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John Bennett Was Right and We told you So
*Editors note:   I was tempted to use one of the more graphic Muslim beheading pictures but decided to spare the readers the gore.  However I strongly advise everyone to Google “Muslim beheading” on Google Images and take the time to see exactly what your children will face if the Islamic threat is not stopped in Oklahoma.
By now everyone has heard about the Moore beheading committed by Alton Alexander Nolen who calls himself “Jah’Keem Yisrael” on his facebook page.  The thirty year old Muslim charged into Vaugh Foods in Moore after being fired recently and sawed off the head of the first employee he ran into, Colleen Hufford, a 54 year old woman.  Early reports have stated that Nolen had no connection to the woman.
Sources inside the Moore police department told the Sooner Tea Party investigators that Nolen screamed Islamic slogans during the attack that decapitated Hufford and stabbed a second woman employee before the CEO of the company confronted Nolen and shot him.   Both the suspect and the second victim were taken to OU Medical Center for non life threatening injuries.
Of course the local Muslim leaders used the unfortunate woman’s death to further their agenda, calling for increased security to protect the Muslims from possible retaliation.
Now is it just me or do others think that maybe it isn’t the Muslims that need protecting?
Nolen had an Arabic slogan tattooed on his stomach along with other religious tattoos on other parts of his body.   He was convicted on drug related charges and assaulting an officer a few years ago and served a short prison sentence.
We are told by the news media and by our own government that Islam is the religion of peace yet their holy books are filled with directions to do violence against those that do not believe.
We are being told by our government that this attack was a simple case of workplace violence and is not to be considered a terrorist attack.  Yet Moore police sources reported that Nolen had tried to convert many of his coworkers to Islam during his tenure at the food plant.  And the Moore police called in the FBI and when was the last time you saw the FBI get involved in a simple workplace violence case?
The simple fact is that Islam is not a religion of peace and it really isn’t a religion at all but a socio political form of government that controls every aspect of the life of a Muslim.  There is no such thing as a radical Muslim, there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, there is just Islam.
There is a element radicalizing Muslims in the Moore/Norman area and we have seen the signs of it for many years.   Recall the October 1st 2005 Joel "Joe" Henry Hinrichs III suicide bombing at OU, which included a roommate named Fazal M. Cheema, a Pakistani student by some accounts, a Palestinian by other accounts.  There is one blog in particular that did an excellent documenting the inconsistencies in that OU suicide bombing.  Here are some of the highlights from their archived blogs:
“A student, Adam Smith, related last week that he learned from a ticket taker at Gate 6 on the north side of the football field that a young man had tried to gain entrance. The ticket taker wanted to examine the man’s backpack, which prompted the man to sprint away, Smith said he was told.”
“Speaking of his car, federal investigators gave it the once-over but then left it in the parking lot of the apartment complex where Hinrichs lived with three or four Muslim students. By the way, the Muslim Students Association office is across the street from the apartment complex, as is the mosque attended by alleged 9/11 ?20th hijacker? Zacarias Moussaoui while he was attending a local flight school.”
“Never mind that, according to local news reporters, the bomb-making material found in Hinrichs’ apartment was triacetone triperoxide — the explosive chemical of choice of shoe bomber Richard Reid and the London 7/7 subway bombers.”
And of course Zacarias Moussaoui was mentioned the  accused 20th hijacker from the 9-11 attacks.   The now defunct flight school, the local mosque, and suicide bomber Hinrichs were all within a few miles of each other.   Add the protests at OU when Rick Santorum spoke in 2012 and you just have to ask these questions:
  • Is there a radical element within the Muslim community that is radicalizing people?
  • Was Nolen on the FBI’s radar?
  • Are the mosques harboring or participating in any radicalization of the local people?
  • Is there a terror cell operating in Cleveland County?
One local political activist has addressed some of these questions starting back in 2007.   John Angier has accused  Congressman Tom Cole of meeting in “secret” town hall meeting with Muslims and posted this video to back up his claim.
Angier also claimed to have connected the CAIR organization, one of the unindicted co conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism/money laundering trial, to a local business called Home Creations of Moore Oklahoma.   Angier and a blog called BatesLine.com  pointed out that the Oklahoma Governor's Ethnic American Advisory Council was loaded with Muslims and no other representatives of other minority groups back in 2007 and the Council was eventually disbanded in April of 2011 after Mary Fallin refused to sign the executive order authorizing the group.
Below is a list of board members of that Council including the one of the owners of the Home Creations business:
Chair   Marjaneh Seirafi-Pour
Dr. Riaz Ahmad,  Malaka A. Elyazgi,  Mohammad Farzaneh,  Dr. Fayyaz H. Hashmi,  Dr. Basel S. Hassoun,  Dr. Mohammad Karami,  Dr. Sandra Kaye Rana,  Wes Salous
Mohamad’s brother Jalal Farzaneh also appeared on minutes of the Council’s meeting according to public documents.   Batesline.com went further and linked one of the Council’s members with a business partner that had been indicted as a terrorist fundraiser:
“He was a business partner in a small shop in Oklahoma City with Mufid Abdulqader, who was indicted as a fundraiser for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, of which Abdulqader's half-brother is the supreme political leader.”
Strangely enough the John Angier’s blogs are nearly inaccessible due to a virus that either locks your screen or redirects you to another website within seconds of your opening the web page.  Google has search results of the archived blogs and the show up for two to three seconds and we learned that if you were very quick you could capture the website address and search for it on archive websites like the Wayback Machine.
“It's not the West Bank....
And in some way it has happen even in Moore, Oklahoma, Thanks to Mayor Glenn Lewis caving into pressure from CAIR-OK and their #1 backer Home Creations on Jan 15, 2010
We found another item where Angier states that CAIR is supported by Home Creations, on a Facebook comment section:
If Angier is correct and Home Creations is a major contributor for CAIR, then Jalal, Amir, and Mohammad Farzaneh, the three brothers connected to Home Creations need to be scrutinized carefully by authorities.  Amir is an immigration attorney  and may or may not be connected intimately with Home Creations but he is active in the Muslim community.
The Muslim decapitation attack in Moore has brought home to Oklahoma just how dangerous the Muslim socio political movement is.   The murderer had a facebook page filled with hate toward non believers and included images of the World Trade Centers burning on 9-11 and pictures of Muslim terrorists dressed in battle gear and brandishing weapons.
One of the most chilling statements is this statement posted on the page with the picture of the burning World Trade Towers:
“These are the things you join the army and etc to fight for your freedom.
A Future Prophecy Revelation 18:8 She (The statue Of Liberty) is going into flames. She and anybody who's with her.”
Here are some pictures from years ago of the Muslim compound in Norman which some called a fortress.
This next story covers the new mosque in Norman and lists a half dozen more mosques in the area or surrounding Oklahoma towns.
This story says that the one of the local mosques admits that Nolen was a visitor.
This story covers the expansion of the Tulsa mosque.  You have to wonder about the comment left at the top of the comment  section on this story:
Muslim children not only need halal meat or Eid Holidays but they need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their development period also. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. Legally, the state has an obligation to respect the rights of parents to ensure that 'education and teaching(of their children) is in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions.' The schools must satisfy the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural needs of Muslim pupils. State schools with non-Muslim monolingual teachers are not in a position to satisfy their needs. A good school is not just a knowledge factory or a conveyor belt for churning out exam passes - it is a community, a family. A community is held together by common values and principles.”
You can see this man has no interest in joining the great American melting pot.
The Oklahoma Counter Terrorism Caucus was formed to protect Oklahomans from terrorism and to expose the CAIR connections with terrorist groups such as the Holy Land Foundation.   The chairman, Rep. John Bennett was savagely attacked by CAIR and the liberal media while CAIR played the victim and called for protection from Oklahomans.   Turns out that Rep. Bennett was completely justified and that the Counter Terrorism Caucus needs to pressure local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to infiltrate and break up any Muslim terror cells that are operating in our state and to keep a very close eye on the mosques and Muslim leaders.
How Many Times Do We Have to Say We Told You So?
David Prater Squeezes Chad Alexander
What Oklahoma Politician will be Sacrificed for a Plea Deal?
You read it here first, the fact that Oklahoma County Prosecutor David Prater’s ultimate target was Found Holland and that Chad Alexander was just a means to the end for Prater.   The story in the Oklahoman last week proved that once again the Sooner Tea Party had their finger on the pulse of the corruption emanating from the Oklahoma County District Attorneys office.
The story went over the history of A.H. Strategies; Fount Holland’s consulting business that catapulted RINO Republicans into ownership of the House and Senate here in Oklahoma between 2004 and 2008.   The story was told of the blowback that A.H. Strategies clients received such as Patrice Douglas who had a TV commercial showing her behind bars and alluded to her political consultants being under criminal investigation.  Douglas lost to Steve Russel in the Republican runoff election and the Oklahoman article blasted A.H. Strategies as being “on the ropes” and hurting clients with the bad publicity from the criminal investigations, leading to three major loses for the group this year.
Fount Holland and Trebor Worthen, the A.H. Strategies partners denied losing customers and blamed the losses on other factors other than Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater coming after them.
But the truth gets told when the Oklahoman story gets to the State Superintendent race where incumbent Janet Barresi was soundly defeated, coming in third place in a three way primary.  A.H. Strategies win in that race was discounted the Oklahoman reported because Barresi was “unpopular with the voters.” 
Yah think?
The article got to the real purpose of writing it when they brought up the arrest of Chad Alexander in May of this year and the seizure of Alexander’s cell phones and laptop so that the prosecutors could rummage through the information.  Prater’s investigators claimed to have stumbled upon incriminating evidence while doing a cursory look for drug related evidence and obtained a search warrant for the phone.  Of course it was only this year that the Supreme Court handed down a decision that gave a lot of protection to information on cell phones and Prater was surely aware of the decision but that didn’t stop the fishing expedition.
Holland continues to proclaim that there was no collusion on the independent expenditures in the State Superintendent race or in TW Shannon’s senate race.  The evidence leaked by Prater so far seems very weak as it is 2013 text messages talking about interviewing Holland’s company and Chad Alexander’s company to choose one of them as the campaign consultant.
Holland signed her contract with A.H. Strategies on April 26th, 2013, after interviewing both companies. 
Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater’s game here is obvious.   He first announced the fund raising investigation before the Primary in an attempt to damage Shannon and State Superintendent Hofmeister’s campaigns, then brought it up again in the news the Friday before the Runoff election in an attempt to influence the Democratic Primary election for State Superintendent.  Freda Deskin was their back up candidate to Barresi and Hofmeister’s stunning win over Barresi showed Prater that if he wanted to have any influence over who won he would have to remind Democratic primary voters that Hoffmiester was damaged goods to the extent that even Freda Deskin could win.
Deskin of course had been badly wounded by the Sooner Tea Party article in the spring of this year and that convinced the Democratic Party hard core activists to abandon their support for Deskin despite the Democratic elite’s continued support.
But Prater is in trouble now because Democratic John Cox isn’t Prater’s man unless he can dig up any dirt on Cox for leverage.   Prater will no doubt leak more inside information just prior to the November election in an attempt to knock off Hoffmiester, preferring a Democrat to win even if he has no control over him.
But there is more to Prater’s cold calculation and dishonesty. 
There are two major political consulting firms, A H Strategies lead by Fount Holland and CMA strategies lead by Pat Mcferron. 
Mcferron started his political consulting career at Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates, the group ran by Tom Cole, then went on to form CMA which became the State Chamber of Commerce pollster and consulting group.   The notorious Neva Hill and Mike McCarville are allies with CMA and all three are controlled by the State Chamber of Commerce.
AH Stategies works with a lot of RINO establishment candidates but Founder Fount Holland has sympathy and respect for conservatives and has quietly helped many conservative Republican.  Recall that Holland helped push TW Shannon into the Speaker chair and helped take down Kris Steele
Not only does the Oklahoma County Prosecutor David Prater attack weaken AH Strategies it also drives business to CMA as the only safe place to get campaign consulting without worry of being investigated or attacked.
The Oklahoman of course is dancing to the tune of the State Chamber so they were on opposite sides of Holland on the State Superintendent race.  Holland backed Hoffmiester and the State Chamber and the Oklahoman backed Barresi.  The ties are obvious as Ray Carter, former House media guy, is an editorial writer for the Oklahoman and his wife Jennifer served as Barresi’s chief of staff.  Few people know how incestuous the media and elected official’s staff is as it is a very small pool that they swim in.
Predicting the Future
Chad Alexander is small potatoes to Oklahoma County Prosecutor David Prater but Prater is squeezing Alexander and Alexander will make a deal to avoid serious jail time.   Alexander got caught with a lot of prescription drugs that he didn’t have a prescription for along with the cocaine so he is facing years in prison and the boy is too smart not to cut a deal.   The only uncertainty is who he is going to turn over to Oklahoma County Prosecutor David Prater

Illinois cop gets 440 years for rapes
Another Cop Goes to the Weasels
By Ms PM
Last week in our newsletter we did a story about serial rapist trooper Eric Roberts Brown. The OHP knew about the incident in June and failed to do anything until September when they finally arrested this menace to society.
Tulsa County Deputy Gerald Nuckolls decided it was a good idea to go to a woman’s home around 4 am to investigate a 911 hang up call. These following allegations against Nuckolls surfaced when the women finished their report to the police.
Nuckolls took one of the two women to his SUV and questioned her for quite a while in the dark. After the two got out of the vehicle Nuckolls asked the homeowner about drugs and she gave permission to search the home. Inside the garage he asked if she was wearing a bra and pulled her dress down. She stated that she pulled her dress up and then he started to touch himself and then exposed his treasure.
Right about now would anyone be thinking that this guy is half a bubble off plum? Another question is when you have a bad feeling about a situation, why ignore it?
The other woman said he exposed himself to her as well and made her touch him. Apparently he has been able to search out women who bow to his “I’m the police, go along with what I tell you to do” authority. One of these day’s he is going to pick the wrong woman not afraid to take his treasure chest to the grave yard. Does anyone remember Lorena Bobbitt?
The report said that Nuckolls has had sexual behavior with approximately six women on traffic stops or calls. He also admitted to “showing off” to several women. He says his personal computer has the evidence.
“Tuesday evening, jail records showed Nuckolls was being held in lieu of a $65,000 bond for one count of sexual assault and battery and one count of indecent exposure. As of Wednesday, a second count of sexual assault and battery was added, increasing his bond to $125,000. Jail records also show Nuckolls has a court appearance set for September 23, 2014.
In this next article it states that Nuckolls admitted that he “has a problem for pretty women.” We say that pretty women have nothing to do with the way he is wired. If the world had no pretty women how long does anyone think it would take Nuckolls to lower his standards and go after the “not as pretty” selection of females?
He had been with the agency for approximately two years and resigned once he was notified he would be suspended without pay. It could be said the man is better suited to the career of a John Holmes want-a-be.
The big question in all of this would be why the Tulsa OHP took so long to arrest a serial rapist and Tulsa County had no problem going after Nuckolls quickly and efficiently to get him off the streets? Is it something in the water or another example of corruption?  And look at the serious amount of bond for simple exposure; imagine what Tulsa County judges would have set bail at for multiple counts including rape and sexual assault like in the Trooper Eric Roberts serial rapist case.
The police for the most part are doing a fantastic job dealing with the public. It’s a tough enough job without having to deal with police like the two that were arrested. Hopefully the good guys and gals will understand when trying to stop a woman and she continues to drive until others are present before she will stop. You just never know anymore.
Former state senator Cal Hobson
A Fine Upstanding Example of an Oklahoma State Senator
The Oklahoma State Senate, the gift that keeps on giving to pundits and comedians.  Once again former state senator Cal Hobson finds himself behind bars and taking a snazzy picture for the newspaper after getting caught once again driving drunk.
The Cleveland county commissioner candidate pleaded with the arresting officer not to arrest him on 8:30 am Saturday morning in late August after the Lexington police officer responded to a call from a convenience store clerk.   The officer had seen Hobson drive by in a red sports car, even had Hobson wave at him, before parking at the convenience store.   Cheeky man…….
The arresting officer questioned Hobson who proclaimed he was fine as he tried to enter his car to drive away, however having one’s pants down around their ankles in the presence of a police officer isn’t a good sign of sobriety even for an Oklahoma State Senator.
Despite the pleas to be allowed to walk home the officer arrested Hobson and took him down to the Cleveland County Jail on complaints of drunken driving, the third offense since 2013 for the former Senator Hobson.
This time the officer wasn’t offered the chief of police job if he cut Hobson loose like Hobson offered the arresting officer in May.  However the pants down around the ankle thing could have been some sort of offer as well if he was raised in Arkansas.  Soooie hogs….
Hobson spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon in jail before he made bond and was released.
Interesting…. Drunk on Saturday morning by 8:30 am?  Damn, quite a  party animal there.   But let’s think outside the box for a minute.  The man is running for Cleveland County Commissioner in the Third District and doesn’t he know a lot about the county jail by now?  Intimate knowledge, from the inside you might say.
Maybe we ought to endorse Hobson for office, buy him a belt, suspenders, and a case of cheap scotch, then help him win the election?  I’m thinking that having one of the three commissioners drunk as a skunk by 8 am would make the meetings interesting enough that people might just attend and if he is a sharing kind of guy maybe the others will get liquored up and just sit in their offices and drink all day.   I’m liking it, probably do less damage to the county than if they did any work.
Regardless if the voters hire him for the county commissioners seat Cal Hobson has already set a sterling example of the typical Oklahoma State Senator.   Irresponsible, commonly found with trousers down around their ankles in public, willing to make a deal for just about anything.     I say if he loses the election let’s just appoint him to a senate seat where he will fit in with the rest.
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