February 2006

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HELLO and Welcome!- And a special welcome this month to all the FabShopHoppers who are receiving this newsletter for the first time! I simply cannot believe how much I enjoy working from home now that I am retired. I'm having a ball and I've gotten a lot done, so let's get right to it!!!
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Feline Quote for February-
"The cat pretends to sleep- the better to see."--Francois Auguste Renede Chateaubrand

New at StudioKat Designs-The Presto Purse!
I am finishing up the production phase for my seventh handbag pattern, the Presto Purse. It's a small bag with some BIG options. It has an EXTERIOR ID pouch with a plastic window for your ID card, and several slots for credit and debit cards. This is great for shopping and travel, because everything you need is convenient to reach, without fumbling and searching through deep handbag pockets. Just put your ID and the credit and/or debit card you use the most, in the handy ID pouch, along with any coupons you think you'll need, and you never have to open your purse in a crowded checkout again!. The Presto Purse also features a roomy EXTERIOR zippered pocket for change and bills. This virtually eliminates the need for an unwieldy wallet. Why drag around a heavy, cumbersome pocketbook filled with everything you own, when you can carry just what you need for your day trip? Heck, if you're not weighed down with your handbag, you can carry more SHOPPING BAGS!!! And the best part is, additional pattern pieces are included to also make this bag up in a medium size!! It would make a terrific every day bag in this slightly larger size. Check it out at www.studiokatdesigns.com/presto.htm for more info and some pictures. I am hoping to have it ready for market in early March!

A Cool Place to Shop!-Violette's Folk Art
Now HERE'S a shop you won't find just anywhere. Violette is a folk artist with an eclectic touch, who makes wild & whimsical prints, book marks, magnets, and all kinds of stuff. I love her painted box purses which you can see by clicking here. They're painted black on the inside and also have an interior mirror. The most interesting thing she has is what she calls "Marggables" . They are handpainted marble magnets. They must have a use, and I like the way they look, but I'm not quite sure what they are for? Anyway, you'll have fun snoodling around this little shop. Have fun!

Did You Know?-
Did you know that there are more plastic flamingos than real ones in the US? More than 20 million pink plastic flamingos have been sold since 1957. Who knew??? and WHY??? But anyway, I also didn't know that flamingos are pink because of the beta-carotene in the shrimp that they eat??? Interesting!

SKD Promotions Update-StudioKat Designs Pattern Kits
New this month, I have introduced an option of buying Pattern Kits for 3 of my patterns, the PolsoPouch, the Mezza Luna, and the Vervalise. The Polso Pouch kit includes two- 3/4" "D" rings, two- 2" plastic swivel hooks, and one- 3/4" metal snap hook. The Vervalise kit includes one- magnetic snap, and 2 plastic cable ties. The Mezza Luna kit includes two- 3/4" "D" rings, one- 14" seperating zipper, and 1 nylon zipper pull. This is a good option for those that don't have a good, full-service, sewing supply store in the area.

Laugh Lines-
"Men are like a fine wine. They all start out like grapes, and it's our job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark, until they mature into something you'd like to have dinner with!"--Kathleen Mifsud

"Catsite" of the Month- Cats in Sinks.Com
What is Cats in sinks you ask?? Well it's OBVIOUS! It's about cats. And kittens. Who like sinks. And Basins! And it's chock loaded with some of the cutest cat pictures you've ever seen, well, except here of course! :) I had no idea so many cats liked lounging in sinks. It kinda makes me think maybe I should start a site called "Cats on Countertops!" Anyway, if you like cats, (and who doesn't) then you'll like Cats in Sinks.Com , and if your kitty likes hanging out in the sink, you can upload his/her picture here, and add to the fun!

A Fun Place to Surf- Break a World Record in 2006?!?
It's a new year, so why not make this the time to do something that'll make you famous?--well, sort of famous. The world record for balancing on one foot is 76 hours and 40 minutes. You could go for 77 hours! Another person has a record for balancing 88 pounds of milk cartons on his head for 11.23 seconds. Why not go for twelve seconds? The longest time for continuously spinning a basketball on one finger is three hours and 59 minutes. Come on, what's 4 hours??? Before you start any balancing endeavors however, head to www.GuinnessWorldRecords.com to find out the official rules and regulations and to register your record attempt. It's the only way to get the official recognition you'll so richly deserve! Come on! What are you waiting for? You could be the newest Guinness World Record holder!-- Or not! At the very least, it's a fun site for the whole family to cruise around in. :)

Listen UP!- Martha Bassett
Tired of what FM radio is serving up? Are you ready to hear something new and interesting? If so, I recommend that you give Martha Bassett a listen? You've probably never heard of Martha Bassett, but she is fairly well-known in North Carolina, especially amongst those who like "swing/jazz vocals. Since 1996, Martha has fronted "Martha and the Mood Swingers", and has maintained a lively regional schedule. "The Mood Swingers" has produced 2 critically acclaimed albums, "Hep Cats Holiday" and "Gone". Now Martha is making her mark as a country-gospel recording artist. She has recently released a new album called "Mortal Flesh", and you can hear some, or all of this new album by clicking here . If you check her out, I think you'll love her clear, perfect pitch voice, and you may discover a new favorite sound!

Talk to Me- "Cat Tails"
I, (or should I say Jeter), have received LOTS of mail about YOUR cats, in response to my stories about Jeter. (Apparently I am not the ONLY one to have a spoiled-rotten cat!) A few of these have just been too good to keep to myself, sooooo.... there's a new page at "Kitty Central"! Check it out! It's called "Cat Tails", and it highlights the best of Jeter's "fanmail". Do you have a funny cat story or picture to share? (and who doesn't?) Why not email it to me at info@studiokatdesigns.com so that we might all enjoy it?

Monthly Trivia- It turns out that February 1st is a GREAT day for trivia, for instance,the first G.I. Joe was introduced on Feb. 1, 1964, by Hasbro, and retailed for $2.49.

February is also "Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month". Strawberries in February you ask??? You bet your snow boots! Even though it's cold and dreary in many parts of the country right now, February is fabulous in Florida, where Florida growers are harvesting their winter crop! You can go to www.straw-berry.org for some cool ways to serve strawberries, but I'll just take mine dipped in chocolate, please!

Love to shop? Got those post-holiday, maxed-out credit cards, can't go to the mall blues? Well, maybe you can start getting paid to go shopping! Feb 1-7 is designated as "Get Paid to Shop Week", and businesses use thousands of "mystery shoppers" to tell them what their customers won't~~ the TRUTH about service, cleanliness and more! AND, if you work up an appetite shopping, mystery shoppers also get paid to eat out in restaurants!! Go to www.idealady.com for more details!

And my NC residency might be revoked if I do not mention that February is North Carolina Sweet Potato Month! NC farmers want Americans to know that sweet potatoes aren't just for turkeys anymore! :) Available year-round, sweet potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene and Vitamin C. They can be boiled, baked, microwaved, grilled, broiled, fried, mashed, sauteed, candied or even served raw! (Now i sound like Forrest GUMP!) As a matter of fact, last Thursday, I had a piece of Sweet Potato CAKE at the Brick Street Cafe in Greenville, SC, that literally was to DIE for! (It's my new favorite restaurant!)

And finally, if YOUR birthday is February 1st, well here's a great big StudioKat Designs CONGRATULATIONS to you!! You share your big day with Don Everly, of The Everly Brothers. who just happen to have produced some of the most memorable music of the early 60's! Lisa Marie Presley was born on Feb 1, in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee, and Sherman Hemsley of "The Jeffersons" is celebrating his 68th birthday today!
And if today is not your birthday, "Wake Up Little Susie"! You can still celebrate Feb. 1st in a politically correct way, by buying a Sweet Potato Cake, (I know where you can get a GREAT one!), topping it with fresh cut strawberries and watching some Jefferson's reruns on Nickolodean!! So until next month it's "Bye Bye Love!"and remember...

Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!

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