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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

August 23 2020

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia




Positions of Water Monitor

SIRA is seeking to appoint two Emergency Water Monitors. The monitors are responsible for managing water bookings under the new automated water booking system, as well as ensuring the smooth running of the water lines.

Expressions of interest are invited from permanent Scotland Island residents.

Applications should be received by the 4th  of September, 2020

Please view this information on the role prior to submitting an expression of interest.

Any enquiries should be addressed to: treasurer@sira.org.au.


NBN Update Including Works

NBN are continuing their works on the island. Over the next fortnight the following minor works are scheduled:
  • 18/08: Finish Pole 20 on Thompson St walking track
  • 18/08: Unloading power poles into site compound near Catherine Park
  • 20-28/08: Putting fittings onto poles along Thompson St between Harold Ave to Fitzpatrick St.
  • Please see this link for a map to help reference these locations.
Ausgrid have also given a statement about delays. In essence, Scotland Island are now expected to be connected to the NBN in December (with the Western Foreshores connected in February).

Please see the communication here:

Hi [Offshore Communities],

I have just had an update with the Deployment team on the status of the build for Scotland Island and the West Pittwater Bays.  I can confirm that based on a few issues - which I will give you some details on, the current Ready for Service dates have been pushed out. For Scotland Island we are currently looking at December 2020 and for the West Pittwater Bays we are looking at February 2021.

There are a number of reasons for these delays:
  • National Parks approvals have taken a little longer that anticipated, we are hopefully expecting them to be through by the end of this week
  • The aerial works and design approvals with Ausgrid have also taken longer than expected
  • The impact of COVID-19 on our supply chain has been significant however this is further exasperated by Ausgrid Outage Planning contractor restrictions which is crucial for aerial construction. We have however started the "Pole Make Ready" works on Scotland Island - which I am sure the residents will be aware of
  • On this subject I can confirm that The Northern Beaches Council completed their investigation following complaints from residents stating that nbn have caused damage to roads with these works. The council have confirmed that nbn works were not responsible for the damage
  • The next impacting works that will take place in the area are the bore shots, these are due to commence on w/c 24th August and will continue for around 6 weeks so residents will see barges and other large machinery in the area for that period
I appreciate that it is frustrating to hear of further delays, many of these are for reasons outside of our control and I commit to continuing to keep you both informed of the situation should any other changes occur.

Thank you both for sharing this information with your residents.

Kate (NBN Co)


Church Point Ferry Wharf/Boardwalk

The Church Point Aesthetics Advisory Group (CPAAG) are investigating the progress of the Church Point pedestrian walkway (boardwalk) and the associated relocation of the ferry wharf.

For background, please see this link for information on the project and this link for a diagram.
Council has advised the group that the relocation of the ferry pontoon is not currently feasible.

For the full statement, please click here.

Damage control to bushland in Elizabeth Park Reserve (top of the island)

We need your help…  Urgent damage control to our endangered Spotted Gum Forest.
I know this is the 3rd SIRA notice you’ve received in as many days – apologies for this but, please read on.

Recent recreational activities on the top of the island are threatening to cause severe damage in Elizabeth Park Reserve. As recently as this past weekend, an illegal bike track has been used through this reserve.

So now for the environmental lesson…

Scotland Island supports an Ecologically Endangered Community (EEC) of Pittwater Wagstaffe Spotted Gum Forest vegetation, of which Elizabeth Park is the best example.

Over many years, a number of initiatives have focused on working to improve the state of Elizabeth Park Reserve. This includes years of Council funding, hazard reduction works, and the ongoing work of bushcare volunteers.

You’ll all be aware that our local bush fire brigade undertook controlled burning on the top of the island as part of our critical fire preparation during last fire season.

Unfortunately, the creation of tracks, cubby houses, and any clearing of bushland all can have major impacts on the health of the bushland ecosystem. Also, post-fire regeneration is dependent upon the recovering bushland not being further damaged by track construction, clearing or dumping of vegetation.

In coming days signs will be installed regarding the illegal bike track constructions and encampments within Elizabeth Park or any bushland reserve.

It is critical that we all help by caring for and using the park in the appropriate manner.  It is difficult to ask for additional funding for the island if we don’t ourselves look after our natural reserves and infrastructure. We would encourage everyone to not only assist in protection, but to volunteer to make the island a better place.

Parents, please help our younger generation to understand the value of our endangered spotted gum forest community. 

Help us to protect it now and into the future as habitat for native flora and fauna.

Boat for sale

Price $8500 ono

boat1     boat2

boat 3

Rosebud"  Haines Hunter 4.6M Runabout with all safety gear, lights, bilge pump.
  • Needs an antifoul.
  • Top Boat for rough water.
  • Original engine 2 stroke 70HP.
  • Replaced fuel pump.
  • New battery.
Contact Mary 0438 632 855

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