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So What Happened to Chad Alexander?

 Chad David Alexander, campaign consultant to some of the biggest politicians in the state, and some say the drug mule for the Oklahoma Senate up until his arrest back in 2014.    Sources said back then that the Oklahoma Police Department repaid a marker to Oklahoma County D.A. David Prater by following Alexander until they caught him buying drugs in order to seize his cell phone, laptop, and get into his private and political email.


OKC police caught Alexander purchasing $200 worth of cocaine, allegedly for personal use, pulling him over after seeing him meet with a known drug dealer.    After pulling his car over Alexander gave them a wallet with a District Attorney’s badge, claiming that he was an assistant D.A..    While standing outside the car Alexander retrieved a small pill bottle and tossed it into the back seat, which the cop promptly recovered.  The pill bottled contained oxycodone and clonazepam, two prescription narcotics that Alexander admitted not having a prescription.  Alexander then admitted that he had a bag of cocaine under his seat.  


Chad Alexander was arrested for impersonation of an officer under Oklahoma Statute 21-1533, for cocaine possession, and for the illegal possession of prescription narcotics.    Lots of media coverage, the boy is going to jail and likely dragging down a lot of powerful Republican politicians with him.


Or not.  Fast forward to October 1st and you find the case closed, extraordinarily fast and one without fanfare or major publicity.   Alexander found himself a deal it appears and the case was brought before Judge Cindy Truong, a judge rumored to do just about anything that David Prater asked.


The deal on the legal end is documented in Alexander’s CF-2014-3503 criminal felony file.  He got two years of close supervision by the D.A.’s office and three years deferred sentencing meaning that after five years if he has been a good boy they will wipe his record clean of the arrest.    Alexander paid $1315.00 in fines and fees, agreed to 40 hours of community service, agreed to psychiatric counseling, agreed not to drink alcohol or use illegal drugs or visit places that sold alcohol, agreed to take twice monthly alcohol and drug tests for the first year and random tests the second year, agreed to not possess firearms, and to attend AA meetings every week.


What should he have received?  Under our laws he would have received two to five years prison time and up to $5,000 in fines.   And had David Prater wanted to charge Alexander with trafficking Alexander would have faced life in prison.


But David Prater wasn’t trying to fill the state prisons; he was after political pressure so he settled for seizing Alexander’s cell phone, phone records, and rifled through emails and documents, you know that Alexander gave Prater anything that he wanted.  And received a slap on the wrist and some monitoring.  The beauty of Prater’s tactics is that he doesn’t even have to use the dirt he dug up, just has to sit on it knowing full well that Alexander spilled the beans to his clients or the clients will assume as much.  Then Prater becomes the guy that you can’t say no to if he asks you to file a bill, vote for legislation, or turn on an ally and give up damaging information.


 There is no doubt that Alexander was used to get inside information on potential political crimes, the news stories admitted the same, and that Prater’s investigators dug through Alexander’s cell phone and computers.   The target was the dark money groups that financed several Republican races in late 2014 including TW Shannon’s run for Congress and the State Superintendent race.


David Prater of course used all of this in a very public manner, issuing press releases a week before the primary and general election claiming that he was investigating, stirring the pot and trying desperately to turn voters against Republican candidates.   Forcing a quick plea deal prior to the election and getting Alexander to admit publically that he was cooperating with the investigation were intended to stampede Republican elected officials and force them out of the race.   Prater didn’t achieve his goal of affecting the State School Superintendent nor the Congressional race but you can bet he put some powerful people under this thumb for some time to come and will be using that leverage to influence legislation and to influence candidates to not run for office.






The Oklahoman Continues to Attack the Duly Elected GOP Chairman

The Oklahoman editorial staff continued their vicious attacks against State GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon last week while protecting Planned Parenthood from the blowback over the sale of child body parts.

They found Randy Brogdon’s views on ending abortion in Oklahoma offensive as Brogdon advocated shutting down Planned Parenthood and outlawing abortion in the state.  Now as two thirds of all Americans also oppose abortion one would wonder why the Oklahoman editorial staff (read owners) would be hell bent on justifying the gruesome videos and protecting both abortion and Planned Parenthood here in Oklahoma.  The answer would be in big business and the perceived “need” to make Oklahoma a less “backward” state so they can recruit companies from the East and West coast.  Even worse Brogdon made the ultimate offense in their eyes by asking Republican officials and legislators to follow the anti abortion Republican Party Platform.

Brogdon made the point that the Supreme Court has little power of its own so why not just ignore Roe v. Wade?  Kind of like the dozens if not hundreds of cities that refuse to follow federal immigration law.  Even worse Brogdon confirmed that he was planning on pushing legislators and Governor Fallin to do exactly that, outlaw abortions.

The Oklahoman continued beating the drum that Brogdon doesn’t speak for the elected officials or even most Oklahoma Republicans.   However they haven’t forgotten that Brogdon received the most votes, slaughtering a split ticket scheme orchestrated by incumbent GOP Chairman Dave Weston and RINO gadfly Pam Pollard, and is now the duly elected head of the state GOP.

So things haven’t changed; Republican values continue to be under attack as power slips from the hands of the RINOs who have ruined the Republican Party image for so long.  People are sick of liars in the media, sick of the slanted “news”, sick of the evisceration of any credible conservative leaders and Donald Trump is just one sign of the awakening of true conservative values in politics.  Don’t look for the Oklahoman to change their tune as they know this is a fight to the death for the liberal branch of the Republican Party.


Trailer Trash at the State Capitol

Controversy erupted last week after Governor Fallin’s 28 year old daughter was discovered illegally living in a trailer on the grounds of the governor’s mansion.    In doing so they violated codes written by a state commission designed to protect the Capitol District as local laws were not enforced on state property.

Christina Fallin had moved her trailer onto the grounds in April, sucking up enormous amounts of electricity to cool the trailer, all paid for of course by tax dollars.  Fallin threw out a red herring that her daughter would drink water and use the lights inside the mansion if she  were living there, counting on a complacent media to not point out the obvious cost of air conditioning a large trailer house.

Failin invoked “family values”, something she is an expert on after having several of them in succession, and said that if her daughter asked for her help then she wasn’t going to turn her down.  Fine…. Then write a check to the state to cover the increased utility costs and do just that instead of allowing tax dollars to be used to support her spawn.

The controversy erupted after a local blogger mentioned the issue and a local TV station sent their helicopter over to take a look.  Meanwhile Fallin’s current husband has two sons, Alex and Adam, living at the mansion as well. Alex is home during the summer and Adam is living large in an apartment over the mansion’s garage.  What?  No basement for the losers to live in?



One Year Later, How is Obama Care Doing?

One of the many provisions of Obama Care was the ability to create nonprofit co-ops that could compete with the big insurance companies with the idea of increasing competition and driving down prices.  Yet out of 23 co-ops only one has stayed solvent according to a report from the Health and Human Services Department.  Of those 23 co-ops there were 13 that had trouble finding “customers” and one of them spent six times as much on administrative expense as it took in in premiums.  At risk is the repayment of 2.4 billion in taxpayer funded loans used to set up these boondoggles.

One of the co-ops has already been shut down, the Iowa/Nebraska co-op was shut down by state officials due to financial difficulties and the Louisiana Health Cooperative will stop offering insurance coverage as of the year end.  Despite increasing enrollment the co-op continue to bleed red ink.

Taxpayers were to provide start up money and reserve fund guarantees to meet financial standards imposed by state regulators on insurance companies.   As no private money is at risk there is no one watching the store so to speak, no skin in the game by the officials.

 The Inspector General’s report found that losses ranged from Kentucky losing over 50 million to Montana’s 3.5 million dollar loss.   Illinois projected a 28 million dollar profit and instead showed a loss of nearly 18 million dollars.  New York suffered 35 million dollars in losses.

Of the 23 co-ops nine exceeded their enrollment goals with Ney York enrolling five times the expected policies while Arizona, Illinois, and Massachusetts brought in 4% of their expected policies.   Medical claims exceeded the income from premiums in 19 of the 23 co-ops as older and sicker people enrolled while the healthier ones stayed away.

One news agency calculated administrative costs that ranged from nearly eleven thousand dollars per person down to $430.00 per person with most co-ops having over one thousand dollars per person.  Massachusetts collected about three million in premiums and spent six times that on administration alone.

Then there is the upcoming “Cadillac tax” that sets a 40%  non deductable excise tax on policies worth over $10,200 for individuals.  The idea was to tax the “overly generous” plans that were “over consuming” health care resources.    Once upon a time it was the employers that paid the premiums that were responsible for getting the best value for their money and now bureaucrats  are now responsible for penalizing employers for hiring employees with higher costs due to disabled family members, or cancer clusters in families, larger families, birth defects, high cost areas or high risk businesses like manufacturing or law enforcement. And as the top cost is linked to inflation it will gradually include more and more health plans.

Worse, the tax is levied on more than just medical expenses, an ancillary programs like wellness programs.  Even the federal employees program will be impacted by 2019 for individual plans.  Even worse as wages stagnate and even go backward the ratio between health care costs for a company and the wages rises.  The general point to all of this is to force companies to put more and more of the cost of the insurance premiums on the employees and therefore taxable.

More and more businesses are changing their health plans trying to evade the 40% tax rate and eventually most companies are going to phase out offering health care as a benefit.  This of course is the eventual goal, national health care, with the efficiency of the Post Office and the compassion of the IRS.


Missteps by the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women’s

President Pam Pollard But Where are the Oklahoman Editorials and Outrage from Senators David Holt, A J Griffin,

and Stephanie “Jihad Jane” Bice?


Ever the attention political whore and gadfly Pam Pollard thrust herself into the limelight last week after one of her assistants posted a picture on the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women’s Face book page.    During a phone conversation with a TV reporter Pollard allegedly read the comments and viewed the picture and deleted both before the end of the phone conversation.   Pollard of course was one of the alternative candidates in this year’s GOP State Chairman election, an artifact designed to split the vote and get RINO Dave Weston re elected, a tactic that failed.

The photo depicted a black man hanging from a tree with a noose around his neck with this text imposed over the photograph:    “The KKK was formed by the Democrats to keep control over black Americans. The Democrats of today just traded ropes for welfare”'

Of course the usual suspects became “offended”, Democrat leaders, black organizers and rabble rousers, all claiming the post was offensive because  it insinuated that the Democratic Party ever had associations with the KKK or other white supremacist groups and that the post insinuated that there were more blacks on welfare.

Of course the Democrats did indeed have long associations with both slavery and the KKK.   It was the Republican Party that elected Abraham Lincoln who ended slavery in the Southern states with his Emancipation Proclamation, albeit the Northern states continued the practice of slavery after the Civil War.   Democrats in Southern States controlled everything in a bloc of one party states for about a century after the war until President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act after Republicans finally pushed the Act through Congress.

The welfare claims are weak as well; while it is true that blacks represented only about a quarter of welfare recipients they also represent only about half of that, 13%, of the American population, making their participation double that of other races.   Whites may well be 40% of the welfare rolls but there are a whole lot more whites than blacks.

So given that there is some hard truth to Pollard’s group Face book post the mystery is where are all the other RINOs that came down so hard on GOP Chairman Randy Brogdon over other perceived missteps?  The answer of course is that both instances were harmless, a regurgitation of old posters and hardly offensive to the vast majority of normal American citizens but Brogdon’s “missteps” were politically useful to the elite and Pollard’s “missteps” are embarrassing to the RINOs.

So nary a peep from the Oklahoman, or Senators David Holt, A J Griffin, or Stephanie “Jihad Jane” Bice and accordingly the national media was short lived.  Amazing what a few RINOs can do to defame the Repubican Party when it suits their agenda. 



Estella Hernandez is Probably Proud of her Efforts to Keep Men Like This From Being Deported

By now you have heard the story of Jesus Deniz Mendoza, who murdered a man and woman and shot their young daughter twice after the family had gone out of their way to assist Mendoza on the side of the road.  We all know how hard RINOs like Oklahoma County Vice Chairwoman Estella Hernandez has worked to keep people like Mendoza in the U.S. and we know why; Estella Hernandez was herself an illegal alien when she was brought to the U.S., just like Jesus Deniz Mendoza.

Mendoza shot a family that had offered to help him, two weeks after being released without bail on burglary and drug charges.   Mendoza is now charged with killing Jason Shane and Tama Shane, and shooting Jorah Shane twice while she was running away from the scene near Pryor Montana.   Mendoza’s own parents had had him arrested for stealing jewelry and handguns from their locked car.

Tama Shane had noticed Mendoza’s car on the side of the road as she was driving home so she came back with her husband Shane and daughter Jorah to offer assistance only to be met with a pointed .22 caliber rifle and demands that they get out of their car and give Mendoza their money.  After telling Mendoza that they didn’t have anything other than pocket change Mendoza ordered them to walk away before shooting them in the back.     Mendoza told FBI agents that he was tired of waiting around and because the daughter Jorah had laughed at him.

Mendoza’s parents were also illegal aliens at one point; at least you begin to realize that after reading about the family, because the media isn’t telling this part of the story.   Mendoza appears to be one of the DACA kids, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an Obama program that “legalized” illegal aliens and their kids, similar to the Santa Cruz California case where the DACA kid raped and murdered an eight year old girl.

Mendoza was granted a green card in late 2013, something that Estella Hernandez would love to see happening more and more.  And she is winning, the last report on the Oklahoma County school enrollment found that 49% of all children enrolled were of Hispanic descent.


Great job Estella Hernandez.   Mendoza ‘s photo looks just like one of the illegal aliens that you employ in your construction business.   I bet he works cheap too so you can earn a little more on each job and save on paying taxes on your workers.




Oklahoma State Senator David Holt Connected to Former U.S. House Speaker Indicted for Payoff in Alleged Homosexual Scandal

By the Watchman


We here at the Sooner Tea Party have really seen some dirt bag politicians who have claimed to be conservatives, but never before have had we run across one as bad as this. He not only lies about his Conservative credentials, he’s an Attorney and Professor at Law and he failed to follow the laws himself. Does this man, Senator David Holt, belong in the Senate or even a member of the Oklahoma State Bar? We’ll present to you our findings and let you decide.


We began our research on the Senator by going to his web page at and this is what we found Senate - Oklahoma Legislature. It is on this page that we learned that he has served for the Mayor of Oklahoma City, the Lt. Governor of Oklahoma, a former Speaker of the House and President Bush. Although an Attorney by trade, he has worked in politics most of his life.


We were aware of the Mayor, Lt. Governor and President that he had served with, but the Speaker of the House was a surprise. This is what we found Details About the Indictment of Dennis Hastert - The New York Times. This raises a serious question about the morality of Senator Holt. How much of this did he know about while he worked for this man in the District of Corruption? How much of the ways they do things there rubbed off on him?


The next item of interest we found was this David Holt (politician) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Here we found more information about his family and his professional career. It was here that we learned that at one point he also worked for Senator Inhofe.


The next item of interest we found was this Vote David Holt for Oklahoma State Senate. What gets to us here, is the fact that he says he believes in limited government, yet has voted consistently to grow the size of government in our state since our election. That’s not what a Conservative does.


The next item of interest we found was this David Holt - Ballotpedia. This is a very telling report. Here we have a man that lives in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area year round and on top of his $38,400.00 a year salary for working for a few months, he’s collecting an additional $160.00 a day to be there.  What idiot said that this was okay to make the tax payers pay for? That’s an additional $12,800.00 a year for a part time job that these people aren’t even good at.



We next visited the Ratings and Endorsements page here David Holt's Ratings and Endorsements - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. We thought we’d give you a few examples of what to expect. Remember the higher the percentage the worse off it is for you the consumer.



2015 Oklahoma Farm Bureau                      100%

2014 Research Institute for Economic Development        100%



2014 OCPAC       60%

2013 OCPAC       65%


Fiscally Conservative

Sooner Tea Party             30%


Even these records show that the more liberal OCPAC believe that Senator Holt is not a Conservative at all but a very liberal individual. He must have hung around with too many liberals while he worked in D.C.


We next looked at his campaign financed page here David Holt's Campaign Finances - The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart. For the campaign cycle ending in 2012 it shows a total of $54,507.00 in contributions to his campaign. Here are just a few examples: 


OneOk Inc. (ONG)                           $1,000.00

Cox Communications                     $   500.00

Oklahoma Assoc. of Comm. Action Agencies       $250.00


This was in a year in which he was not up for re-election. We found several references to individual donations but by far the most donations were made by Corporations who are the backbone of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and Liberal Special Interest Groups.  We knew we would have to go elsewhere to find a more complete accounting of his campaign records.



The next item of interest we found was this David Holt - Oklahoma Legislature - Open States. Here we ask that you take note of the fact that he reported just under $200,000 in contributions in 2010 and less than $25,000 in contributions in 2012. What money we’ve found so far just doesn’t add up. He ran a campaign and won in 2014 in a metropolitan area, and we can find no donations past 2012. Something is very wrong here.


The next item of interest we found was this Oklahoma State Senate | Oklahoma Watch | State Salaries. This just tells you the salary. It doesn’t tell you the per diem of the legislators. We would still like to know why we the tax payers are paying them this outlandish per diem when they are only part time employees. They don’t deserve it and they darn sure don’t earn it.


The next item of interest we found was this State Senator David Holt thinks education policy should be guided by Maggie Gyllenhaal movies | The Lost Ogle. This one makes us scratch our heads and ask what kind of lunatics we are electing to office these days.  The man watches a movie and decides to sponsor legislation that mirrors the movie.  That’s pure lunacy.


We then found this article from Senator Holt 'People don't care,' says senator speaking out against voter apathy | Oklahoma City - OKC - We would tend to disagree with the Senator. Yes there is a lot of voter apathy in this country, but it’s not because people don’t care. It’s because people are sick and tired of always having to choose between the lesser of two evils. Similar to how you got elected Senator Holt.


The next article of interest we found was this Senator David Holt’s Campaign Featured in C&E | AH Strategies. This is a political strategy firm that is generally hired by politicians to run their campaigns for them. The largest one in the state is run by Oklahoma Representative Tom Cole, and is from all we have been able to find out, the one that is the one that is willing to use low ball tactics to get their people elected first.


That led us directly to this Joint fundraising alleged in probe of campaign activity | The Journal Record 

Although no specific campaign consulting firm was mentioned, there are just a few in the state that would qualify and AH Consulting is one of them. This is another question that must be answered.


It took some deep digging but we finally found an article where the Senator worked for the Mayor of Oklahoma City here City of Oklahoma City | Mayor. As hard as we might all we basically found was a resume’.


The next item of interest we found was this Oklahoma State Senator Speaks Out Regarding American Indian Cultural Center and Museum | TheOKieBlaze. Using a partial quote from him “Some years ago, in its infinite wisdom, the state began a project in Oklahoma City, my community…”  This was in 2014. There was no legislation passed in 2014, however there was in 2015. In a deal reached behind closed doors between the House and the Senate each Chamber passed a bill for $25 million dollars towards a POP Museum in Tulsa and the American Indian Cultural Museum in Oklahoma City. That was done in a year where they were working with a $611 million dollar shortfall in the balance. Part of that money was stolen from the unclaimed property of fellow Oklahomans.  In short they’ve become a government of thieves.


The next article we found was this Oklahoma Passes Bill That Restricts Public Access to Police Videos | TruthVoice. This bill allows Police Departments to withhold film of any nature that “depicts acts of violence, nudity or information that reveals the identity of crime victims, police officers or informants. So much for open government right Senator Holt. 


We next went to to see what they had available on his campaign finances.   Here is some of what we found.



Aug. 02, 2013     BP Corp                .               $   500.00

Aug. 21, 2013     OneOk                                  $1,000.00

Oct. 22, 2014      Chesapeake Energy        $   500.00

Nov. 08, 2014     General Motors Co. PAC $  500.00


The list of corporations lining his pockets with campaign funds is vast and it includes all of the ones that want you the tax payer to pick up the tab for their employees insurance. The big driving force behind that is the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. This is a man that isn’t working for the citizens of the state of Oklahoma; he is working for the corporations that run the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.


In closing there is only one thing we can say. Senator Holt you are no Conservative. You can’t even make a pimple on a good conservatives butt. Your claim to be for a small government has long ago been dispelled by the continuous growth of our state government. You have spent your entire life in politics and all you’ve done is lied to your constituents. You need to get out of office and the sooner the better. Let an honest man in office to finish your term.