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Monday 1 March 2012
New Firmware for ProFlex Lite (Gx24)
PM500 Long Cable File Transfer Notes
New Firmware for ProFlex Lite

New firmware (Gx24) is available for the ProFlex Lite.

More Information on this update is available [ here ]

The firmware is available from this [ link ]

PM500: Long Cable File Transfer Note
There is a new FAQ on using the long USB cable to transfer data between the PM500 head and your PC [ here ].
Summary: On some PC's, deleting a file on the PM500 head results in the file being corrupted. It is best to use the long cable to transfer files, but then delete them using the data collector.
Or one can also use a thumbdrive: plug the thumb drive into the PM500 using the short cable, accept copying all of the internal PM500 files to the thumbdrive.
I believe that if you get files stuck on a PM500, you can erase them all with a three-fingered-reset or by sending the $PASHS,INI,3 command.
New Location for AshGPS Mirror
With the new year, I have made a 'new' mirror location for the Ashtech FTP site.
This link [ mirror ] will take you to the root of the mirror.
A full list of all files on the Ashtech FTP site, sorted by date, with links to the mirrored files, can be found [ here ].
If the official Ashtech FTP site goes down, these links can be very handy! In some cases files can be downloaded from the mirror at higher rates than from the FTP site.
New Firmware for MB100, MB500 and MB800
New firmware (Version x24) for the MB100, MB500 and MB800 (the MB800 was announced Feb 4 in advertisments.)
Details of the new firmware can be found [ here ].
The new version adds GNSS-centric Z-Blade processing. This allows the board to fix with GLONASS SV's only. It also includes enhanced SBAS processing and heading functions with Duo mode.
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