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Lateral flow device to rapidly detect aspergillosis

Lewis White have developed an accurate tool for the rapid indentification of aspergillosis. 100% accuracy in combination with PCR.


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The University of Manchester are announcing a new Masters Degree Program for Medical Mycology starting in September 2013.

ECDC issues risk assessment on azole resistance in Aspergillus from environmental azole fungicide. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) issued a risk assessment report on azole resistance in Aspergillus spp. and its possible link to environmental usage of azole fungicides. NOTE: The number of patients with aspergillosis in Europe are estimated at 2,400,000 patients. We are interested in any comments you may have on this report - please send to

Request for assistance from clinics in all five continents of the world with a study entitled “Pulmonary aspergillosis in kidney transplant recipients” supported by REIPI and GESITRA This study has two targets. The first target is to define some risk factors that allow the identification of a subgroup of kidney transplant recipients that would be candidates for antifungal prophylaxis active against Aspergillus. The second target is to find factors implicated in the outcome that were amenable to intervention.

We are happy to acknowledge the Allergome (the platform for allergen knowledge) 10 years anniversary on the web. Read the anniversary special report.

Articles (146 new, 36 reviews)

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Environmental improvements brought by the legal interventions in the homes of poorly controlled inner-city adult asthmatic patients: a proof-of-concept study. The provision of legal assistance to help force through home repairs has a profound influence on the asthma of the occupants (12 in sample).

Rapid quantification of viable fungi in hospital environments: analysis of air and surface samples using solid-phase cytometry Solid Phase Cytometry compared well with culture based methods to identify and provide warning of fungal contamination.

Positive associations between respiratory outcomes and fungal index in rural inhabitants of a representative sample of French dwellings Positive associations were observed between fungal index and current asthma (8.6%) and chronic bronchitis-like symptoms (8.4%), especially in rural areas (OR=2.95, 95%CI (1.10; 7.95) and 3.35, 95%CI (1.33; 8.48) respectively). 

Colonization With Small Conidia Aspergillus Species Is Associated With Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (BOS): A Two-Center Validation Study We have demonstrated in two large independent cohorts that colonization with small conidia Aspergillus species increases the risk of BOS and death. 


Diagnostic accuracy of histopathologic and cytopathologic examination of Aspergillus species To assess the diagnostic accuracy of histopathologic and cytopathologic examination (HCE) of Aspergillus species (spp), we performed an 11-year retrospective review to correlate surgical/cytology cases with a diagnosis of Aspergillus spp with their concurrent fungal culture results. The low diagnostic accuracy indicates that several fungal organisms can morphologically mimic Aspergillus spp and can only be distinguished by fungal culture and DNA sequencing.

Receptor-mediated signaling in Aspergillus fumigatus Given the dependency of A. fumigatus upon stress adaptation for colonization and infection of mammalian hosts, and the merits of targeting receptor-mediated signaling as an antifungal strategy, a closer scrutiny of sensory perception and signal transduction in this organism is warranted.

Frequency, diagnosis and management of fungal respiratory infections This review highlights key recent advances in fungal respiratory infections, encompassing developments in epidemiology, diagnostics and management, focussing on Aspergillus, Pneumocystis and Cryptococcus as key pathogens.


New Masters Degree in Medical Mycology at the University of Manchester starting in September 2013 This University of Manchester Medical Mycology Masters programme has been specifically designed for graduates who wish to develop their skills as medical mycologists. The programme aims to combine a significant level of theoretical understanding and practical skills.


Fungal diseases of horses This article reviews the clinical manifestations, diagnosis and therapeutic protocols of equine fungal infections as a support to early diagnosis and application of targeted therapeutic and control strategies.

Attention Clinicians!

You may like to contribute to the following collaborative groups who are collecting clinical data on these rare infections:

Fungiscope is a global rare fungal infection registry, a working group of ISHAM.

International Pediatric Fungal Network (PFN) collating information on treatment of pediatric patients

AspICU2 is a web-based multicentre observational survey to assess the burden of aspergillosis and other fungi in critically ill patients.

Public Health and Tropical Medicine Fellowships. It has come to our attention that there are a series of Fellowships funded by the Wellcome Trust available to applicants for low and middle income countries. We would like to encourage medical mycology applicants and would be happy to provide facilities and expertise for training at the National Aspergillosis Centre for applicants. We would like to identify applicants for these Fellowships and help facilitate application - please contact us


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