Hi Cat Lover,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday at your house!
It was blissfully peaceful here, with all the furry
kids, on a cold day. We had a white Christmas with a
few inches of new snow, but thankfully, not the big
storm that was predicted. At least not in our neck
of the woods.

I just wanted to remind you that the gift page will
be taken down tonight, by midnight. If you have not
had time to get the goodies, better go now as there's
not much time left.

Here's the link to the kitty files:


Here's a link to the doggie files (in case you also have a dog):


It's been a pleasure keeping in touch with you this year,
and I look forward to sending more newsletters and
the occasional notification about animal issues to you
in the coming year.


RJ Peters

mskitty @ theproblemcat.com