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Nothing else needs said

                 One illegal alien    +  Estel Hernadez  =  One dead woman

More Blood on the Hands of Estela Hernandez

and the Rest of the Republican Amnesty Backers


Once again the Nation witnesses one of the byproducts of illegal immigration and the refusal of illegal amnesty backers such as Oklahoman’s  Republican Party Vice Chairman Estela Hernandez to place the public good over their personal need for cheap immigrant labor.  Estela has been using her position in the Republican Party for the last four years to push the message that cracking down on illegal aliens will drive Hispanic voters away from the Republican Party yet she has remained silent after the recent public murder of a San Francisco woman by illegal alien Francisco Sanchez.    Sanchez has been deported five times already, the most recent deportation was in 2009 yet Sanchez had been released by the San Francisco jail on April 15th after being handed over by federal authorities on an outstanding drug warrant.


Federal officials had turned the criminal alien over to San Francisco County for the prosecution of the outstanding warrant as a courtesy along with a legal detainer that requested notification prior to release so that immigration authorities could pick him up for deportation.  But last Wednesday Sanchez was arrested about an hour after he gunned down a young woman who was strolling on Pier 14, a local tourist attraction.


San Francisco Sheriff Office’s legal counsel Freya Horne said on Friday that federal detention orders are not a legal basis to hold illegal immigrants as San Francisco is a sanctuary city so local money cannot be spent to cooperate with federal immigration authorities or to uphold federal immigration law.


Horne said that without a warrant for arrest San Francisco’s policy is to release illegal aliens and that despite the fact that ICE was previously holding Sanchez because of parole violations and was intending on once again deporting Sanchez it was not legal under local law to honor the detainment order.




Sanchez was captured thanks to bystander photographs taken after he shot the woman who was out walking with her father.  No arguments or dispute occurred; it was a completely random attack.    Sanchez was arrested on a sidewalk a few blocks away.



Sanchez is believed to be 45 years old and had recently been living in Texas when he was sent to federal prison for several years for felony re entry charges after being deported and upon his release the feds honored a San Francisco warrant on drug charges on the condition that he be returned to the feds for deportation. But after the San Francisco drug charges were dropped San Francisco County decided to ignore the federal detainer notice and released the seven time felon.



Basically San Francisco is practicing nullification of federal laws by declaring that federal immigration law is not supported in their city or county.    It appears to be fine for liberals to nullify federal law but if you ask a conservative legislator to do the same to follow the Constitution everyone screams right wing radical.



 But once again we see the consequences of listening to politicians like Estela Hernandez.   Her and her husband like cheap labor, we get that, but the rest of us pay higher taxes to support the low paid workers, the workers file tax forms saying they have a half dozen children each so they get earned income credit and pay zero federal or state taxes or very little taxes, and the illegal immigrants aren’t tested for diseases, criminal record, or if they have a means of support once they arrive.   Estela Hernandez doesn’t care that Bob Barry or some woman in California is murdered by an illegal alien, her interests are having an unfair advantage over legal businesses that hire legal works so she and he husband can enrich themselves.



Donald Trump spoke out about the root cause of this shooting and paid a heavy price as media companies and retailers turned on him.  But in the process he became a hero to the majority of Americans and has won some new found respect and credibility as a presidential candidate.  Of course the media will turn on him, they would have anyway if he was a serious threat.  But the man spoke the truth and is my front runner as a candidate.







Cassandra is Back and there’s Gonna be Trouble

Greek mythology tells the story of Cassandra, the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of the city state Troy.   The story has several versions but in return for the gift of prophecy Cassandra was to be seduced by the god Apollo but Cassandra reneged on the deal and was cursed by Apollo to be able to foretell the future but to not be believed.



Foretold of the coming Trojan War, brought about by Queen Helen of Sparta’s seduction by Paris, a prince of Troy, Cassandra did all she could to warn the citizens of Troy of the danger in allowing Paris’s trip to Sparta.   When Paris returned with the Spartan Queen Helen Cassandra was said to have attacked the Queen physically.    Then as the Greek army left the Trojan Horse and sailed away Cassandra grabbed an axe in one hand and a burning torch in her other, and tried to destroy the Trojan Horse with her own hands but was stopped by the people of Troy.   




This week we saw the story come to life as Greek citizens voted to accept or reject another austerity program put forth by the European Union in return for billions of Euros in bailout money.  Back in the beginning of the crisis the citizens of Greece rejected conservative leadership in favor of a radical liberal government that promised there would be no financial pain and that there was no need to cut lucrative public pensions and that the country could tax itself out of the financial hole it had dug over the preceding decade.   Five years into the financial crisis the country is sharply torn and divided, with shortages of food and medicine, tearful pensioners lining up at ATMs to receive a meager portion of their monthly pensions.  Banks are closed and currency controls are in place to prevent a massive outflow of hard currency.




At stake is whether or not Greece will remain in the European Union and be able to obtain enough Euro currency to forestall economic collapse.  The National government is urging citizens to vote no in support of the radically liberal government and conservatives are urging citizens to vote yes.  A yes votes means increased taxes, budget cuts, and the continued shrinking of an economy that has already shrunk by 25%.  Record levels of unemployment and poverty have plagued the country since the 2008/2009 worldwide financial collapse.

If the country votes No then the only recourse is for Greece to  re issue the Dracma, a move that would mean an immediate 30% drop in assets as the financial markets discount the new currency in order to protect the markets from an unstable currency with no recent track record.  That means a pensioner’s purchasing power drops by 30% overnight as well as any savings or investments.



A Yes vote means a new round of austerity measures including a 23% tax on restaurants, further cancellations of tourists which is already occurring as people fear strife and maybe even civil war.   Bank accounts over 8000 Euros will have 30% immediate loss as the central bankers re adjust the purchasing power between the standard Euro and the Euros held by citizens of Greece.



Someday the U.S. will face this exact scenario if the U.S. dollar loses its reserve currency ranking in the world.  Creditors will demand that U.S. dollars be tremendously discounted to reflect their real value, meaning that imports of all kinds will skyrocket in price and banks collapse as their reserve margins are eradicated.  Gone will be the ability to simply print more dollars or create credit electronically in banking systems without trigging massive inflation.  The ability to support retiree pensions, social welfare programs, even defense spending will evaporate once the confidence in the U.S. dollar is in question.


Oklahoma legislators would do well to have a plan in place should inflation occur if a new reserve currency is adopted by the world.   Cutting back our reliance on federal money for programs is the first step, with another step creating a contingency plan should the U.S. dollar collapse.    New currencies need something backing them and Oklahoma has an abundance of gas and oil so a petro dollar is a possibility.



An Oklahoma Hero
By the Watchman
Far too often when we celebrate this time of year we forget the sacrifices of our men and women have made so that we can enjoy our comforts here at home. This is the first in a periodic presentation of the Medal of Honor awardees from the state of Oklahoma. With this we hope to bring a little more pride to the people of this great state and a better understanding of our history. History that you won’t find in books at school. To these brave men and women we owe a debt of gratitude that cannot be repaid with a simple Thank you, in fact it can never be repaid.
For the first Medal of Honor awardee from Oklahoma we had to reach back to the Plains Indian Wars and found that it was awarded to a Native American named Amos Chapman. The first item of interest we found was this WWHA Gravesite | Chapman. This is an article from the Wild West History Association that describes the details of the fight that earned Amos Chapman the Medal of Honor. The story is horrific. It is well worth your time to open the link and read it.
We were surprised when we found this article on Mr. Chapman Amos Chapman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One item of particular interest here was that he was inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame in 2012. It was a long overdue honor.
Mr. Chapman’s Medal of Honor was revoked in either 1916 or 1917 simply because he was a civilian scout. He refused to surrender his medal. His Medal of Honor was restored on September 12, 1974 by an act of Congress.
The citation for the Medal of Honor awarded to Amos Chapman reads as follows.
Rank: Scout (Civilian). Born: 15 May 1839, Kalamazoo, Mich. Organization: 6th U.S. Cavalry. Place: Washita River, Texas. Date: 12 September 1874. Issue date: 4 November 1874.
Gallantry in action.
Buried: Brumfield Cemetery
Dewey County
On September 12, 1874, the third day of a siege in which a force of more than 100 Indians surrounded and attacked the Lyman Supply Train at the Upper Washita River in Texas, General Nelson Miles sent a detachment of three soldiers and two civilian scouts under Sergeant Zachariah Woodall to deliver a dispatch to Camp Supply. En route the six men were attacked along the Washita River by 125 Indians. Amos Chapman was one of the expeditions two scouts. Throughout the day the four soldiers and two civilian scouts, after taking shelter in a ravine, continued a valiant resistance while defending their wounded. A band of twenty-five Indians succeeded in scattering the detachment's horses and the men fell back to a small knoll where throughout the day they were attacked from all directions. Without water, the men resisted and were down to 200 rounds of ammunition when night fell. The following day the survivors were recovered by a relief force. Along with Amos Chapman's award, Medals of Honor were awarded to Sergeant Zechariah Woodall, Private Peter Roth, Private John Harrington, Private George Smith (KIA), and fellow Civilian Scout William Dixon.
Amos Chapman was one of eight civilians awarded the Medal of Honor. His award was revoked in the review of 1916-17 because of his civilian status, along with those of four other civilian scouts. In June 1989 all five of these awards were restored
There is no doubt that Mr. Chapman and his comrades fought for their lives for three days in 1874. All of them sustained wounds and there was one fatality. Mr. Amos himself lost his leg. It was the sacrifice of men and women like this that allows us to celebrate our Independence today. The next time you’re out by Seiling and you happen to see the Historical Marker mentioning his name, stop for a minute get out of your car and say thank you to Mr. Chapman.




Cuff em and Stuff em Elementary School Policy Backfires


 Not too sure what to take out of the story on the Oklahoman about the Oklahoma School system revising the student code of conduct and the role of cops on elementary school campuses.   The story had a district official telling the school board that cops were being used to scare of punish kids instead of mentoring.  Really?  We pay $30.00 per hour to off duty cops to “mentor” children?




The story goes on to state that cops rake in about two million a year from the school system for security services, the story says the OKC police department but most cops and deputies that I know work on the side for gigs like this.  We apparently have one cop assigned to each high school, middle school, and eight officers rotate around the 55 elementary schools.  What?   Kindergarden kids aren’t a threat?




Insane, as a kid we took guns to school to trade with one of the teachers.  Most of the high school boys had a deer rifle in the back window and the truck wasn’t even locked.  The male teachers took care of the odd nut job, usually beat the crap out of the guy when he went nut and he became an ex nut job or he got another beating on the next occasion he acted out.




What the story was all about was that a few school officials decided to do some scared straight tactics and had a few tykes handcuffed and placed in the back of a squad car.  Probably worked too, if not little Timy would be familiar with the process when he grew older.   But now we hear that in the next school year the officers wil “work with children on more character building activities.”



For Gods sake!  These aren’t social workers or teachers or clergy.  They are trained cops whose job it is to  take down the bad guys and keep the peace.   How in the heck are they qualified to give character building activities or advice?  What they can do is show a young punk where they are headed if they cause trouble for the teachers. 




The story ended wit this quote from a district spokesperson:




“"We want them to continue to be a positive role model and not someone who will scare them into correct behavior.”


Idiots…..if you need social workers hire them and leave the cops to what they are trained for.  It’s going to be hard for an officer to switch gears from dealing with hardened criminals to dealing with a sixth grader.   Otherwise things are going to escalate like they did in a Florida classroom where a twelve year old boy was arrested for passing gas in class.     The picture in our story caption shows the boy as he was being lead off to jail.   You just can't make this stuff up any weirder than real life.



The 2016 Oklahoma Budget

The Parts Unseen

By the Watchman


We the people are finally being given the opportunity to see where all of our tax dollars are spent. We can thank the Oklahoma House of Representatives for insisting that this disclosure be made to the public. You can read the entire budget here Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) - Budget. We believe you will find the entire budget process interesting.


The first article of interest we found was this Driving a man to drink -- Is Oklahoma state Treasurer Ken Miller “growing in office?”. This is a news report about the impressive growth of state revenue in2012. It also indicates that an interim study for a cut back or collapse of federal funding was being conducted. To date we have been unable to locate the results of that study.


The next item of interest we found was this Stop the Madness. This is a letter to the Editor on the budget. The writer appears to be very knowledgeable and articulate. He also appears to understand the budget process being used by our legislature. It indicates that $298 million dollars in one time funds from such sources as the insurance premium fund and other revolving funds was pulled and used just to raise the spending level in the state. They did this without seeking the statutory authorization to do so. They broke the law. We must ask why? Why haven’t these people been prosecuted? Why haven’t these people followed the law? Have they placed themselves above the law? Do they feel the Oklahoma State Constitution matters anymore?


Treasurer Ken Miller of course was the author of over a third of a billion dollars in tax increases in 2010, before removing his name as bill author moments before voting against the measures so he could falsely claim he never voted for a tax increase.


The next item of interest we found was this Official says state is ‘addicted to federal spending’ » Opinion » The Edmond Sun. This we found to be a statement of fact. Federal funding has crept into every aspect of our government. We will use the Oklahoma State Department of Veterans Affairs as a prime example.

There will be several articles to look at before we get there though.


Every year we see how the legislature struggles to create a budget that is around seven (7) billion dollars. That’s a lot of money, but it’s not the entire state budget. Most of the budget is never seen by the public. For the first time you can see it here Oklahoma state budget far larger than what's appropriated | News OK. This story just hints at the money spent.


Here is where we found the real money Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) - Federal Funding Schedule. This lists every governmental organization in the state that receives federal funding. To be honest we’re hard pressed to find an agency that’s not receiving a federal government handout. We would have to agree with an earlier statement that the State of Oklahoma is addicted to Federal Funding.


While we were in this part of the budget review we took a look at the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs funding. What we found was absolutely disgraceful. It indicates that the State of Oklahoma is paying thirty five percent (35%) of the construction cost at all the facilities in the state. A member of our staff has been a patient there for twenty five (25) years and he has indicated that there has been continuous ongoing construction at the VA Hospital in Oklahoma City for six (6) years now. Why?


That brings us to this recent article we found VA Still “Dysfunctional” with “Unaccountability at Every Level” Say Insiders Caught on Hidden Cam | Project Veritas. The Veteran on our staff has indicated that things are getting progressively worse at the VA Hospital. An example is after a year of complaining of stomach problems, it took a trip to a local Emergency Room to finally diagnose the individual with multiple ulcers. Another example was they gave the individual a shot of steroids in his shoulder after a 5 month wait, and then told him he needed surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, but since he just had the shot he would have to wait until the end of July. How about spending less money on construction and more on hiring physicians and nurses. Our Veterans deserve better than what they are getting.


The budget was so contentious this year that we were also able to find this article Preview of state budget draws blood in Oklahoma House - Tulsa World: Capitol Report. This report indicates that they almost came to blows in the budget committee when the proposed budget was first presented. We can’t help but wonder how much of a difference it would have made with some of those tax cuts to large corporations had been used properly would have made to the state’s budget. 


The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma state budget and finances - Ballotpedia. We found that this article is a pretty good breakdown of where your tax money is spent. It also indicated that at a time when there was a $611 million dollar shortfall in the revenues for the state, the legislature somehow managed to increase spending by 1.4%. Part of that increase came from the unclaimed property currently held by the state, which they are currently being sued over. We’re beginning to think that there isn’t a scheme these people won’t use. This report also indicates that the state is in debt to the tune of $44.2 billion dollars. That far in debt yet they give out nearly $2 billion dollars a year in tax credits. You would think they took accounting lessons from President Obama.


We’re simply dumbfounded by the elected officials in this state. They fail to follow state laws in regard to spending. They have little to no idea as to what the State Constitution says and they balance the budget by borrowing or stealing money. We’ve not seen a legislature this crooked since the 1920’s. More people need to speak up about the spending spree they are on.


Here’s one idea that should be taken up by the legislature next year. It’s a simple idea and holds true to the policy of the GOP in the belief of small government. It should apply to every agency and staff including their own. For every three people that quit or retire you can only hire two replacements. That will start to shrink the size of government and the cost of government.  It might even help pay off that $44 billion in debt that you have us in. In addition to that, no more tax credits unless they are available to everyone and actually serve a public purpose. That would be a big help.


In closing we ask that our readers get more involved with the budget process. Let’s make these legislators shrink the size of government. Let’s make them more accountable for how they spend our tax dollars. Let’s bring the corruption at the capital to a stop.