August 21, 2013
Here's what's in this issue:

  Dog rescues and adopts a kitten...
  Woman in France attacked by feral cats...
  How cats improve your health...
  Cat behavior demystified...?
  Homemade flea control shampoo...
  Tinkle Trousers review...

Cat food news...
  Latest recalls...
  Foods to never feed a cat...
  Cat food brands compared...
  Latest recalls...
  Shelter clicks...
  Submit your pet photo...

A smile for you...
  Sable had her kittens!
  New video on website...

Take Action... How you can help


First things first. I won't be home this week. This
newsletter is coming to you by automated delivery.
Which means these stories may not be as new as "breaking
news." But they are interesting anyway, and I picked them
because I thought you would enjoy reading them.
I will "see you" when I get back. Hope you have had a
happy week.


Dog Rescues Kitten, Then Adopts Her.


Gang of feral cats attacks woman and her dog in France.


Yes, having a cat can help you improve your health!


Cat Behavior Demystified - Video Translates Feline
Language For Humans:


Flea control products can be pretty toxic to some
animals, so here is an eco-friendly recipe to make
your own flea shampoo:


Here is a "dog product" that serves well for some
cats, too. Called Tinkle Trousers, you can read
Amy's review, here:


Latest recalls:


7 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat

Be sure to read the comments below the article.


Nice comparison charts for the various cat food brands:

Just select brands from the list provided and the tool
compares up to 3 products at a time.


Help Feed Shelter Animals

Don't forget to visit these sites as often as you can and
click on the shelter-feed links. There is no cost to you
to do this.
  (Answer a trivia question...
even a wrong answer gives a donation.)

Want to share a photo of your amazing dog or cat on
Freekibble or Freekibblekat?

Every day they post a photo of a pet sent in from people
in the Freekibble Community, in a section called, "What
makes you happy?"

Want to share a photo of your pet? Here's how:

Show them what makes you happy... send the best picture
of your pet to - along with your
name, pet's name, city and state where you live.

Last month, one of our readers got her cat on the site!
Way to go Andrea! Now, Jean tells me she's been
selected for later this month! Way to go Jean!

Look for her cat, Puma, on Aug. 22 under "What Makes You Happy?"


Sable had her kittens!

At the end of July, someone dumped a stray (and very
pregnant) cat in my yard. Thanks, Kathy, for naming
her Sable. It fits and she likes it.

She was farther along than the vet estimated and she
had her babies on Aug. 9. Just three, but it took her
all night to do it. She's so small, she had a hard time.

Sadly, we lost the tiniest one just 24 hours later, but
the first two are hanging strong and growing. We have a
boy and a girl. I'll be asking for help with names!
So put on your thinking caps and get ready!


New video on my website:

Mama cat hugs her baby. So cute!


How to help the animals:

Help feed the ones that never got adopted.

2. Always remember to check with your local shelter
to see what they need. Your donation will go directly
to the animals, in sharp contrast to some of the large
national groups, whose donation income goes toward
large administrative salaries and other expenses, not
necessarily for animals.

3. Buy a book from my book list, if you haven't yet.
Sales are used to support all the cats here. Thank you.


Watch for your next issue of The Kitty Times in 2 weeks!

Purrs and nosetaps,

Roberta, the Cat Lady
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May all who are lost, be found. May all who are ill,
be well. May all in harm's way, be saved. May all
without homes, be loved.
~~Author Unknown


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