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Since 2006

Excellent Selling Choice Alpaca Socks for Your Store
Early Order Discounts - UPDATE

* Update on socks arrival for fall sales, National Alpaca Farm Day, etc.

* Special Pre-Purchase Volume Discount Offer Extended to July 15th.
Alpaca Socks made in the usa

The very popular Superwarm®, OutdoorAdventure and SlipperBootie Choice Alpaca Socks for 2014 are now in production!

Last week (6/16/14) we visited the mill and watched the socks being made.

Factory Floor (click for larger images)

1000s of pounds of Choice Alpaca sock yarn spread throughout!

Moreni sock machines, cranking nonstop on socks

Choice CocoaBrown sock yarn cones and OutdoorAdventure sock templates

*** The mill tells us to expect the first socks in late July. ***

*** With continued production throughout the fall. ***

We are seeing an very high level of interest in these socks, including some from a number new LARGE businesses, so we're working to order even more sock yarn!
Are you planning to sell a LOT of alpaca this fall? Please take a look at our...

Superwarm, OutdoorAdventure and SlipperBootie Socks are In Production!

Colors: Cocoa Brown, Black, Medium Grey

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Made in the U.S.A. by a 100 yr old USA sock mill, Choice Alpaca Socks are the perfect "Alpaca Ambassodors" of what the American alpaca industry is all about.
Soft, comfortable, luxurious and very toasty warm, these breathable terry socks are as unique as... well, alpacas!

Made from top quality alpaca yarn blend

Machine washable and dryable!

Designed to last!

Get these Super-popular unique socks for your store.

16 pairs -Minimum Order size (can mix sock lines)

24 pairs - Free listing on our Search Engine friendly Alpaca Retailers page AND
a stand-up easel/table poster to promote the socks at your store or show.

60 pairs - FREE domestic shipping!!

See this Special Pre-Purchase Volume Discount Offer

We are so confident in our products we offer our return guarantee:

You can return any unsold items until April next year!

Superwarm Alpaca Socks

$14/pr wholesale. Suggested Retail $26.95

Wholesale Order Sheet: Choose .xls, or .pdf format

OutdoorAdventure Alpaca Sock

May well be our most popular sock in 2014!

Less bulky than our Superwarm sock style.

Active design with reinforced heel and toes.

Unique design gives shock absorbing cushion.

Gentle long calf fits and holds comfortably without restriction.

Available in Black, Cocoa and Grey

$13/pr wholesale. Suggested Retail $24.95

Wholesale Order Sheet: Choose .xls, or .pdf format

SlipperBootie Alpaca Socks

The SlipperBootie socks are amazingly comfy and fit snuggly without constriction. Designed to be perfect for cold floors or in shoes, the SlipperBooties will be your favorite at home warm socks!

Our socks feature a dense inner terry structure knit just right to create a soothing pocket of warmth while giving a comfortable cushion and natural breathabilty. These unique alpaca socks are warm, fit well, keep feet dry and are amazingly comfortable.

$12/pr wholesale. Suggested Retail $22.95

Wholesale Order Sheet: Choose .xls, or .pdf format

All PacaBuddies Are Here!

All of the Popular "PacaBuddies" Now Available

As seen in issues of
Alpacas Magazine & American Livestock Magazine

PacaBuddies are a fun gift for your farm store visitors who want to "Take an alpaca home" now.

PacaBuddies are cute plush stuffed animals.
New clean polyester fill. Imported.

* Farm Visit Souvenirs

* Gifts to Friends and Family

Wholesale (min 16): $9 each
Suggested Retail: $19.95

Models Currently Available for Immediate Shipment:

Sugar Cinnamon
Fluff Midnight
Pinky Blu
Violet  Lovey

** Wholesale purchase requires minimum 16 PacaBuddies. **

24 toys - get free listing on our Search Engine friendly Alpaca Retailers

60 toys - FREE domestic shipping!!

** How to Order **
Wholesale Order Sheet: Choose .xls, or .pdf format

WindUp Alpaca Toys are now in!

Are we PacaCrazy enough to find our loyal customers a WIND UP Alpaca? YouBetCha!

The Alpaca WindUp toys are very cute and feature an "Old School" wind up key. Wind them up then set the free to scurry across the table or floor as everyone enjoys a running alpaca!

Measuring 7" high by 6" long. For children 3 and up.

You'll get all wound up with laughter watching this little alpaca run!

$9 wholesale. Suggested Retail $19.95

WindUps come pre-packaged in a 6-to-a-box attractive display case.
Minimum wholesale order is two cases of 6 (12 WindUps).

12 toys - Minimum Order size.

24 toys - get free listing on our Search Engine friendly Alpaca Retailers

60 toys - FREE domestic shipping!!

** How to Order **

Wholesale Order Sheet: Choose .xls, or .pdf format

From Americans Raising Alpacas in Ecuador...

** Luxurious Alpaca Bed Blankets **

Incredible Warmth

100% Natural Colors

THICK Alpaca Bed Blankets

** Low Wholesale Minimum **
Just 2 Blankets!

Wholesale $140 each (MSRP $290)

Request this item by phone or email (not on order form just yet).

Go to this RETAIL LISTING to see pictures and learn of Stu and Patricia's story of exciting alpaca developments in tiny Ecuador!

Wholesale Order Sheet: Choose .xls, or .pdf format

Questions? Email: sales@choicealpacafootwear.com

Partner with Choice Alpaca Footwear to Get Web Traffic for your Business!

The Search Engine friendly Preferred Alpaca Retailers page is actively promoted on the internet to bring YOU business. Google "Alpaca Retailers" to see our partner businesses ranked on the first page. We actively promoting this page so you do well promoting alpaca!

Purchases of 24 or more socks, 24 or more PacaBuddies or 24 or more WindUps will automatically get your business listed in our Preferred Retailers page. Get more web traffic!

Order "Large" Confidently!
Return anything that does not sell (by next April) for a refund!


New fun Choice alpaca products for your store are in development.

We're looking to create:

More Alpaca Socks

Alpaca Jewelry

Beautiful Alpaca Figurines

A USA made kids Jigsaw puzzle (really!)

Made in the USA alpaca lined work/driving cowhide and buckskin gloves

and more...

Please stay tuned!

See www.ChoiceAlpacaFootwear.com
for more information.

Choice Alpaca Footwear 1-877-787-3592
PO BOX 8598 La Jolla, CA 92038