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Spinal Tumours are the focus of this NSpine Newsletter.

The NSpine Main Conference 2017 will take place at the Royal College of Surgeons in London, UK on June 12-15, 2017.

We expect the London Tumour sessions to be the most comprehensive international spine tumour event of 2017. Find out more about the Tumour sessions in this newsletter. 

Multidisciplinary Paediatric and Adult Tumour Sessions

Tumours of the spine are particularly complex entities. Adult and paediatric tumours are dissimilar and anatomically the management of lesions of the cervical spine poses distinct challenges from those in the pelvis, as does the handling of the characteristic musculoskeletal and neural tissues that tumours arise from.
The tumour sessions in London will therefore comprehensively address adult and paediatric tumours arising from intra- and extraspinal structures as well as nerve sheath tumours and metastatic lesions.

For London, we have an outstanding tumour faculty lecturing and debating these topics who include both adult and highly experienced paediatric tumour specialists. In keeping with the multidisciplinary concept of NSpine, these sessions see the collaboration of experts from different oncological backgrounds (read more).

The EANS (European Association of Neurosurgical Societies) are additionally hosting a full day of intraspinal tumour sessions complementing the NSpine tumour programme (read more).


Delegates additionally have full access to all parallel sessions of the entire programme (read more).

We look forward to seeing you in London!
The NSpine team

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! Places for the Cadaver Labs are limited !
Cadaveric Laboratory Sessions

Supplementing the lectures are dedicated lab sessions providing expert tuition on complex resection techniques including en-bloc resection techniques of the sacrum and thoracolumbar spine as well as Pancoast resection under the tuition of Peter Varga, Stefano Boriani, David Choi and Christian Mazel. These are held at the laboratory of the Royal College of Surgeons in London located above the main lecture rooms (read more).
Places are limited, so register now! 

Tumour Faculty

Peter Varga (Budapest)
Stefano Boriani (Bologna)
Christian Mazel (Paris)
David Choi (London)
Alexander Disch (Dresden)
Marcin Czyz (Birmingham)
Petr Rehousek (Birmingham)
Sean Molloy (London)
Nino Russo (Birmingham)
Bronek Boszczyk (Nottingham)
Marcel Ivanov (Sheffield)
Andrzej Majewski – Thoracic Surgeon (Nottingham)
Robert Ashford – Sarcoma Surgeon (Leicester)
Jason Neil-Dwyer – Plastic Surgeon (Nottingham)
Beatrice Seddon – Oncologist (London)

Paediatric Tumour Faculty

Dominic Thompson (London)
Dachling Pang (Oakland - USA)
Michel Zerah (Paris)
Kristian Aquilina (London)
Richard Edwards (Bristol)
David Walker – Paediatric Oncologist (Nottingham)
Ivana Jankovic – Neurophysiologist (London)

EANS Intraspinal Tumour Faculty

Jesus Lafuente (Barcelona)
Enrico Tessitore (Geneva)
Wilco Peul (Leiden)
Bernhard Meyer (Munich)
Marcel Ivanov (Sheffield)
Maarten Coppes (Groningen)
Adam Rennie (London)
Claudius Thome (Innsbruck)