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Wed 11 July 2012
ADL Radio Firmware for PM500 / PF500
MobileMapper 10 OS: Additional Information
Geoid12 is Available from NGS, time to deal with NAD83_CORS96!
ADL Radio Firmware Upgrade: Version 2288
New firmware (2288) has been released for the PF500, PM500 with ADL Radio.
This [ link ] will directly download the bz2 file, which can be placed on a USB Thumbdrive, and then loaded on boot by holding the 'Page' button.
This upgrade is only applicable to receivers with internal ADL radios (not internal PDL radios.)
MobileMapper 10 Operating System, Additional Information
The MobileMapper 10 Operating System firmware that was recently posted to the FTP site is not a new OS. It was posted to allow dealers and users change the embedded device language (for example an English MM10 can be converted to a French language base.)
The OS version is 'Windows Mobile(r) 6.5 Professional', CE OS 5.2.23121 (Build 23121.5.3.6).
There is no need for any MobileMapper 10 to be upgraded with the latest OS, other than to change the base language.
I have verified that the installation tool does work under 32-bit Windows XP (the instructions claim 32-bit Win7 only).
In addition, running the OS tool will remove all software from your device and activation keys for products. After update you will have to update everything.
Geoid 12 is available from NGS; NAD83_CORS96 is END OF LIFE in 4-Days!
GPS Users in the United States: Heads Up!
Geoid 2012 is now available from the NGS. [ Info Page ] [ G12 Toolkit ]
GEOID12 is not yet available for use with GNSS Solutions, or for loading into FAST Survey with the Ashtech Geoids tool, or for use with MobileMapper Field or ProMark Field. The changes from GEOID09 may be very small: here in Salt Lake City UT, there is only a millimeter of difference between G09 and G12.
(You can check this out by computing the GEOID difference online with the [ GEOID12 ] tool and the [ GEOID09 ] tool, then comparing the difference.
IMPORTANT: If you use OPUS, old reference frame solutions (NAD83_CORS96) will only be available for four more days! CORS96 EXPIRES on July 15th!
You can read about NAD83_2011 [ here ]. If you use CORS or OPUS in the United States, you cannot put off dealing with this any longer!
In some areas NAD83_2011 may be a big deal. For many sites the changes are insignificant. For example RBUT, the nearest CORS to my office NAD83_CORS96 Epoch 2002:
  latitude = 40 46 51.80741 N
  longitude = 111 48 31.49063 W
  ellipsoid height = 1668.462 m
  latitude = 40 46 51.80799 N
  longitude = 111 48 31.49014 W
  ellipsoid height = 1668.472 m
Not a big deal, but your mileage may vary.
(Also remember that the new frame is based on absolute antenna calibrations.)
I am preparing a white paper on how to bulk update positions and velocities in GNSS Solutions for NGS CORS sites. I will send out a dedicated note when it is available.
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