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Mid-May 2010 

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  Animals need friendhsip too!

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DISCLAIMER: EFT and FREED are gentle energywork techniques and have produced remarkable results in relieving emotional and physical distress. 
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While on vacation, consider doing surrogate energy work to release the fears of not being safe for the animals in zoos, circuses, rodeos, water parks or other forms of captivity.
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For NEW Subscribers wondering "What is FREED?" 
I created FREED, after Gary Craig (EFT Founder) announced his retirment and the end of his website.  FREED evolved after years of my experimenting with various types of energy work, including EFT.  FREED is a simpler way to release fears, phobias and negative emotions via ONLY ONE action on ONE energy meridian. 
It's faster, easier and as effective as EFT or MTT. 
No more tedious tapping, humming, counting.
Clients have commented "It's almost TOO EASY!" 
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HOW?  If you live in Canada or the USA, the long-distance phone charges are on me! 
Plus we'll get about 33% more releasements done in one hour than in the EFT sessions!
FREED Sessions release emo-garbage so fast that some clients run out of issues to work on. 
(Remaining unused time is credited to their account for future use.) 
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Featured Article
Clearing Pet Fears About Vacation Time!*
by Colleen Flanagan

Animals always know when we're going somewhere, even if we try to hide it.  As soon as they see and smell the suitcases, then hear the keys clinking they may become anxious.
Many pet sites offer suggestions for helping pets with separation anxiety.  These websites state that the animals are reacting from fear, not trying to punish the human by soiling and tearing up the house. They recommend that animal caregivers do not treat the anxiety as a behavioral issue, and that punishment or obedience training won't work.
General pet separation anxiety relief tips are here.  You can check the Humane Society for specific dog-related anxiety relief tips.  
While there's lots of great tips to ease your pet's stress while you're traveling, I didn't see anything about proactive animal energy work. 
When will the world learn that energy work is a fast, easy way to relieve pet anxiety? (I'm doing my best to spread the word and appreciate your help by forwarding this newsletter to fellow animal lovers!  Thank you!)
Before you begin packing your suitcases, why not take a few minutes to clear your animal friend's fears causing separation anxiety? 

The below stress releasing information can be used AT YOUR OWN RISK and with any energywork modality, including FREED, EFT, MTT, Reiki, Meditation or whatever you prefer! 
If you are new to EFT and want to try it, download my FREE EFT chart .  All my FREED clients can use their meridian clearing~fear releasing techniques, as we did in our sessions. 

Here's how to clear your own guilt and your animals' fears about you leaving on vacation --in 2 steps and a few moments!
Step 1- for YOU: If you're doing FREED, clear your meridian 3 times as you repeat the below statement. 
If you're doing EFT, tap on your karate chop point or rub your sore spot using the below as a setup statement 3 times, then do the 9 gamut procedure and reminder phrase tapping:
I now release all  guilt and fears about leaving my precious pet with a kennel/pet-sitter when I travel.  I know I've chosen the best service to take care of my pet while I'm gone.  I know that getting away is healthy for me and I deserve this trip. I forgive myself and stop beating myself up emotionally for leaving my pet behind.  I will send my beloved animal friend much love and beautiful mental pictures during my trip, and shower him/her with love when I return.  
Step 2-Surrogate Energywork for your Critter: If you're doing FREED, lightly run your hand at least 3 times down your animal's back, from head to tail while repeating the below statement, as if you were speaking for the animal. 
If you're doing surrogate EFT, tap on your karate chop point or rub your sore spot using the below as a setup statement 3 times, then do the 9 gamut procedure and reminder phrase tapping:
I (animal's name) now release all fears that my humans are leaving me alone again!  I release all my fears that change is not safe from ANY TIME IN MY LIFE.  I trust that my human mommy and daddy will always come home to love me again. I (animal's name) release my fears of rejection and abandonment, and of not being safe NOW!  
Please use your energywork whenever you or your pet feel agitated, anxious or out of sorts, especially around vacation time.  Traveling is fun, but sometimes things don't all go well or the preparations are stressful.  Release that stress and have a blast on your vacation this year!

Clear your energy system for the optimum health of you, your loved ones, and your animal friends!
With love and healing from the desert,
Colleen Flanagan
"The Expert to Call When You're Overwhelmed by It ALL!"

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