Greetings beautiful Yogis:
I'm sending this a bit early as I'm headed out of town for Mother's Day. To all our beautiful mothers in the group, have a loving weekend with your families!
See below our schedule for May 20 & 21
Please bring a head covering for Peace Lagoon readings. You will also want to bring your Master'sTouch books as we will have two videos from those lectures. 
I will soon be ordering your certificates. If you have not yet handed in make-up work, sadhanas, exam questions, etc., please get it in to me no later than May 21. For those of you that are missing exam questions, I'll email you separately with the question #s.
If you are teaching this weekend and haven't yet cleared your kriya and meditation with me, please do so soon. If what you are teaching isn't in the training manual, please bring me a hard copy to refer to while you are teaching. 
Looking forward to seeing you all soon! We have officially lost both Richard and Joan. So it's just the 5 of you! Please make sure that you clear all obstacles so that you are here for both days of these last two weekends.
April 2017 Schedule Level One Chapel Hill 
Saturday, May20
8 am: tune in and circle sharing
9 am: Practicum: Lauren/Giangeet 
10:00: feedback for Giangeet
10:30: break
10:40: Hukums from Peace Lagoon
11:30: Mantras and Mudras video
1:00: lunch
1:40: video: class 13 from Master's Touch p. 145, The Teacher and the Student
2:40: Practicum: Camille Narayan
3:40: feedback
4:00: break
4:10: time for checking in on requirements and discuss graduation
5:00: open forum, questions about teaching and/or SNR practice
6:00: Long time Sun and close
Sunday, May 21
8 am: Tune in and practicum: Lori/Bhagi Arvind Kaur
9 am: feedback for Lori
9:30: Chapter 24 and 25 and review questions
10:30: break
10:40: continued review questions
12:00:  Lunch
12:40: relaxation
1 pm: walking meditation
1:30: Kriya with HarDarshan
2:30: questions
3 pm: break
3:10: video class 17 Master's Touch p. 179, Projecting as a Teacher
4:30: discuss practicums for June (michelle and Jennifer)
5:30 pm: homework assignments 
5:45: meditation for solidarity
6:00: Long Time Sun and close