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  How old is that kitten?
  Kittens shot in Ohio; uproar leads to policy changes...
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Thought for the day: The Maine Coon is America's only
"natural" breed and is 4 times larger than the smallest breed,
the Singapura!


Can you tell how old a kitten is? If you have
ever rescued any kittens, it can be difficult
to estimate their ages. But there are some
typical guidelines that can help. See these articles
from the ASPCA -

The Shooting of Cats in North Ridgeville, Ohio
has Ended! Policy Changed!

Did you hear about the cop in Ohio who shot 5 kittens
in the yard, in front of children who lived there?
The woman who lives there had called animal control to
come get some feral kittens out of her wood pile.

Instead, a policeman showed up, told her the shelters
were full and he would send them to "kitty heaven"

She certainly didn't expect him to draw his weapon and
begin firing!

The outrage resulted in a petition being sent around
and local law enforcement decided to stop responding
to animal calls. You see, they don't think they did anything
wrong. They just want to separate themselves from potential
similar incidents in the future.

To me, that's like saying, OK, we don't want to fix the
problem; let's just put our heads back in the sand and
pretend it doesn't exist. What do you think?


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How to help the animals:

Help feed the ones that never got adopted.

2. Always remember to check with your local shelter
to see what they need. Your donation will go directly
to the animals, in sharp contrast to some of the large
national groups, whose donation income goes toward
large administrative salaries and other expenses, not
necessarily for animals.


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Roberta, the Cat Lady
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May all who are lost, be found. May all who are ill,
be well. May all in harm's way, be saved. May all
without homes, be loved.
~~Author Unknown


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