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of the Month
"I absolutely love your newsletter! What a great job you do. I read every single thing there is to read and go to every site you list. And I love, love all of your kitty pictures. I always look forward to every one of them."
Judy Hawkins



Hello and Welcome-
Well, here we are fresh off the holidays with a new year and many long, cold winter days stretched out before us... So what better time to go back in that sewing room to get busy CREATING?
So let's get started and I hope you see something(s) in this newsletter that get your creative juices flowing again!
So, shall we proceed?
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 "Handbag of the Month" Gallery-
Congratulations to Mandy Lapsley of New Zealand who was the winner of our December contest which was actually our 4th Annual "Battle of the 2nd place finishers". She wins a $25.00 SKD gift certificate and a permanent place of honor on our website. Click here to see her feline-inspired Baggalista!
But now it's time to kick off 2014 with our first Handbag of the Month of the new year, so without further adieu, check out this month's nominees, then cast a vote for your favorite. 

(For a larger view: Click on each individual picture)
Anna Lankeshofer of Rochester, NY made up this Tandem Tote as pattern review for a Blogsite. Here's a peek inside the outer curved compartment. click HERE to read her full review.
Linda Boothman of Othello, WA made this Quattro as part of the American Sew Expo's "Push the Envelope" Challenge. Here's a closeup of the zippered closure & the floral front pouch where Linda added a little "bling" with some heat-set Metal & Swarovski crystals.
I was THRILLED when Brenda Arsenault of Edmonton, ON walked into my booth at Quilt Market in Houston to show me her Quattro made completely in leather! Brenda siad the leather was a bit challenging but that the outcome was SO worth it! Here's a peek at the back.
Viera Kubalova of Bratislava, Slovakia is back with yet another stunning Uptown Saddlebag!
I love the stylized marble-like exterior of this bag which Viera achieved by pre-laminating her exterior fabric.Here's a peek at the back.
Debbie Ervin of Grafton, OH really enjoys making the Quattro! She used leaf-embroidered denim for this bag.
This bold and graphic Quattro is also a creation of Debbie Erwin who says she enjoys shopping at Thrift stores because "you never know what fun fabrics you'll find there". She's definitely not afraid to cut something up and recycle!
Pamela Smolek of Corunna, MI says she was totally inspired by this oriental print that was in her stash when she made up her Quattro. Here's her matching PortaPocket Purse Insert .
And finally, this stunning Quattro was created by Sharon Wright of Melissa TX, who made it for her niece's 15th birthday. I love the black & white striped zipper on the pocket and the pink fabric actually has the breast cancer awareness ribbon on it!
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Enjoy an insider's scoop on what's happening behind the scenes at StudioKat Designs, by signing up for our blog, "A Work In Progress". If you're new to our blog, or if you missed any of the posts from last month, don't worry, theyre all listed below. 
Bobbin Around the Web- Whisper Color
I met Laurel Anderson at Quilt Market this Fall and instantly fell in love with her work. Her quilt designs are inspired by her love of nature as seen in her flower and natural landscape designs which include trees and mountains and her pieces are rich with vibrant color! I especially like her French Doors pattern (with a black cat), and the Purple Mount Diablo
Laurel also specializes in fabric dyeing and a couple of my favorites are this totally yummy red batik and this yellow & blue mix!
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Website Spotlite- Heidi Boyd
Heidi Boyd is the author of fourteen North Light craft books with subjects that range from recycled crafting to beading and sewing. But now Heidi's designs available in irrestible kits. Whimsy Kits & Stitches contain everything you need to make a cute softie or adorable decorative needlework. I think they're just adorable!
Heidi's motto...."Sewing smiles, one stitch at a time."
TWO to View-
I have two really terrific videos for you this month!
First- See who wins in this battle between a couple of emus and an ostrich vs. the most dreaded enemy of all time.... the weasel ball!!  I've been giggling all day about it!
Next- here's a compilation video of a bunch of wuss dogs who are afraid to walk by a few cats!  Click HERE to enjoy!
Quote of the Month- 
Every once in a while someone barks at me. My New Year's resolution is to not bark back.
Tucker Carlson
Crafty Tutorial of the Month- 50+ Scrappy Tutorials
Save those scraps! Here’s a big new collection of free tutorials and patterns to help use up those fabric pieces and remnants you have tucked away in your craft room.
I’ve listed plenty of ideas for goodies that are not only useful but also a few cute and charming just-for-fun items too (some even gift-worthy!).
Click HERE to read more!
Techie Tutorial of the Month- How to Keep FaceBook from using your name in Endoresments &Advertisements
Have you noticed how if a friend endorses a company or product, you're more likely to make a similar purchase? Facebook certainly knows this and uses this bit of psychology to boost the effectiveness of what are known as social ads. The problem is that it does this without users' permission. For example, in your news feed, you may see a paid ad for a sushi place, along with a note that says, "Jane Smith likes this." If you don't want Facebook using your name or likeness in this way, follow these easy steps:
  1. Within Facebook, click Settings (the gear icon in the upper-right corner of your Home page).
  2. From the dropdown list, select Privacy Settings.
  3. In the left column, click Ads.
  1. In the Ads & Friends section, click Edit.
  1. Next to the phrase, Pair my social actions with ads for, click the dropdown arrow and select No one.
New Word of the Month-  Gagreement
(gă-grē'mənt) (n.) A situation where all parties involved reach a mutual consensus not to divulge any details of a particular matter.
Example: The secret society enacted a gagreement prohibiting members from telling others about their activities.
Some of the plants we bring into our homes for the holidays can be deadly to our cats if they consume them. And we know you're not planning on eating them, but you can't really tell your cat friend, "Hey, kitty, don't eat that poinsettia unless you want to be really sick," because we still haven't figured out how to communicate directly with our feline friends. (Bummer, I know.)
This handy infographic (at right) has tips on which plants to avoid and you can find out more info as to why  they're potentially dangerous to cats and their health by clicking HERE.
As 'Funnie' as Real Life-
  Click image for a larger view
Handbag Headlines- Eclipse Solar Bags
Did you know that you can now buy solar handbag which can charge the batteris of handheld electronics like: cell phones, PDA’s, iPods, GPS units, and rechargeable AA batteries?
Eclipse Solar Bags can also extend the use of your personal electronics and contribute to the protection of the environment. Click here to see an introductory video.
Cat Picture of the Month-
  Click image for a larger view
Monthly Trivia-
Just in case you didn't know it, today is Thursday the 9th day of January, and there are 356 days remaining in 2014. It's also the birthday of a very unlikely trio of celebrities! It's hard to believe that folksinger and activist Joan Baez was born on this day 73 years ago! She shares her special day with fellow musician Dave Matthews and actor Bob Denver (aka Dobie Gillis to some, and Gilligan to others).
And of today is also YOUR birthday, then here's a great, big "Happy Birthday to YOU" from StudioKat Designs, and if today is not your birthday, you can celebrate the day anyway by checking out this vintage Joan Baez clip, or by clicking HERE to watch my favorite Dave Matthews video!  :)
Well, that's it for now, so until next month, remember!
Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever!
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