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The session of Congress running from after the November 2 election until the new Congress is seated in January is called a "Lame Duck" session, and it threatens to be very dangerous for health freedom and for the ongoing existence of America.
Don't be fooled by the term "lame duck". You might think a "lame duck" would be like a toothless tiger, someone powerless, but the OPPOSITE is true, heres why: A politician who will not be returning to Congress because he's lost his seat via the election but is still in power for a few more weeks after the election until the new Congress is seated is very dangerous because theres no way to make him accountable for his actions. These  "lame ducks" can be more easily pressured by special interests and party leadership to vote for bills they would otherwise not dare touch because they're leaving, so they don't care what constituents think anymore.
Theres a way we can protect ourselves from the coming "Lame Duck" that will help us defend health freedom and the ongoing existence of America, but before I discuss this I want to firt reiterate something I've been saying for a long time since there are some new people on the IAHF list who haven't heard this before (Skip this square bracketed part if you already know it, and scroll down).
[People ask me "How can we protect ourselves from Codex to defend access to dietary supplements?" My response is that we have no ability to influence what goes on at the UN Codex level where its a rigged game being driven by UN Agenda 21, a population control/societal control agenda. They're going to do what they're going to do at the UN where everything that goes on a Codex meeting is decided well in advance of the meeting even taking place. All those meetings are is a form of High Drama put on for public consumption to give an outward APPEARANCE of "fairness" and "scientific honesty" while the reality is the opposite.
The way the Bilderberg Group and Council on Foreign Relations intend to impose genocidal Codex restrictions on people world wide is via destroying the sovereignty of all nations and forcing everyone into regional governments of which the EU is the model. They're trying to destroy America and force us into a North American Union collectivist dictatorship with  Canada and Mexico and all deficit spending legislation and other nation destroying legislation is intended to drive us there. 
If we allow this to happen, FDA would be able to bypass DSHEA because through their Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada &
Mexico they have already created one harmonized set of Food and Drug regs as if the NAU Dictatorship were already in place. We've been blocked from getting congressional oversight on this by members of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee being awash in Pharma PAC donations and some are also being bought off by Senator Jay Rockefelle who controls a Foundation that sends them on 3 day golfing junkets during the winter to Tunberry Isles Golf Resort in Aventura FL where they receive an hour of pharma indoctrination then enjoy themselves the rest of the time...]
Senators Reid & Pelossi have announced intention to try to ram some 20 odd piece of very dangerous legislation through Congress during the lame duck, any one of which could destroy America and throw us into the NAU where Codex would come in via FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter.
They intend to pass:
1. Amnesty for Illegal Aliens via the DREAM Act- Part of the broader effort to erase our southern border and to break our economic backs by flooding us with illegal aliens.
2. The FDA Food Safety Bill S.510- which threatens to destroy small organic farmers via unecessary red tape.-
3. CAP & Trade- Which would put enormous unecessary burdens on manufacturers driving up prices for everyone under false environmental pretenses.
4. A VAT Tax- which would crush the middle class, a goal of the socialists who only want two classes, rich and poor so the masses can be more easily controlled.
5. Lieberman's Internet Takeover Act (which would shut down the internet as we know it, blocking our access, and ushering in "Internet 2" which would block us from using the web to bypass the mainstream media. This would kill organizations like IAHF and others which are a thorn in the side of the New World Order.- - 
Several other equally dangerous liberty destroying telephone book thick pieces of legislation intended to destroy America.
The Wall Street Journal article below provides full detail- we have a chance to potentially get 3 Republican victors seated immediately after the Nov. 2 election which would eliminate the Democrats majority during the Lame duck making it impossible for them to carry on with their CFR driven plans to destroy America and force us into the NAU via which we'd lose health freedom.
We must all help Illinois candidate Mark Cook, West Virginia candidate Mark Raese, Colorado candidate Ken Buck, Delaware candidate Christine O'Donnell. By getting these people into the Senate Democrats would have to work much harder to break a Republican filibuster- they'd have to get at least 4 Republicans to cross party lines to be able to pass anything. See the article below.
Most Americans don't realize all freedom and health freedom hangs the balance right now. Health Food stores aren't reporting this and neither are vitamin companies because vitamin trade associations are controlled from the top down by Pharma which are keeping them in the dark on Codex and related issues. Vitamin companies are also fearful of taking any sort of partisan political stance on anything for fear of losing customers. So I need all of you to very actively get out there and assist as many constitutionalists as you can, these people mentioned above IN PARTICULAR!! If you don't live in their states, please alert those who do and please contribute to their campaigns.
IAHF Needs Your Support and Help to Get to Expo East Vitamin Trade Show in Boston www.expoeast.com We will get this urgent message to as many people as we can with your help but I need help to get there. Please donate to IAHF via paypal at http://www.iahf.com/index1.html or by sending a Check or MO to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA 
At least three Senate victors could be seated immediately after the November elections, raising the possibility that Democrats could see their majority cut for the end of the year as Congress deals with several key pieces of legislation.
Associated Press
Illinois candidate Mark Kirk stresses the stakes in the lame-duck session.
Lawmakers are typically seated in January. But deaths, a resignation and a series of Democrats taking jobs in the Obama administration forced six states to fill Senate vacancies through appointment since 2008, including those created by the president and vice president.
Terms for three of those appointed senators—from Illinois, West Virginia and Delaware—expire after elections Nov. 2.
State laws require replacements to be seated immediately, and Republicans are seen as having a shot at winning in Illinois and West Virginia. The GOP candidate in Delaware, tea-party-backed Christine O'Donnell, is trailing Democratic nominee Chris Coons by double digits in recent polls.
In Colorado, where the election is considered a toss-up, Republicans also intend to push for a speedy appointment.
The possibility of early seating has created a window for candidates such as Republican John Raese in West Virginia, who tells voters he could stop a last-ditch spending effort in the lame-duck session—the period between the election and installation of a new Congress. Mr. Raese is running for Senate against the state's Democratic governor, Joe Manchin.
"John is certainly going to Washington to oppose legislation," said Mr. Raese's campaign manager, Jim Dornan. Mr. Dornan said Mr. Raese would try to help pass legislation in the next Congress.
Rep. Mark Kirk, a Republican congressman running for President Barack Obama's old Senate seat in Illinois, has created a separate website for the issue, saveusfromthelameduck.com. He mentions it "pretty much everywhere he goes," his spokeswoman said.
Polls show him ahead of his Democratic opponent, state Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.
"I would become the 42nd Republican senator, with the opportunity to put the breaks on any lame-duck overreach," Mr. Kirk said in a video on his website. Democrats are currently expected to lose about six to eight Senate seats.
The Senate's 41 Republicans can already block legislation at will, as Democrats need 60 votes to stop a filibuster. Pending business for the lame-duck session includes spending bills, the Dec. 31 expiration of the Bush tax cuts and the expected recommendations from Mr. Obama's debt commission, which reports in early December. Representatives for Majority Leader Harry Reid wouldn't comment on a lame-duck agenda.
If all three Republican candidates win in states that allow for immediate seating, Democrats would struggle to pass anything that would trigger a GOP filibuster. The party would need to wrangle as many as four Republican votes to proceed.
In July, a federal court in Illinois decided the two Senate candidates must compete in a separate special election, also on Nov. 2, to serve during the lame-duck session, which makes up the last weeks of Mr. Obama's uncompleted Senate term. Sen. Roland Burris, who was appointed as the president's successor in December 2008, has sued to be included on the special-election ballot. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to get involved in the case this week. Mr. Burris's lawyer is perusing the matter in U.S. appeals court.
Republicans want their candidate in Colorado, Ken Buck, to be seated immediately, should he defeat Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet. Mr. Bennet was originally tapped to replace then Sen. Ken Salazar, now Mr. Obama's secretary of the interior. A spokesman for Democratic state Secretary of State Bernie Buescher said that win or lose, tradition dictates Mr. Bennet will serve until January
The Senate normally deals with three to four appointments a year, said Senate associate historian Betty Koed. During the 79th Congress, a record 13 senators were appointed between 1945 and the 1946 midterms. Some stepped down immediately in accordance with state law, other resigned in December to give their successors a leg up on seniority. Others held on until January.
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