Leith Hill Action Group – Newsletter 10 (21st June 2012) 

Stop the Leith Hill oil drilling!

Hello and welcome to our tenth newsletter.  We thought that with the Inquiry now being just around the corner, it was high time that we updated you with news about our case.  Our expert witnesses have submitted their Proofs of Evidence, and in this newsletter we’ll give you a summary.  Before then, however, it’s time for our customary funding and event update

At Dorking Halls on Friday 15th June, hundreds of theatre goers joined legends of stage and screen Virginia McKenna and Ron Moody in our much-anticipated show “!For Goodness Sake!”  As one of the lucky members of the audience, I can only echo the words I heard from so many others – what a fantastic show!  The violinist and violist were magical, the choirs exhilarating and the performers – Virginia, Ron and creator Lindy Alexander – sensational.   We’re still awaiting the definitive final total, but we believe it to be in excess of £6,500 (and hopefully closer to £7,000 than £6,500).  What a fabulous result and we have to say a huge thank you to all of those responsible for providing us all with such an enjoyable evening.

Meanwhile, 20th June saw the LHAG bridge tea.  With eight tables being filled and a raffle to boot, a magnificent £400 was raised.  We would like to thank all of those who organised, helped out at, took part in and contributed to making the bridge tea such a fantastic success.

The tremendous news is that, with some payments still awaited, the Totalizer now stands at a tantalizing and crimson £46,000.  We’re in the final stretch!

Upcoming Events

Sunday 1st July sees the LHAG 10km run get underway.  See our LHAG 10km webpage for details.  With close to 70 runners signed up already and 10 days still to go, this is promising to be an exciting event.  We are also still looking for a few more marshalls – if you can help for a few hours that morning, please email lhag@hotmail.co.uk

On the afternoon of Sunday 22nd July, from 2pm onwards, Leylands Farm in Abinger Common will be opening its beautiful gardens to raise money for LHAG.  Cream teas and cakes & refreshments will also be available to purchase.  This will be the Sunday after the Inquiry finishes (barring any extension dates), so hopefully we’ll be in celebratory mood and this will be just the opportunity to swap war stories!  Entry is £3.50 for adults and £2.50 for children.

Case Update – Proofs of Evidence

As the public inquiry approaches, the LHAG committee and its advisors have submitted detailed Proofs of Evidence to all parties involved in the inquiry – namely, the Planning Inspectorate, Europa and Surrey County Council. 

The specialist experts that we have appointed have covered the areas of Oil and Gas and Environment within their Proofs. LHAG has included Highways, Traffic Management, Alternative Site Comparison, Green Belt and AONB in its Proof and these topics mirror Surrey County Council’s grounds for refusal. 

All parties’ Proofs have been circulated and the Committee is now wading through a mountain of paperwork submitted by Europa, analysing their arguments and briefing our barrister on potential areas for cross examination.

All Proofs of Evidence will be available for inspection at Mole Valley, Pippbrook and also at County Hall in Kingston upon Thames.  Anyone who wishes to view the documents at County Hall is advised to phone Nancy El-Shatoury from SCC on 020 8541 9095 in advance.

And finally…

Don’t forget, we need you there for the Planning Inquiry!  We need to show strength in numbers and strength of opinion.  And if you can come, it would be helpful if you could either email lhag@hotmail.co.uk or fill out our short website form so that we can try to spread attendance evenly over the eight days.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting the fight so far.

Patrick Nolan

Fundraising Committee, The Leith Hill Action Group

Summary of reasons why we are objecting to the application

Keeping in Touch

To feed back, ask questions or offer help, contact Patrick Nolan at pnoley@gmail.com

Follow our Twitter feed: @Leith_Hill_AG

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Make cheques payable to “Leith Hill Action Group” and send to:

Patrick Nolan, Chair of LHAG Fundraising, Oak Lodge, Anstie Lane, Surrey, RH5 6HA. 

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However you donate, please do provide us with your name, address and email in case we have the chance to return surplus funds (contact details are above).

Fundraising Events

10km run

Sign up for the LHAG 10km run on Sunday 1st July (and guarantee yourself the advance price of £12, rather than the turn-up price of £15) by visiting our LHAG 10km webpage.

Open garden day

On the afternoon of Sunday 22nd July, from 2pm onwards, Leylands Farm in Abinger Common will be opening its beautiful gardens to raise money for LHAG.  Cream teas and cakes & refreshments will also be available to purchase.