This newsletter is a little different from past ones. I got an email from Molly over at Buddhadharma Magazine (see below) with the attached PDF file and thought you might find it of interest... Enjoy.

Peace... Kusala

PS... Thanks Molly

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Hi there Kusala,

Molly here from Buddhadharma magazine... I thought you might be interested in the attached PDF copy of our "Unaffiliated Buddhists: Going It Alone" story, from the forthcoming Spring 2010 issue of Buddhadharma: The Practitioner's Quarterly (on sale this week). It's a great set of pieces, and I think, worthy of some viral attention, and I know you appreciate this kind of thing.


Please feel free to post the attached PDF as website content, or use in any of your digital or print communications. We'd ask that you simply credit the Spring'10 issue of Buddhadharma (and link to our website if appropriate, www.thebuddhadharma.com).

Thanks for listening, and we'll stay in touch.


Molly De Shong
Associate Publisher, Web Publications
Shambhala Sun Foundation