry if we allow it to happen. Quit bickering back and forth with one another about all this BS. Bad things are happening and as long as you are all divided, we will fall, no question about it. Its the media's job to put out so much information that no one can be on the same page about anything, just as you see here. Make things simple or we will never take our nation back peacefully or politically.

Agree there should be no threatening the family but don't you feel it is OUR place to know exactly what is going on in Congress no matter what? I think we should know and be able to freely be a part of it ALL. But we all know most of those people we all vote into office are either great liars or once in office succumb to the perks and turn their back on those of us who put them where they are....

Perhaps if we cut Mr. Gerhart some slack for abusing the 1st Amendment, he won't resort to abuse of the 2nd

I guess that eliminates the first amendment, then? Perhaps we should never be allowed to question those in authority. Thanks, Kevin. I have been enlightened!! Our precious politicians deserve every possibility to avoid responsibility - especially when we don't like those who are accusing. Wait until it is your turn.

They're elected to reflect what their constituents want - not to vote straight party line regardless of what's up for a vote.
Yes, let's convict someone on the grounds of "potential". We don't need people creating penalties for thought crimes. I don't agree with the idiot, but I'm smart enough to realize I undermine myself when I do not allow another fellow citizen adequate due process and, instead, let it become a witch hunt because I don't like the guy or what he is doing.

The second Oklahoman story gave the real reasons behind Senator Branan’s refusal to hear the Anti Agenda 21 bill. First of course Branan had to do some spinning, turning questions about his character and the alleged throwing of his wife under the bus for a shot at a new honey into an attack on his wife! All we said about his wife and this was after a question from a reporter, was God bless her for having a guy like that and that she could do better.

The allegations about Senator Branan have been around for several years, we even wrote about the incident a year or two ago in a story about several cheating legislators but we omitted Senator Branan’s name because we had only two first hand reports on the rumor that was circulating. The allegations claimed that Senator Branan had hired a new executive assistant, fell in love with her after some minor flirting, went home and told his wife of many years that he was leaving her, and went back to tell his new love that he had cleared the path for them to be together. The allegation was that the young lady said “Hold on there! The feeling isn’t mutual.” The rumor alleged that Senator Branan went back to his wife and begged forgiveness so the marriage survived.

But going into the Capitol on Tuesday morning we received info that claimed that the buzz around the Capitol that morning was that Senator Branan was attacking because he thought we had obtained proof about the earlier incident. Political tongues were wagging about the over reaction from Branan over short email with no physical threat, wondering why he was so thin skinned over family being mentioned. One legislator went so far to c all Senator Branan a “pu**y” for over reacting, claiming that legislators get actual threats all the time and that it goes along with the job.

But as always in these incidents when the story gets out tons of information flows in that fills in the gaps. One report that we will be investigating alleges that we were onto something so we will be investigating further. One thing that the politicians need to learn is that when they squeal we just double the pressure.

The Oklahoman quoted Senator Branan on exactly why he refused to hear the anti Agenda 21 bill:
“It's a solution to a problem that doesn't exist,” he said. “It's more of a fringe conspiracy issue that is frankly just bad public policy. Part of my job is to keep that stuff from happening.”

Fringe? Fringe passed the House on an almost four to one vote?

The author of the bill pulled the bill, claiming it was out of sympathy for Branan’s family but the real reason was that pulling the bill allows it to live on for the remainder of this session including next year.

Now some of the other grassroots’ activists and groups haven’t quite figured out what we are fighting, still believing that the people that we are fighting are decent human beings that deserve to be treated with respect. Others are figuring it out and beginning to understand that passing politically opposed legislation will take a vicious fight and a prolonged battle. Here is an excerpt from an email from one such group that represents the John Birch Society and OCPAC.

All four of the remaining bills that we were tracking were not heard in their respective Senate committees. Following the rules of the State Senate, they are dead for this year.

There is an important reality we all need to understand about our progress …

By pushing as hard as we have over the last two months we have exposed the firewall created in the State Senate by the crony capitalists. This puts them in a very difficult position. Their handpicked, compliant and well financed State Senators have measured our efforts over the last two months and have seen the thousands of calls/emails/visits from individuals and groups work through the State House without stopping and finally getting as far as their office doors. Their informal, behind the scenes, practices did not protect them from exposure this time around. As a result they know what happens next and they are likely concerned.

Now everyone knows that I am no John Birch Society fan after working with their leadership for a year and a half but their members are salt of the earth but it is better that the grassroots groups get some direction than no direction. The fact that someone is pointing out that all four bills were killed by the Senate, that there was a well laid out plan to kill this legislation long before people started calling and emailing or any senators got their panties in a wad because they had so much dirty laundry out there to be exposed.

Now this same John Birch activist that sent the previous info also emailed Al privately with this message and some questions:

Al - I see what you are saying and, no doubt, you have a point. The DOK has put out a series of articles recently at the expense of the Liberty Movement. The Establishment is going after us with all kinds of character assassination and you are simply the latest round.
With that said there is one detail going against you. When you targeted Dixon you left others in the Liberty Movement wondering why it is that you supported the "Establishment guy" as it were. You now have folks wondering what you will do if they try and cover your back and become known by you. Will you in some strange way turn on them? Hey ... you have me wondering when it will be my turn to be thrown under the bus by you. Frankly, I figure it is only a matter of time.
Until now others have not wanted to be as aggressive as you but they have viewed you as a player in the Liberty Movement. Now folks are wondering if you are a black flag operative.
I don't see anything coming of the OSBI investigation except some additional bad press in the DOK. They will make money off you name and at the expense of the Liberty Movement. Such is life.
I pray that the Lord will bless you, Al. (yes, I mean this in all sincerity...)
Take care, xxx xxxxxxxx.

Our reply to these points ought to be obvious. First off the attacks are incredibly vicious and they are so for a reason. One of the rules of war or politics is economy of force; you only expend what is appropriate and needed to take the objective. You don’t waste resources if you want to survive much less win. Vicious attacks like this cost the media credibility with the most important readers and voters. The hate filled idiots that waste their time commenting on the newspaper websites don’t matter, it is that silent majority out there that make or break a marketing campaign and that is exactly what a political campaign or a political attack truly is at its root. The fact that they pulled out all the stops and blew a lot of credibility attacking simply shows how important it is that they kill us off.

And Dixon? People seem to forget that that idiot attacked Al first based on Dixon's desire to lead the Ron Paul movement. Al was in the way as the chosen Ron Paul State Coordinator so Dixon started trying to discredit Al in any way possible. First Dixon went on the McCarville Report whacking away, then on his personal blogs, then he interfered at the Oklahoma County GOP convention in 2012 and dang near screwed everything up, then he signed a petition attacking Al. That petition lead to an investigation that actually cleared Al of any wrongdoing; it in fact stated that the majority of complaints made were things that were campaign policy, things that Al had to do to keep his word to the national campaign.

So exactly how is political payback “turning” on an ally? Dixon was and still is an idiot, completely politically naïve, and is motivated by a desire for personal political power. But all things happen for a reason and knocking Dixon out paved the way for the capture of the Vice Chair position which is nearly as powerful when it comes to appointing the rest of the county GOP leadership. Plus taking out one of the most irresponsible Ron Paul activists sent a message to the moderate GOP: we will clean our ranks of the crazies and meet you halfway. In return some of the closet conservatives came out and voted for our choice of Vice Chair and other positions.

The fact is that the Sooner Tea Party never has thrown a single ally under the bus but we have responded in kind after several instances where an ally had turned on us repeatedly. And these idiots expected exactly what else?
A “black flag operative”? Only a conspiracy nut job would make that connection. People forget that it was Charlie Meadows and the John Birch Society leadership that lead the campaign to kill off the OCA after a tremendously successful legislative session. Dixon himself bore far,, far, more marks of a black flag operative; coming into the movement out of nowhere, former Washington D.C. staffer for a RINO, attacking the designated leader of a political campaign in mid campaign with no thought of how it would damage the campaign, and being so inept in the effort that he failed miserably. But the fact is that Dixon was simply a greedy idiot that got paid back for his personal attacks.

Yes, the Oklahoman and the State Chamber media whores will turn a buck and do everything in their power to destroy Al’s good name and the work that the Sooner Tea Party has done. But what else would anyone expect? The fact is that the Sooner Tea Party has kicked their butts the last few years and they are desperate to kill off All or the Sooner Tea Party before the end of session so they can convince the House that they won’t face political repercussions for passing the wasteful bond issues and other pork barrel projects like the American Indian Cultural Center.

Bottom line is that the Sooner Tea Party has been extremely effective and has done so by finding the few fighters in Oklahoma that are willing to stand toe to toe with the State Chamber whores, take the hits, and return them with interest. Do we really care what the average uneducated citizen thinks or what those that are swallowing the mainstream media’s propaganda think? No, we are still focused on finding those with courage and resolve to carry the fight where it really matters; into the House and Senate districts to educate the voters.
Oklahoma Is In Trouble
Ask Senator Branan Why

By Ms PM
The last few months have been a trying time. Five contracts later and come the 4th of April we may have the escrow from hell accomplished. Dealing with the many I have crossed paths with I have the need to put that BS aside, deal with this BS, and write this story.
Our last newsletter shot an arrow into what few brain cells I had left. Yes, the incident is with Senator Branan determined to kill the Agenda 21 Nullification bill. This weasel and the word is chosen appropriately, is no more than rest of the corrupt, bought off, sociopaths that disguise themselves as public servants. Someone ought to smack his wife for marrying such a pathetic piece of crap. I best watch what I say; the big bad boogie man might sic the OSBI on me for suggesting that someone whack her because her picker is broken.
Someone needed to “out” the Senator and tag, Al was it. And what happened? Mr. cheese ball himself decided to use his great almighty power and drag OSBI in on it. Once I get settled, it will be a very high priority to dig up dirt on you and your family if need be, to show the citizens of Oklahoma that are too busy or too lazy to dig it up, because it is public knowledge, and it isn’t Blackmail, moron, just how corrupt you really are.
In this article, Branan says, “It really doesn’t matter what they say about me, but it’s when they bring in the family into it, which really kind of concerned me.” So….if you’re saying Al is trying to blackmail you, could it be construed that you’re saying it’s okay as long as he doesn’t do it to your family, which, by the way, he was only exercising his free speech. Could it be construed as well to say that you are the final say of what blackmail really is? Or are you simply a tyrant because of the office you hold? Another point in your quote where you say “which really kind of concerned me,” certainly appears that you aren’t really sure if you’re really concerned or not. Kind of? Either you are or you aren’t. Are you doing the “rooster strut?” Are you crowing and pushing your weight around trying to control your flock?
Branan also said that he got another email referencing his family and he will turn that over to law enforcement. Let’s all be good little soldiers and not say a word, step in line with what the grand poo-pa Branan wishes for his pathetic little life so he can feel all warm and fuzzy with himself. Don’t choke on a hairball otherwise I might get a talking to because of some subliminal message I’ve sent out into the political arena.
This last quote is enough to make anyone sick, “I was concerned and disappointed that the advocates of the bill would have resorted to that kind of rhetoric because you never know where others may take the whole thing.” The citizens of Oklahoma are much more disappointed than you could ever be. You will use your power to kill this bill and not allow it to be voted on because it very well could pass and that goes against your agenda. Your rhetoric makes it very clear that no one should be allowed to say anything and this is your way using a political tactic to control people that have a Constitutional right to call you on your BS. Color it any way you wish, we don’t buy the load of crap you spew and we will target you just like Al said, with pencil and paper and emails and newsletters and any other non-violent way we can. Or you can spin the situation and claim to be pencil prodded in a politically correct inappropriate manner.
Politics is about winning the office you’re running for and doing whatever it takes to bring your opponent down. I will certainly attempt to hone in on the tactics you used and bring them to light. It will bring me great pleasure to show the people of Oklahoma that are too busy or too lazy to dig it up, and shine a light on just how corrupt you really are.
This entire issue is about Agenda 21 and for some reason you want Oklahoma to lose their property rights. If you do not stop Agenda 21 there can only be a few reasons why. Either you haven’t dug far enough into Agenda 21 because you are too arrogant or stupid, and you could be playing the political game of take the focus off of the real issue by getting some sort of payoff. Which is it?
When we find the answer, what kind of charges will you harass us with? Al did a good thing, and we will find out what is going on here, and that is a promise also.
If you continue to ignore us you give all patriots no other choice but to allow you to be the “laughing stock of the Senate.”



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