Monday, October 8, 2018

Isaiah 42:2 He will not cry or lift up His voice, or make it heard in the street.


Isaiah 42:2 "He will not cry or lift up His voice, or make it heard in the street," was a prophecy of how Jesus would be humble. We need this humility which was in Christ. This passage does not mean we cannot do open air preaching. Our Lord did that on the mount, on the plain, and in the boat. He even tells us we are to proclaim upon the housetops (Matthew 10:27).

But we seek to have the mind in us which was in Christ Jesus-- a humble mind. This is granted to us by His Spirit as we study the Scriptures. Jesus did not take glory to Himself, but gave glory to His Father. He was not doing His work for mere show, but to fulfill all for us and to demonstrate who He was for our comfort. He sought not to attract some following in a social or political manner.

He warned of the hypocrisy of the Scribes and Pharisees in that they did things to be seen by men (Matthew 6:5). They would go into the streets trumpeting themselves that they might be praised by men. We follow Christ's example of humility, not seeking a following for ourselves. We must decrease, but He must increase. When Jesus evangelized, He wanted His audience to know Him as their Redeemer for heaven's home, not for earth's glory.

As we evangelize, let us have this mind of humility in us: Making Christ the focus of our proclamation, and seeing Him as an example to us proclaimers.