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Rep Shumate married
CLEET’s Proposed Legislation
Part Good, Part Not So Fast
SB 398 and HB 1709 are two bills that bring a bit more credibility and integrity to Oklahoma law enforcement.   During our discussion with the CLEET general counsel on the Larry Birney case and on the Eli Jarjoura case they had mentioned that they had legislation before the House and Senate this year.
SB 398 changes the statues that authorize CLEET to handle the training and supervision of peace officers in the state, requiring all state and local police departments to provide an annual list of officers along with their contact information, makes reserve deputies subject to the same law that can remove a police officer if that officer is committed to a private or public mental facility, and allows the discipline of an officer after a final order of protection is filed against them.  Security guards were already subject to discipline when a protective order was filed so this new law just makes police officers accountable to the same rules.  This bill is a no brainer for those that want good government.
HB 1709 was submitted to the House almost exactly the same as SB 398 but it has one thing that we aren’t pleased with; a change in the handling of fees paid for certain CLEET transactions.  Before these funds were deposited into the state’s general fund but HB 1709 would have those fees deposited into CLEET’s bank account, bypassing the legislature’s right to appropriate the CLEET budget money.  Not good, the legislature should always hold the purse strings on state agencies so that the agencies are kept firmly in check and there is proper accounting for all taxpayer money whether that money was taken from the taxpayer as a tax or as a fee.  Not only that but depositing fees and fines into the state general fund alleviates a moral hazard where the state agency begins to go after small businesses to shake them down for fines like the Labor Department did under Brenda Reneau.  But the ultimate conservative argument against allowing fees and fines to go back to a state agency would be that once self sustaining the agency is less responsive to the legislature and ultimately less responsive to the people as a whole.
With the one exception we would ask that legislators support both of these bills while making an amendment to strike the part where CLEET can transfer fee money into their own bank account.   We put in a late request to CLEET for their reasoning on the fee transfers and will provide that info in a future newsletter.
The State Chamber is at it again
Stripping Rights from Injured Workers
Oklahomans for Liberty put out an excellent newsletter on SB 1062, a so called Workers Comp Administrative bill that will gut injured worker benefits and increase litigation.
Would Republicans really write such a bill that doesn’t follow Republican Party Platform values and is most likely unconstitutional to boot?  No they wouldn’t but Republican lawmakers didn’t write this bill; the State Chamber of Commerce did.
Saving money on Worker Comp cases is a laudable goal because it could save on employer insurance costs and divert more money to make injured workers whole.  But an administrative system like this bill advocates actually costs more to run as it would create the 5th largest state agency in Oklahoma should it pass.   Comp claims take a lot of time to wind through the system because it takes time for the worker to heal and disabilities to appear and this new administrative system would have to run alongside the current system for around 25 years to clear the old cases, costing Oklahoma taxpayers and employers between $200,000,000 and $500,000,000 in additional costs.

Darren Gantz of Oklahomans for Liberty pointed out that the Arkansas administrative system spends almost $2,500 per case while Oklahoma’s current system spends only %550 per case even though Oklahoma handles three times more cases than Arkansas.  Arkansas does have around half as many injured worker cases but it spends $10,000,000 per year compared to our $6,600,000 per year running our adversarial system where injured workers are represented by lawyers… and despite the claims of GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell the proposed system has the same lawyers making the same amount of money as before.

So if the costs to run the new system will be more and we will still be paying lawyers, where are they finding the savings to employers in the proposed system?   Well, by slashing the payouts to injured workers by 20 to 30% and we aren’t talking about nebulous soft tissue injuries or back injuries.  We are talking about amputations.
Under the new system the payout if an arm is lost drops by 25% to $68,000, the loss of a hand drops by $16,000, and the loss of your hearing payout drops $25,000.  And Matt Pinnell joins Senator Bingman in claiming that this new law is better for workers?

I’ve employed hundreds of men and women over the last 35 years and workers comp reform is a good idea for business and for labor.  The State Comp system does a good job balancing the needs of both business and employee because it spends a lot of money on investigation.   Yes there are fake claims on soft tissue injuries and yes the loss of hearing in some jobs is going to go along with the territory but it is awful hard to fake an amputated limb.
As always the State Chamber written bills like SB1062 do little to protect the average small business man because they are written to cut costs for the state’s largest employers that fund the State Chamber.  If you want to know more about this issue contact Darren Gantz at
GOP County Conventions This Month
A few of the county conventions were held last week but the majority are scheduled next week and on into the end of March.    You can check to see when your county GOP convention will be held here.
Contact your county GOP chairman using this contact sheet to verify that the posted information is correct and make plans to attend.  No it isn’t fun to watch the RINOs run things and trample on the Oklahoma Republican Party Platform but we will never change things until we change the GOP leadership itself.   In 2011 the Tea Party forces joined with conservative Republican forces and came within fifteen percent of winning control.   The Ron Paul forces came just as close in 2012 and the hope is that the two camps will join forces and out the RINO GOP leadership.  There are plenty of seasoned Republicans in place to run the show once we put them in power.    An excellent choice for the job would be former Representative Charles Key who could be convinced to run for the State GOP Chairman position.  Well respected by both the Tea Party and Ron Paul camps, Key could be the man to pull everything together and begin the process of forcing GOP elected officials and legislators to follow the Party Platform.
Make sure your county chairman, or whoever is in charge of collecting the precinct packets, follows the rules for submitting delegate information to the state GOP headquarters.
Ken Walker Votes to Allow Indefinite Detention of American Citizens
By the Watchman
While still a candidate for his current office, Ken Walker was interviewed by the Sooner Tea Party. One of the questions asked was whether or not he supported the NDAA. At that time he indicated that he was not familiar with it and would have to do some studying on it. Based on his vote in committee, one of three things happened. He either didn’t study the bill, missed the part that covered indefinite detention on innocent Americans, or he agreed with the indefinite detention of American citizens.  We would ask Mr. Walker:  Which one is it?
How hard would it be to find out how onerous parts of the NDAA are? The answer is that it isn’t hard at all. A simple Google search turned up this article NDAA 2013 - Indefinite detention without trial is back — RT USA. This article simply shows that the indefinite detention clause of the bill was carried over into the current National Defense Authorization Act, a clear violation of our Constitutional rights.
If that information isn’t enough, this article, NDAA Sections 1021 and 1022: Scary Potential – Tenth Amendment Center, goes into detail explaining the potential for the indefinite detention of American Citizens under this act. We found these articles in less than five minutes. How can Ken Walker justify his vote for allowing the indefinite detention of your fellow Oklahomans?
Oh we know he will use the argument that it will never happen here in America. Have we all forgotten American History? Do you not remember what happened to Japanese American citizens during World War II? Do you not remember the “Relocation Camps” which weren’t much better than concentration camps they were placed in?
As with any candidate or sitting state official, we did our homework with Representative Walker. We went to and looked at his web page but there is little info there.
During our Google search we found one disturbing article about debates. You can read the article here. It describes him not attending a debate for a reason that we are not sure of.
We went to to see what information was available there. Most of the information was already covered on his state web page.
We next went to to look at his campaign finances. There we found that a majority of his campaign donations were from private donors. The only discrepancy e found was that he listed two donations, which were within the limit, from OCPAC as individual donations instead of as a PAC donation.
Our story last week on Walker’s vote to support indefinite detention of Americans touched a nerve and he got plenty of email like the one below that was copied to us:
State Rep. Ken Walker:
Who paid you to vote to queer this bill by Mike Ritze to prohibit Oklahoma military and lawmen from assisting the federal gov't in enforcing the NDAA????
What was the promise to you for your vote? What deal did you grease that required you to vote AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION??????????? !!!!!!!
And you proclaim to be a conservative republican and you rode Congressman Bridenstine's coat tails only to get to Oklahoma City and betray us like this??? Trust me, you have no business taking the stage with a real patriot like Jim Bridenstine.
Let me guess, the Chamber of Corruption make you a sweet offer? Tom Cole maybe?? Come clean please. Your vote is a balls out betrayal of your base.
Tulsa, OK
Mr. Walker you ran as a conservative, yet you are acting like a liberal. You need to explain yourself to your constituents and you had better get ready because we are going to drop newspapers on the driveways of 20,000 of your voters.
One Neva Hill Shill Website Goes Down,
One More to Go
Longtime politicos Seth Rott and Cindy Sullivan had ran an online blog called the Oklahoma Truth Council for several years, posting anonymously until the Sooner Tea Party exposed the pair after a slip up by Seth Rott on his face book page.  Sullivan had worked on and off for State Chamber political whore Neva Hill and the Oklahoma Truth Council was used on numerous occasions to slash conservative candidates and legislators. 
Recently both Rott and Sullivan had worked for the State Labor Commissioners office until getting asked to leave over a controversy but they had kept their blog up and running no doubt on the orders of Neva Hill.    But a phone call early this week alerted us to the fact that the Oklahoma Truth Council is no more as attempts to visit their site turned up a screen proclaiming that the account has been suspended.
The word is that Seth Rott has taken a position at Senator Brian Crain ‘s office and speculation is that Rott was ordered to take the website down as a condition of employment.  After the general election the blog posted a couple of articles on the election wrap up and a review of 2013 then the website went silent.  Regardless of the reasons it is nice to see one of State Chamber whore Neva Hill’s websites bite the dust, leaving the McCarville Report standing with that much less content as McCarville’s contribution has dwindled to merely reposting outside content.   And even the McCarville report’s future likely rests on a pacemaker battery holding a charge, not out of public loyalty and support of a real journalist operation.
And now that I think about it, perhaps one of the best investments the conservatives could make would be to buy a new, heavy duty microwave for old Mike McCarville and give the old fart a case of microwave popcorn.
House Leadership Part 4
By the Watchman
This week’s article will cover three additional Assistant Majority Floor Leaders. They are Representatives Randy Grau, Randy McDaniel and Charles (Amnesty) Ortega. Once again we have three RINO Republicans as muscle for the Speaker of the House
We’ll begin with Representative Randy Grau. He represents parts of Oklahoma City and Edmond. We began our search by going to and reviewing his web page. Here he was rather secretive and didn’t give much biographical information about himself
We next did a simple Google search on Mr. Grau, and came up with his campaign web site at . There was a little more information there. We found out that he’s a husband and father, graduated from Memorial High School in Edmond, and had a full scholarship to Pepperdine University in California on the left coast. He’s an attorney and got his law degree from the University of Oklahoma.
Our next stop was We went to the biography page and found where he had failed to win a seat in the legislature in 2006. We also found where he is currently in his second term in office. With such little experience in office, he still managed to get a rating of 88% from the Research Institute for Economic Development. That is a very pro State Chamber rating. There were no ratings from consumer groups. He received a rating of 92% from the NRA.
We next went to to look at his campaign finances. His contributors looked like a list straight from the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce membership list.
We next took a look at some votes that were made on subjects that mattered to Oklahomans. Here is what we found.
HB 2130  Obama Care, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HR 2171  Highway Bond Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1647 Open Carry Bill, Voted No, Liberal Vote
SB 154  Quality Jobs Act, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
These votes placed him as a solid RINO with a RINO Index score of 50. That’s well below the 65 minimum to get out of the RINO category. He was in his first term. Maybe he’ll do better during his second. We will be watching.
Next up is Representative Randy McDaniel of District 83, also representing the Edmond, Oklahoma City and Nichols Hills area. We began our research with his web page at where he was a little freer with his biographical information
We next went to to see what information was available there. The biography page was essentially the same as his state web page. His ratings page showed that he consistently receives ratings in the high 90’s from the Research Institute for Economic Development. At the same time his ratings are in the 58 to 68 range in the Consumer and Patient advocacy group ratings. This indicates that he gives business more of a fair shake than he does the common people he has been elected to serve.
We next went to to look at his campaign finances. There are a lot of members of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce who donated to his campaign, along with a lot of executives of those companies and organizations who contributed on a personal basis. Enough to know who he really works for.
We next took a look at some of the legislation that he voted on to see where he stood on issues that mattered to Oklahomans. Here is what we found.
HR 1004 Open Governance Bill, Voted Nea, Liberal Vote
HR 2171  Highway Bond Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, Voted Nea, Liberal Vote
SB 154  Quality Jobs Act, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
These votes on these key issues have earned Mr. McDaniel a RINO Index Score of 50. That is well within the minimum of 65 needed to get out of the RINO column.
Next up is perhaps the hardest to explain as to being in any type of leadership role. That is Representative Charles “Amnesty” Ortega. Many of you may think its harsh using the word amnesty as a nickname for Mr. Ortega, but believe me it’s not. A simple Google search on your part, or even a review of past stories in our newsletter on him will explain his well-earned nickname. He has proven to be the biggest impediment to immigration reform in the State of Oklahoma since he was first elected to office. I guess he enjoys all that cheap labor for his business.
We went to and look at his web page. We took a close look at some of the bills he submitted for consideration before the house this year. What we found are what we call legacy bills. These are simple one page bills that just change the name of the writer of the law. What was really stupid, was with the powers that be in D.C. wanting to do comprehensive immigration reform, he had to try and put his name on the states immigration bill that he has adamantly opposed since coming into office. This is nothing more than a ploy so he can go back to his constituents and say I tried. What a joke. This is a consummate politician of the Dick Durbin school of Politics.
We had to go to to get any real biographical information on Mr. Ortega. We know he’s married and has children. He consistently receives marks in the high 80’s from the Research Institute for Economic Development and at the same time receives a rating of 62 from the OK Watchdog Position on Consumer and Patient Advocacy. Makes you wonder how he treats his customers doesn’t it.
He gets a rating of 92 from the NRA. This could be better considering the part of the state he comes from.
We next went to to look at his campaign finances. What we found there was a collaboration of unions and members of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce making up a bulk of the donations.
We next took a look at some of the legislation that he voted on to see where he stood on issues that mattered to Oklahomans. Here is what we found.
HB 2130  Obama Care, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HR 1004  Open Governance Bill, Voted Nea, Liberal Vote
HR 2171  Highway Bond Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, dodged the vote, Liberal Vote
HB 1446 Illegal Immigration Bill, Voted Nea, Liberal Vote
HB 1647 Open Carry Bill, Voted Nea, Liberal Vote
SB 154  Quality Jobs Act, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote
This voting record earned him a score of 35 on the RINO index. That is well below the minimum of 65 necessary to get off the RINO list. If this man would start voting the values of Oklahomans instead of the values of LaRaza, he might make a good legislator, but it’s doubtful that he’ll change. His pro-amnesty stance has led to the creation of a sanctuary city policy within his district. This man is bad for Oklahoma and bad for America. It’s time for him to go.

2013 Senate members and House Members
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