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January 28, 2009
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Please Take IMMEDIATE Action To Support Your Ogden Valley Neighbors
As you may have seen in the most recent issue of the Ogden Valley News...
The Huntsville Town Council took strong action recently in support of our Ogden Valley neighbors who live with the proposed boundaries of Powder Mountain Town.
The overwhelming majority of the residents (about 120 out of 130) do not wish to be in the town but are being forced.  Additionally, the developers will be able to hand pick the Mayor and Town Council with no input from the citizens who are being FORCED into the town.
Representative Gage Froerer is proposing legislation that will give the residents the opportunity to request an immediate election for disincorporation rather than having to wait two years as the law now requires.
According to Froerer, last year the developers spent some $250,000 - $300,000 to defeat a similar bill and this year they are doing much the same.  The bill was in committee but Rep. Froerer withdrew it Monday because of extreme oppositon.  However, he plans to unveil it again on Friday, but he needs all of our support.
If you feel residents should be allowed to choose the leaders who tax and govern them, we urge you to do the following IMMEDIATELY:
If you would like more information, visit:
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Richard L. Sorensen
Huntsville Town Council
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