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April 2016 - Newsletter

Classic Carlectables have a new brand "Diecast Replicars"

We have just received the following information from Classic Carlectables.

"The first model to be released under this new brand is a Ford Falcon XP coupe. Below are the key features of the model:

- 1/18 scale Diecast
- Fully detailed exterior body
- Fully detailed chassis
- Chassis production number
- Exterior colour Green Velvet
- Interior colour Palomino
- Limited production of 1,000 pcs
- Printed Certificate of Authenticity
- Recommended retail price of $199.00 
- Release date June 2016
It was our intention to originally produce this model under the Classic Carlectables brand with opening bonnet, doors and boot, however pre-orders were well below expectations and it was necessary for us to re-evaluate the project.

To produce the model with full openings based on current market conditions the retail price would be in the region of $399.00.

Diecast Replicars is a brand which we will continue to develop and we have plans to release many new tooling models in the future."
I will be emailing members with pre-orders individually, if you would like your deposit transferred please let me know. Alternatively your deposit can be refunded.
1:18 Scale Diecast Replicas 1965 Ford XP Falcon Futura Hardtop - Green Velvet with Palomino Interior
Item No. 17001
Limited Edition: 1,000pcs 
Release Date: June 2016 
RRP: $199.00

Members Pre-Order Price: $189.00
Pre-Order Now
1:18 Scale Classic Carlectables Ford XA Falcon RPO83 Sedan - Polar White
                              !! Fully Opening Diecast Model !!
Item No. 18615
Limited Edition: Scheduled 1,000pcs 
Release Date: 2nd Quarter 2016 
RRP: $259.00

Members Pre-Order Price: $245.00
Pre-Order Now
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