Hey Misfits (AVNT pre-order-ers, Chess the Gather-ers, etc),
It's been a while (since December!), sorry for the long radio silence, but we've been busy... and we bring gifts :)
The Short-ish
The More Longer:
Chess the Gathering: 
So Chess the Gathering is pretty much what it sounds like: if Chess and Magic the Gathering had a baby... in a dungeon (video tutorial). We paper prototyped it, took it to the PAX East tabletop area and to Kublacon. Amazingly Jess Conditt over at Joystiq covered us in this article, and the rest is all in our CTG video playlist. We have a rough prototype that we'd love feedback on, and a subreddit and steam group where you can give it :) Also jump on this Wednesday between 5-8pm PT to learn/play CTG with the devs!
A Virus Named TOM goes Mac/Linux
So we always wanted to get TOM onto Mac & Linux, but we can only work on so many things at once, and our PS Vita port has taken a lot of our time. Luckily we found Ethan (@flibitijibibo) to help us out (you can help us test these versions by signing up here). We're hoping to have this ready in a few months! I'm pretty sure if you have AVNT for PC you'll get it for both when we release them, just have to set that up with Valve/Steam and the Humble Store.
New Mailing
So if you were on any of our mailing lists before, or ordered AVNT off our website, you're a Misfit! (our company name is Misfits Attic). So we'll try to keep the mailings infrequent (though hopefully not half a year apart like this time!) and full of more than just updates: early access to our games, discounts from other indies, and free stuffs! If you want a place to point your friends that may be into it, have them go here: http://games.misfits-attic.com/Sign-Up.html
You can unsubscribe at any time from the link at the bottom of this email. 
The Last Shadow
So I knew the idea for The Last Shadow was a simple one, and probably the most like A Virus Named TOM (action-puzzler, maybe more action-stealth) but I never had time to prototype it. I went to an indie cabin and decided last minute to crank on it over the 2 days I was there and I got a prototype out of it :) Then the other day I added a VS mode (video) that everyone had a blast playing, so I'm really excited about it. I've never had a game so fun at such an early state! I hope to make it a unique experience by adding something a little unexpected in there, so stay tuned and we'll see if it works ;)
So we paper prototyped Scavenger (videos), then debated changing it's prototype name to either 'Dusker 318' or 'Duskers' (lemme know what you think in the comments, or on Facebook/Twitter). It's basically a mash-up of a dungeon crawler & tower defense game. You pilot drones into derelict spaceships to essentially loot them, while using the drones as turrets to prevent anything lurking in there from getting back to your ship. I just started the digital version (pictured above) at TIGjam, and will make a video this week.
Whoa, you made it all the way down here? Thanks for giving a poop about our games and supporting us! Let us know if there's something you'd love us to add to these mails and we'll see if we can get it done!
Thanks again! 
--Tim & Holly Keenan... and Hailey!
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