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Issue #162
January 2019
Hello & WELCOME!
Even though we don't leave for California & the Road2Ca show until NEXT Monday, our pallet of "stuff" is leaving TODAY, & since our experience with freight handling has been WAY less than stellar of late, I'll probably be uneasy until I see that pallet actually sitting in our Booth! In the meantime I need a diversion, so let's get started!
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January 2019 "Eye Candy"
The bags you see below are among those that customers have shared recently on either our FaceBook business page, our Instagram feed or on our Group page on FaceBook. So thanks to EVERYONE! They were ALL great & here's a few of my favorites!
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic)

So our favorite sewing dude, Don Distler is back & this time he has a GORGEOUS Quattro  to show for it!   (Our Quattro looks fabulous in Tula Pink, no?)
This classy Odyssey Bag was created by Susan McPartland and didn't she do a fantastic job with the fussy-cutting? It looks SO professional!  :)
Lydia Stone is the very first person to send us Packlets pictures! She said that she's actually created ALL of these cuties for Christmas gifts
This is Sue Roesner's 1st Sling Along. I really love the rich look of this bag & her impeccable floral applique is just perfect. Sue added that the Sling Along is her favorite SKD pattern so far!  Thanks Sue!
Don Distler created this Sling Along for a young marine biologist stationed in the Bering Sea! What an appropriate exterior, right? I'm thinking this gal must've been THRILLED with her bag!
Gayla Martell said that she used up "every last crumb"  of this gorgeous fabric in the process of constructing this amazing Flaptastic!
Job well done Gayla!
This eye-popping Sling Along was created by Kathleen Schrank! I absolutely LOVE the brave combination of print & color in this bag! Well done Kathleen!

Here's the Guardian that Gayla Martell created. She made an ideal choice of a focal print for her bag and executed it perfectly!

Candace Docs sent me this picture of her Carolina CarryAll thru the email and it made my day!      (The Carolina CarryAll is one of our retired patterns and I'm afraid all of our copies are gone!)  
And finally we have Don Distler's latest Sling Along creation! This time Don combined denim & pleather as his exterior fabrications & also embroidered the front pouch pocket area for a terrific bag for a male customer!

(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic) 
TWO for your Viewing Pleasure-
Only one video this month but includes dogs AND cats and I guarantee you'l laugh outloud MANY times!
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Trending on our Website this Month-
Just in case you missed any of our posts this past month, you can easily catch up with the rest us because they're ALL listed below!
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Quote of the Month-
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It's never too early in the political process for "fake news" to start popping up and wouldnt it be great if we ALL did our part to keep it from spreading and becoming as annoying and problematic as it was last time. Click here for some faceBook tips that might help you identify and therby ignore the inevitable and perhaps call it out when you see it! Click HERE to get started!
As Funny As Real Life-
ALL cat owners whould relate to this funny!
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
Have You Read This?-
The word craft is used for everything from the work of highly regarded makers, such as Faith Ringold and Beatrice Wood, to hobbyists who sew, knit, make pots, turn wood, hammer iron, to the awful foam stickers that appear for the before-mentioned birthday party ‘craft.’ While none are less valid for what they are, there is a big difference.
And with that comes the devaluing of the sublime, and the minimizing of what we hold dear. So, why don’t we have different words? We have only two words to describe the entire world of creating with our hands? Shouldn't there be more?
Click {HERE} to read more.
Sewing in the News- Sewing That Ends Up in Orbit
In 1975, Hue Nguyen fled by boat from South Vietnam, where she had learned how to sew. Now her finished works soars into space with NASA astronauts!
Click HERE to read a fascinating interview with Hue Nguyen!
Cat Picture of the Month-
This cracks me up!
Click image or HERE for a larger view
Featured Product of the Month
Wow! It sure doesn't feel like it's been thirteen years since we released the this pattern, but today we're sending the Tandem Tote pattern into retirement.
I still love this little bag but I created it long before the advent of the smart phone and even though there are still applications where its absolutely a great choice, we have since designed small bags that more appropriately address the needs of the modern woman, (such as the Walkabout Wallet and the Go-Go Compact.
So... we're sending this cutie to the retirement home but if you would still like the chance to pick up a copy (at half-price), click HERE.
There is only a limited quantity of these patterns available & when they're gone.... they're GONE.
Please Note- we so not provide support for our retired patterns.
Classified Ads-
The concept behind the virtual shop hop is the same as taking a fabric shopping trip by car, but here you'll leave the car in the garage & can even shop in your jammies! You will have a month to get around to over 100 of the sites to find the "YouFoundIt" Bunnies to qualify to win prizes. Click HERE to get started!
Happy Hopping!
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