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Did you know that Hello Kitty is not a cat?
Wild Bill Hickok's Cat, by John Grafton
Eight lives left: Cat revived after rescue from inside wall:
Fighting Fleas? What works and what does not:
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                       September 7, 2014
October 16 is National Feral Cat Day
Every year, more communities embrace the Trap-Neuter-Return approach to controlling outdoor cat populations. Sign up to support the effort, or, if you already support a shelter, pass along this link to them to register their event and receive an event kit:

Tammy is Recovering From Surgery
After a botched spay job in 2005, Tammy developed tumors this summer and had to have them removed. What the vet found inside will astonish you. Read her story here:
New Cat Has a Name!
Another summer, another cat dumped in our yard. Just a kitten, she was so frightened, her attitude was clearly that a good offense is better than a cautious defense. She's settling into the routine now and promises to be a good cat soon. See Sheba's story here:
6 Things to Know Before Fostering a Pet
If you'd like to help a shelter by fostering one of their animals, read these tips to learn what to expect:
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