June 2015
Summer's here! We're halfway through the year, and at last the sun is shining (for now!) Great weather is a brilliant excuse to get out and about in nature, and the Wildlife Trust's 30 Days Wild campaign is a great place to start. Here at H&H HQ, we're also celebrating Father's Day, watching some brilliant nest box webcams, looking forward to a great new book, and travelling with author Toni Shelbourne on a trip to Israel. Phew! Now, where's our suncream ...?
30 Days Wild
Can you do something wild every day for a month?
This June, the Wildlife Trusts have initiated 30 Days Wild – encouraging us to take time to connect with nature and help wildlife every day throughout the month.

Suggested random acts of wildness include feeling the grass beneath your feet, watching a sunset, following a bee for a while, and dancing around in the rain. All of the activites can be done in the typical working week, either before or after work, on your commute, in your lunch hour, or at the weekend, so no matter where you are, you can be just that little bit wilder this month.
June may already have begun, but there's still time to take part! Sign up for a 30 Days Wild pack and you'll receive a downloadable wall chart and booklet that is full of ideas to help you on your way to being wild– one for each day. Keep up to date with wild events in your area by visiting the Wildlife Trusts website, and share your acts of wildness on Twitter using the #30DaysWild hashtag!
Coming soon ... 

Helping minds meet – Skills for a better life with your dog
Dogs have shared our lives for thousands of years – to the benefit of both species. However, it’s only relatively recently that dogs, in many societies, have lived primarily as companions within the heart of the home.
This close relationship, together with society’s expectations of dogs, can pose problems. All relationships have challenges, and where individuals of different species live closely together, these can be magnified, and misunderstandings occur. These can lead to fractures in the family/dog relationship, and, in some cases, result in dogs developing behaviours that are problematic for us.
This unique book, written by professionals in the field, explains how and why many of these misunderstandings occur, and how we can work to resolve them. It aims to help us adjust the way we interact with our dogs, in order to help our dogs be well behaved, whilst at the same time enabling us to enjoy fulfilling relationships and a good quality of life with them.
Especially commissioned images illustrate the text, and worksheets are provided to help owners focus on the areas where their dog and situation can benefit from applying the suggestions made.
For more information, visit the H&H website.
By the same authors:
Happy Father's Day!
Celebrating dads with kids of all shapes and sizes!

June 21 is Father's Day, and we at H&H want to give a shout-out to all those amazing pet dads out there!
Send us pictures of your pet dads and their fuzzy, feathery or scaly kids, and we'll feature them on our Facebook page throughout the month. Simply like the Hubble & Hattie Facebook page, and post your pet dad photo directly to our wall. Alternatively, you can tweet your images to @HubbleandHattie, or email info@hubbleandhattie.com.
Toni in Israel
Among the wolves author Toni Shelbourne tells us about her latest TTouch training work ...
"Working with animals takes me far and wide, and my recent trip to Israel was a fantastic experience. There is a thirst in forward-thinking Israelis for knowledge to improve their animals' lives, and I had over 40 people attend a two-day Tellington TTouch Training Workshop in Kefar Netter, just north of the capital Tel Aviv. In 27 degree heat, under citrus trees on a beautiful farm, we spent the weekend working with the dogs attending the course, and discussing techniques and tools to take back to their clients and animals at home. Boy, can the Israelis ask questions! The result? A flood of messages of successes and Aha! moments; an extremely noise-phobic dog sleeping through fireworks, and a hyperactive puppy calming down, to name but a few.

"Recognising dogs, and other animals, as sentient, emotional beings is so important. Approaching
behavioural problems by recognising fear and anxiety, and supporting the animal at this level can often be all that is needed to help the behaviour reduce or disappear. The people who attended the course just ‘got it’ and the benefits to their dogs were observable. 

"On the third day I had the opportunity of working with dogs at a shelter. Some of the people who
organised and attended the course came with me, and already they were implementing lessons learnt from the workshop to help the dogs in their care. A tiny puppy was placed in my care, bewildered and with a sore, worm-filled belly. Almost instantly, as I did some TTouch on him, he began to come out of his catatonic state, backing up to me and opening his hind legs so I could work on his abdomen. As his belly softened, so did his face, and he lay down and slept. Later, he was taken home by one of the girls from the course to be fostered, and found his forever home the very next day. A success; a good day.

"I will be returning to Israel later in the year. It‘s a country of contradictions, but its people have a good
heart and are eager for change. I can’t wait!"

Among the wolves –Memoirs of a wolf handler, is available now from the Hubble & Hattie website.

Praise for Your dog and you
H&H's newest release is making quite a stir ... 
We're thrilled at the reception our fantastic new book, Your dog and you  – Understanding the canine psyche is getting from you guys! Check out what people are saying over at Amazon.co.uk ...

Your dog and you is available now from Amazon.co.uk, or direct from the Hubble & Hattie website.

Home is where the eggs are
Check out these fantastic birdcams to see the UK's birds like never before!
Ever wonder what a baby Barn Owl looks like? Or how many eggs a Kestrel might lay? Well, now's your chance to find out!

We've taken to the Internet to find some brilliant nest box webcams. There's a lot going on in the bird world right now, so check out our favourites below to see some fantastic live footage of Britain's birds and their new families. Awww ... 
Quote of the month
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