Pet Food Review of 2018

A lot happened in pet food this past year. Sadly, mostly bad news. Here is a review for 2018:

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Does Your Cat's Diet Have Enough Variety?

In the wild, cats are "programmed" to seek a variety of foods. This helps ensure they are getting the nutrients they need. In our homes, however, it's common to find cats "addicted" to the same old food, day after day. Whether this is a problem depends on several factors.

Does the food served provide all the nutrition needed? This can be a debatable area, so we may discuss this at greater length later.
In general, cats raised on one food, and one only, will probably not learn that other things are actually food and will reject them.
If the food they're given is truly complete nutritionally, this may not be a problem. Except that cats are intelligent beings and some might become bored with it. Then what will you give them if they can't recognize something else as food?
I find it best to offer a variety anyway. Then, if the store stops carrying your brand, you can probably shift to a new one.
The following article may help you make choices:

How to Avoid the Worst Cat Foods:
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Jan. 7, 2019
Welcome to the New Year! All of us here at the Kitty Times hope you and your kitties had a peaceful and happy holiday season. It was the usual chaos here, of course, as the humans still have a lot to do getting ready for the big move this year. We hope to make that happen before the heat of summer in Arizona! Meanwhile, I will continue to find interesting a hopefully helpful articles for you. Always feel free to send in your questions and suggestions.
Health and Behavior

Is Your Kitty Over Vaccinated?

As pet owners, we are often advised to revaccinate our pets with “core vaccines” on an annual basis. However, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) guideline recommends to revaccinate no more often than every 3 years.

I lost a beautiful and very sweet cat I rescued many years ago at the age of 8. He didn't deserve to die, of course, but his owner gave up on him when he got sick. She thought she was doing everything right...including taking him in for his annual shots. But that's what killed him. He succumbed to a very obvious case of vaccine-related sarcoma...he was riddled with painful cancerous tumors under the skin. I had to have him euthanized one day when he "asked me" to take him out of his misery. I learned a valuable lesson: vaccines are not always the lifesavers we have been led to believe. I do not vaccinate any cat more often than 3 years. But not all vets agree with this yet. I ignore them.

5 Signs of an Unhappy Cat

From No. 5: "If you notice that your cat seems tense and on edge more than occasionally, it might be worth an assessment of your environment through your cat’s eyes. Make sure all four-legged residents are able to access needed resources and that peace prevails in your home."

All good points, but I will add this to Number 5:

While some cats express displeasure by being silent, some "act out" if there are other pets in the home. This may manifest with growling, hissing, swatting, and even lunge attacks at someone they are unhappy with. It can be difficult to identify what kitty's issues are, but try to watch for signs when it happens. Is it always the same other cat(s)? Is it related to both trying to use a resource at the same time? Is the upset kitty older and just annoyed with a rambunctious youngster? As this article says, try to see the situation from your cat's viewpoint. Most of these incidents can be fixed!

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